60+ Firearms, Military, Hunting and Sporting Collectibles Auction – October 29, 2011

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Posted on: Friday, October 7th, 2011

When: Saturday October 29, 2011 @ 9am
Where: Freeport Community Center, Freeport, MN
Preview: The morning of the auction, or by appointment with our office. Call or email to arrange a time. (320) 573 2468 or Auction@SchultzAuctioneers.com
Terms: 6.875% Sales Tax to Minnesota Buyers. 10% Buyer’s Premium Onsite. 18% Buyer’s Premium Online.
Payment forms: Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard. Visa and MasterCard are subject to a 3% convenience fee.
Firearms: All purchasers of firearms will be subject to a NICS background check.

This auction represents several excellent complete collections from the Upper Midwest. The majority of the firearms come from one collection in the Twin Cities and are in excellent condition. The majority of the Nazi and military memorabilia comes from one Minnesota collector and is a complete liquidation of his military collection. You will also find excellent additional items. The total auction consists of just over 400 high quality lots, and all items sell regardless of price to you!

Please visit the online catalog for the final listing and complete details and photos of each item. Thank you!

Complete Listing
Colt Model 1911 Military 45 ACP, Micro Combat Sights, Black Army Finish, SN 493777
Colt Single Action Army Mid-range 2nd Generation .45 LC, 5-1/2” Bbl, SN 39628SA
Colt Police Positive MK V .38 Spl., Case, Literature, Fired less than 25 times, SN RD2338
High Standard Sport-King (First Model) .22 LR, 4-1/2” Bbl, Extra Magazine, SN 341916
German Mauser Broom Handle Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf A Necker, Complete with Wooden Shoulder Stock and Leather Holster, SN 26671 Matching
Schofield Movie Prop Revolver
Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special M&P, 4” Bbl, SN C6363, Chamber SN 2670
Smith & Wesson Model 39 9mm Para, Box, SN 8301
Smith & Wesson Model 10-5 .38 Special M&P, 6” Bbl, Box, SN D372935, Chamber SN 78329
Smith & Wesson Model 60 .38 Special Cheifs Special, 2” Bbl, Box, SN 478474, Chamber SN 98-146
Smith & Wesson Model 34-1 .22 LR, 4” Bbl, Box, SN 10697
Smith & Wesson Model 48 (K-22 MRF Masterpiece) .22 Mag, 8-3/8” Bbl, SN K386479
Stoeger Cougar .40 S&W, Extra Clip, Original Box, Lock, Literature, SN T6429-06-A00938
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. New Model Blackhawk Convertible Single Action .45 Long Colt/.45 Auto Colt, Interchangeable cylinders, 200th Year of American Liberty, SN 46-30058
Walther PP .22 LR, SN 32582LR
Walther PP .32 ACP, Manual, Extra Magazine, Box, SN 337818
Victor .22 LR
CVA Model PP 206 Percussion Kentucky Pistol .45

Czech Model 452-SEZKM .22 LR Target Bolt Action, Tapered Heavy Bbl, Tasco 6×24 Scope, (3) Clips, Checkered Grip, Sling Mounts, SN 75618
Great Plains .50 Black Powder, Octagon Bbl, Lyman Adj. rear Sights, SN 381654
Henry Big Boy Lever Action .44 mag/.44 Spl., Original Box, Literature, SN BB10642
Howa Model 1500 Hunter .270 Win., Bushnell Sportview 3.5-10x45mm Euro #4 Scope, SN B022160
Husqvarna Series 4100 Lightweight .270 Win., Bushnell Banner 3-9x32mm DX Scope, SN 255143A
Japanese Arisaka Rifle, Kokura Arsenal, SN 565047
Knight Bighorn Inline .50 Blackpowder, Black Synthetic Stock, Sling Mounts, Optic Open Sights, SN 299673
Kodiak Model 158 Deluxe .308 Win., FN Supreme Mauser Action w/ Sako #4 Trigger, Swift 3-9x40mm WA-DX Scope, SN K568
Marlin Model 336SC Sporting Carbine .35 Rem., Williams Foolproof Peep with 1/16” Gold Bead, SN L976
Marlin Model 336ER (Extra Range) .356 Win., Leopold M8-3X Scope, SN 17153049
Marlin Model 1894C Carbine .357 Mag., SN 21097713
Marlin Model 336A/336AS (30AS) Lever Action .30-30 Win., Bushnell Scope Chief 4x-CP, SN 16062599
Marlin Model 30TK (336) .30-30 Win., SN 11080443
Marlin Model 30/30A Lever Action .30-30 Win., Bushnell Scope Chief 1.5-4.5x, SN AC46092
Mauser DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken) Model 95A Mauser 7x57mm, Chilean Crest, Made in Berlin, Star of David Imprint under SN in Wood, SN K5537
Mauser Model 98 7x57mm, Dominican Republic, Williams Foolproof Peep with Gold Bead, SN 1506
Mauser Model 98 8mm, German, High Grade Walnut Stock, Cheek Piece, Chromed Trigger Guard, Nazi Proofs, Weaver K4 60-B Scope, Sling Mounts, Walnut Case/Box, SN 3668
Remington Model 700BDL Custom Deluxe .350 Rem. Mag., Weaver Classic 700 2.5-7x CH Scope, SN 6214373
Remington Model 700BDL Classic (Ltd Edition) .300 H&H, Tasco World Class 2.5-x40mm DX Scope, SNB6460538
Remington Model 700BDL Custom Deluxe .22-250 Rem., Leupold M8 10x AO DX Scope, SN 6828982
Remington Model 700BDL Classic (Ltd Edition) 6.5×55 Swedish, Tasco World Class 2-7x33mm DX Scope, SN C6847476
Remington Model 700BDL Classic (Ltd Edition) .350 Rem., Redfield Traditional 2-7x P&CH Scope, SN B6717839
Remington Model 700BDL Classic (Ltd Edition) 8x57mm, Original Box, SN G6351065
Remington Model 700ADL Deluxe Rifle 7mm Rem. Mag, Leupold Vari-x II 3-9CPC Scope, SN 6733729
Remington Model 700ADL Deluxe Rifle .243 Win., Western Field 3x-9x 32mm DX Scope, SN 385516
Remington Model 700ADL Deluxe Rifle .270 Win., Burris 3-9x 36mm DX Scope, SN E6318985
Remington Model 7600 Carbine .30-06, Bushnell Elite 3000 2-7x32mm DX Scope, SN B8263519
Remington Model 721 .270 Win., Weaver K4 CH Scope, SN 262205
Remington Model 760 Gamemaster Rifle .35 Rem., Bushnell Scope Chief 2.75x DX, SN B7191990
Stevens Buckhorn Model 53D .22, Single Shot
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. Model 1-A Light Sporter 7x57mm, Burris 1.75x5x WA CH Scope, SN 130-27240
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. Model 1-A Light Sporter .270 Win., Leupold Vari-X III 1.5-5x DX, SN 130-07898
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. Model 77 RL .257 Roberts, Burris Fullfield 2-7x33mm DX Scope, SN 770-40077
Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. Model 77R .243 Win., Canjar Trigger, Simmons Prohunter 6-18x40mm AO DX Scope, SN 70-01919
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. Model 77/22-RP/RSP All-Weather Stainless .22 LR, Missing Magazine, Universal 4x32mm CH Scope, SN 700-03060
Wards Westernfield Model 85 .22 SLLR, Semi Auto, Clip, SN 2094577
Winchester Model 1894 .30-30, SN 2380230
Winchester Commemorative 1978 Antlered Game Carbine .30-30, Original Box, SN AG12729
Winchester Model 70 Featherweight .270 Win., Burris 4x-WA DX, SN 529631
Winchester Model 70 Featherweight .30-06, Weaver V900 Classic 3-9x DX, SN 547131
Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Deluxe .30-06, Williams Foolproof 1/16” Gold Bead, SN 555440
Winchester Model 70 Standard Grade .30-06, Redfiled 8x-AO DX Scope, SN 195663
Winchester Model 70 Ranger Rifle 6.5x55mm, Swedish, Leupold Vari-X II 2-7x CPC Scope, Original Box, SN G2057786
Winchester Model 1907 .351 Win., SN 56693
Winchester Model 74 .22 LR, SN 139951
Winchester Model 9422 .22 Mag, Tasco Compact 2-8x DX Scope, SN F102195
Remington Model 721 Stock

Bakial IZH-43E-IC 12 ga., Russian, Double Bbl, 3”, Single Trigger, 28-1/2” Bbl, Engraved Forearm and Grip, Optic Front Sight, SN 0370318B
Browning Citori 12 ga, Vent Rib, Over/Under, Gold Trigger, Japan, SN 41337NZ103
Browning Citori 20 ga, Vent Rib, Over/Under, Gold Trigger, Japan, SN 11134RP663
Browning Model B-SS 12 ga., 30″ Bbl, Side by Side, Engraved, Checked, SN 6373A47
Browning Model B-SS 20 ga., 28″ Bbl, engraved boxlock action, auto ejectors, checkered pistol grip walnut stock, beavertail forearm, SN 6575F57
Chicago Long Range Wonder Double Bbl Damascus 12 ga.
Mossberg Model 500 Field .410 bore, 24” Bbl, Vent Rib, SN P295890
Remington Model 11-87 Premier 12 ga., Storage Box, Extra Chokes, Literature, SN PC364106
SKB Model 100 20 ga., 25” Improved Choke and Modified Bbls, 3” Chamber, SN S6121952
SKB Model 150 20 ga., 28” Modified and Full Barrels, 3” Chamber, SN6110641
Winchester Model 12 Slide Action 20 ga., 2-3/4” Chamber, Redhead pad, SN 1426175
Winchester Model 12 Slide Action 16 ga. 28” Full Choke, Plain Bbl, 2-3/4” Chamber, SN 1612531
Winchester Model 12 Slide Action 12 ga., 30” Full Choke, Plain Bbl, 2-3/4” Chamber, SN 1864782

BB Guns
Daisy Model 36
Daisy Model 1938B Red Ryder
Daisy 111 Model 40, Red Rider Carbine Lever Action, Stock Damaged

1870’s Patent/Invention Papers RE: Breachloader Improvements, Handwritten

Bayonets, Daggers, Swords and Knives
Long Third Reich Municipal Police Bayonet w/ Frog Large ACS, Scales on Obverse and Alexander Coppel, ACS Scales, Soligen. Nickel-plated hilt fittings show excellent detail to the eagle head pommel and oak leaf embellished crossguard, reverse crossguard is stamped “S.AI.II.400.”
SA Daggger and Hanger, Carl Elkhorn Solingen
Senior Forester’s Cutlass with Genuine Ivory Grips and a Tripe Etched Blade
WWII German Youth Boy Scout Knife
Third Reich Lion’s Head Sword
Imperial German Dress Sword with Folding Eagle Guard
Eagle Head German Sword
Wood Handled Dagger
Black Gander Mountain Surgical Stainless Steel Knife
Ka-Bar knife with “Bakelite” handle
Erik Frost-Mora Sweden
Simmons jackknife, foldable
Browning USA Black pocketknife
Black pocketknife
Simmons jackknife, foldable
Case XX Black pocketknife
Simmons pocketknife
Buck pocketknife
Silver pocketknife
Early Handmade Knife
Browning Lockback 3” Knife with Wood Handle
NRA “Stone River” LTD 2-1/2” Lockback Knife
Remington Hunting Knives
1920’s Engraved/Signed Boy Scout Hatchet
Marble’s Hatchet with Case
Browning “Buck” head with snap
Buck Knife Case

Conestoga Wagon, 14’ Long, 6’ High

BSA Catseye #CE310X44 3-10×44 mm
BSA Huntsman #HM1545X32DT 1.5×4.5×32 Deer & Turkey Dot
Bushnell #71-1142 10x
Bushnell #74-0412 4-12×40
Bushnell #74-1393 3-9×32
Bushnell #75-2732M 2-7×32
Redfield #N/A 2.5x
Simmons #ATV4514C 4.5-14x40AO
Simmons #2100 2.8-10×44 W A Aetec
Simmons #800438 1.5-6×32
Tasco #WA27x32 2-7×32
Tasco #N/A 3-9×40
Weaver Classic 400 4×30
Weaver K3 60-B
(2) Simmons 8-Point Model 800548 4×32 Multi-Coated Optics
(2) Simmons 8×21 Compact Binocular, Model 1156
Weaver Scope
NcSTAR Red Dot 1×20 Scope
Scope Caps
Scope Mounts
Clips/Ammo magazines
Box of sights & parts

Military Collectibles
German Luftwaffe Helmet
1917 CG US Holster
US Cavalry Saddle Bags
German WWII Medals, Badges, Dog Tag and Insignia
War Trophy Captured Papers
WWII Colonial US Navy Pilots Survival Folding Knife
1865 Discharge Papers

Newhouse Traps
(24) Muskrat Stretchers
PS &W Co Wolf Trap
Denali Fur and Trade Co., No. 15 HBC Bear Trap
(14) #1 Coil Spring Traps
(24) #1-1/2 Coil Spring Traps
(6) #1-3/4 Coil Spring Traps
(6) #110 Conibear Traps
#14 Jump Trap

Box of dozen Cedar Broadhead Arrows
Box of Assorted Cedar Arrows
(3) Easton Legacy Aluminum Target Arrows, 55 – 60#, No Nocks
(18) Wooden Target Arrows, Some Missing Nocks

(15) Wooden Decoys
Wood Goose Decoys
Mason Duck Decoys and More
Wood Owl Decoy
“The Fooler” Decoy, Crosby, MN
(12) Flambeau Mallard Decoys with Weights
Carry Lite Plastic Decoy
Green Wing Teal Decoy
Hand Carved Wood Duck Decoy

(10) Full Boxes Old Shotgun Shells
(2) Full Boxes Remington Kleanbore Nitro Express 12 ga.
Empty Box Peters High Velocity 12 ga.
Box Colt .38 Spl. Police Positive
(2) American Eagle .38 Spl., Full Metal Jacket, Round Nose, 130 Grain and 158 Grain
Eldarado Starfire .38 Spl. P+, 125 grain
Remington 3-1/2” Turkey Nitro 12 ga., No. 4 Shot
(2) Partial Boxes .44 Rem. Mag.
(3) Boxes Remington 20 ga. Field Load, No. 8 Shot
(400) Rounds Remington Tin .22 LR
(3) Boxes .40 S&W
.45-70 Brass Casings
Box of .38 Special High Velocity Casings
Box of .357 Herret Reloads
(500) Rounds of Remington Standard Velocity Kleanbore .22 LR, 6122
(100) Rounds of Remington Hi-Speed Kleanbore .22 S, 1022
(1500) Daisy Quick Silver Match Grade BB’s, 7541
Assorted Miscellaneous Ammunition
Assortment of Reloads

Hunting/Firearm Accessories
Loc On Go Tree Stand
Safety Tree Harness, New
Wooden Shotgun Cleaning Rod
Coleman Lantern
Predator Shooting Rest
(13) Screw in Steps
Uncle Mike No. 2 Holster
Pack Frame
Barrell Cleaning Rods
Fly Fishing Flies
Vintage Field Dressing Packet
Camouflage Wallet
Web Sling
Leather Dressing
Maximum Case Length Gauge
Belt Buckle, Rectangular
Belt Buckle, Oval
Assorted Gun Cases
Sharpening Stone
Bill Hicks Measuring Tape
Paperweight with Salmon Fly
Deerslayer Slingshot
Remington Playing Cards
Pistol Grips
Camouflage fleece duffle bag
Box of miscellaneous gun parts
Coffee can of miscellaneous wooden/metal gun parts
Plastic “portable maintenance center” to hold rifles & shotguns while being worked on
Ice Clamps

Hunting & Sporting Collectibles
Johnson Sea Horse Outboard Motor Stand
Keen Kutter Hatchet
Winchester Reloading Molds
Spearing Decoys
Herters Duck Calls
Full Tackle Box
Fishing Reels
Fishing Rods
Heddon Pumpkin Seed Lure and Others
Minnow Buckets
(5) Muskie Lures and Box
Winchester Olin Flashlight
Winchester Western Plastic Store Window Cling
(4) Mink Coat Collar
Amazing “Scotch” Duck Call No. 1401
Moose Call with Instruction Tape
Federal Cartridge Wood Shell Case
Remington Express Wood Box
(2) Fishing Creels
Duck Cuff Links by Shields

Large Mouth Bass Taxidermy, Okko Tjaden, Fergus Falls, MN
5×5 Dry Elk Antlers
Mounted Deer Antlers

Native American and Western Collectibles
6’ Northwest Coast Totem Pole
Native Baskets – Apache, Papago, Chippewa
War Club
Cowboy Cuffs
(2) 10”+ Skookum Dolls, Chief and Woman
Texas Centennial Spurs
Pipe Tomahawk with Possible Bag and Drop

Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage
48 Star US Flag
Peerless Handcuffs
WB & WG Jordan Whol. Grocers, Minneaplis, Minn. Tobacco Cutter
1800’s Hayes Brothers Barry Dock Sextant

1800’s Large Oil of Stag on Canvas
Twilight Fire, Jim Hansel, Framed
J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Lithograph
Northern Pacific Construction Train Stopped by Buffaloes 1875, Copyright 1902
Bow Hunter’s Dreams, Les Kouba, Signed, Framed, Numbered 672/2500
Zone 1 – Whitetails, Bruce Miller, Signed, Framed, Numbered 519/750
Trilogy, Les Kouba
Les Kouba Deer Print
Wood Frame Duck Print
Eagle Print
Woodduck Print, Andres Copinas
Mallard Print, Andres Copinas
Ruffed Goose Print, Barbar Winsted
Deer Print, Julie Crocker
Deer Print, Kim Norlien
Dog with Pheasants Print
“When you know you are not forgotten, By the girl you can’t forget” Needlepoint, Early 1900s
Several Additional Framed, Signed, Numbered Wildlife Prints

Boots and Saddles, Elizabeth Custer
Campfire and Battle Field, Rossiter Johnson
Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War, Alfred H Guernsey and Henry M Alden
The Best of Jimmy Robinson, Copyright 1980
Jackie Bushman’s Top 50 Whitetail Tactics, Copyright 2002
North American Hunting Club: Complete Bowhuting, Modern Waterfowl Hunting, The Hunter’s Rifle, All About Elk, and Hunting Whitetails Successfully
1969 Marlin Catalog
1950 LL Bean Book, Hunting, Fishing and Camping
(3) Trapping Books – 1935 Deadfalls and Snares, 1944 The Science of Trapping, and 1946 The Trapper’s Companion
Exceptional Amount of Excellent Military Books and Literature, All in Excellent Condition
Gun Magazines (periodicals)

VCR Tapes and DVDs
North American Hunting Club Volumes 1 through 7
Turkey Hunting VCR Tape
Deadliest Catch DVD
Prelude to War & The Nazis Strike (Why We Fight World War II)
Paths of Glory
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Great Escape
Uncommon Valor
The Man Who Would Be King
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: the Movie
A Bridge Too Far
Jeff Foxworthy – The Incomplete Deer Hunter 3
The Blue Max
Run Silent, run Deep
The Enemy Below
Saving Private Ryan
The Law and The Lawless (10 movies)
The Wild Set (10 movies)
The Great American Western (8 movies)
The Adventures of Long John Silver (13 “Swashbuckling Adventures”)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Galaxy Quest
Rio Bravo
The Big Trail
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The Wind And The Lion
The Android Affair
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
The Sacketts
The Magnificent Seven
Valdez Is Coming
The Guns of Navarone

Clothing and Blankets
US Airforce Heavy Aircrew Trousers, Size 42
WWII Sheep Skin Lined Leather Flight Pants, Type A-3, Size 42 Regular
Navy Pea Coat, Size 42 Regular
Wool Pants, Size 34, New, Dark Green
LL Bean Grouse Hunting Vest
Stearns Hansa-Barnta Prime Northern Goose Down Parka, Ladies, Size Large
Woolrich Red Plaid Sporting Coat, Ladies, Size Medium
Narragansett of Woonsocket Red Plaid Wool Jacket, Mens, Size 46
Brown Striped Wool Blanket
Hudson Bay 6-point Wool Blanket, Cream and Brown
Wool Blanket, Multi-color Striped
Steger Mukluks, Style NVTR, Size Ladies 8
Military Uniforms