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When a Lot Matters

Estate Services

We offer

  • Marketing and Sale of your Real Estate
  • Managing Sale of Additional Personal Property
  • Live / Simulcast Specialty Collection Auctions
  • Property & Contents Appraisals
  • Personal Property Online Auctions
  • Distribution of Assets to Heirs, Family and Friends
  • Coordination of Property Maintenance Tasks
  • Preparation of Property for Sale
  • Seamless Communication with you throughout the process
  • A smooth transition and successful closing for you and your family

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Helping Mom & Dad

Supporting the Right Decision For Your Parents

Some of the stress of moving to a new home, especially for elderly parents, is the unknown and unfamiliar. On the other hand, change can also bring improvements to lifestyles, such as improved health care, social living aspects, new facilities, new neighbors and more. We listen to family concerns and aspirations and help with the transition.

As a care provider or family decision maker in this process – you’ll find it convenient to have one key contact to keep you informed on all the steps taking place in the move: from preparing to move, packing and selling household goods, selling a property, and relocating to a new residence.

We are your single-point of contact, and expert partner in the process. We will work with you to provide the best possible real estate, move management and downsizing solutions for your parents.


Settle and Estate with Confidence

Experience A Trustworthy Support System

Settling an estate, especially from a distance, can be a time-consuming and complicated process, fraught with critical decision-making, heavy-lifting and legalities. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your timely partnership with Landmark’s Downsizing and Estate Services can help you achieve this seemingly insurmountable task easily and efficiently. We offer integrated services to help minimize stress, increase returns to the estate, and streamline your process.

With Landmark’s trustworthy support system, you don’t have to take the brunt of all that constitutes settling an estate. Dealing with fragile family dynamics becomes that much easier when you have our expert advice to support decision-making and guide your next steps.

Landmark Estate Service offers specialized estate services to assist you with your
project anywhere in Minnesota. It all starts with You, Your Home, The Land.

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At Landmark Downsizing & Estate Services, we are here to assist you through your journey, whether you’re buying or selling a home, downsizing, handling an estate, or looking for a complete moving management experience. Moving in general can be a stressful experience, so let us take the work off your hands.

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