2010 Spring Rendezvous: March 6: 1800’s Firearms, Western Collectibles and Native American Collectibles

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Posted on: Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

When: Saturday March 06, 2010 @ 9:30am
Preview: Friday March 05 2010 @ 6:00pm to 8:30pm and Saturday March 06, 2010 @ 8am
Location: Gerard’s Banquet Center, 1225 Timberlane Drive, Sauk Centre, MN

AmericInn, Sauk Centre, MN – (800) 396-5007 or (320) 352-2800
The Palms Motel, Sauk Centre, MN – (877) 351-7256 or (320) 351-7256

To view photos of all lots in sale order, please visit our page on Proxibid – proxibid.com/schultz. Note, the online catalog will be posted approximately seven days prior to the auction.

Online Bidding on Major Items!
As with most of our specialty auctions, in an effort to accommodate all interested parties, we are offering live online bidding on our key lots. The online bidding is provided by Proxibid. Please visit their site to register and view the catalog (for technical support please contact Proxibid directly at (877) 505.7770).

Absentee Bids/Phone Bidding
While we prefer absentee bids and phone bidding be handled directly through Proxibid, we understand this is not always possible. If you would like to place an absentee bid or phone bid on any item, you will need to make arrangements with our office no later than 3PM Central on February 19th. We will require a major credit card to handle your bid. The buyer’s premium for an absentee bid or phone bidding is 18%.

Ithaca 5E 12 gauge, dbl bbl, ventilated R3, single selector trigger, auto-ejectors, cocking indicator, case colored frame, engraved checkered, beavertail, 95% choke, excellent throughout, SN 447306
Parker VH 16 gauge, dbl bbl, original Parker butt plate, all original trace care color, SN 104409
Renato Gamba London 12 gauge, side lock, 27” dbl bbl, modified & full choke, plum brown blue, auto-ejector, straight stock, beaver tail, checkered, Italy-1982, SN 22325
Premier 10 gauge, dbl bbl, side by side, 32” bbl, very good, 3 ½” Mag Express, SN 13424
Winchester Mdl 21 12 gauge, full & modified choke, dbl bbl, auto-ejectors, singe selector trigger, beaver tail forearm, 95% original blue, SN 20876
Winchester Mdl 42 410, 3”, Full Choke, Plain Bbl, Pistol Grip, Standard Grade, SN 1975
Crescent Fire Arms Co. “Quail Hammerless” 410, side by side, checkered stock and forearm, made in USA, SN 3489
Iver Johnson Hercules Grade 16 gauge, side by side, engraved, case colored, auto-ejectors, SN 1130E

American Club Double Shotgun
Browning Model A5 Belgium 12 gauge, Mfg 1905, 12 Gauge, with scarce 32” bbl, pistol grip, mint, checkered grip & Forearm, SN 5V 64898
Browning A-5 20 gauge mag, Belgium, checkered forearm and grip, unfired
Richland 12 gauge, dbl bbl, 2 ¾”, Good, SN 46280
Savage Mdl 24D 22 410, over under, break action, check forearm and grip, engraved receiver, SN A738045
Spencer Machine Gun, Open Hammer, Double-barrel Shotgun
Springfield 12 gauge, dbl bbl, 2 ¾”, 24” bbl, SN 5100
Stevens 16 gauge, single shot
Remington 12 gauge, pump, bbl ruptured, SN 53096
Winchester Mdl 12 16 gauge, pump, take down, SN 1433293
Winchester Model 50 12 gauge, full choke, SN 139481
Winchester Mdl 97 12 gauge, pump shotgun
Winchester Mdl 97 12 gauge, pump, SN 540188
Winchester Mdl 97 12 gauge, Slide Action, SN 616280
WH Davenport Acme-Mdl 1896 12 gauge, break action, single shot, SN 18051

Winchester Mdl 1873 32-20, octagon bbl
Winchester Mdl 1873 32-20, round bbl
Winchester Mdl 90 22, pump, octagon bbl, take down, SN 827864
Winchester Mdl 94 25-35, octagon bbl, scarce take down, repaired stock, SN 532707
Winchester Mdl 94 25-35, SN 216958
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30 WCF, octagon bbl, SN 2182421
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30, SN 1274573
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30, lever action, Teddy Roosevelt Commemorative, excellent, never fired, original box, SN TR15824
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30, octagon bbl
Winchester Mdl 94 32, saddle ring carbine, Lyman rear sight, SN 948249
Winchester Mdl 94 38-40, round bbl, button mag
Winchester Mdl 1906 22, SLLR, pump, rnd bbl, SN 161374
Winchester Mdl 1906 22, SLLR, pump, rnd bbl, SN 538001
Winchester Mdl 43 22 Hornet, bolt action
Winchester Mdl 62A 22SLLR, pump, SN 314414
Winchester Mdl 62A 22, pump, SN 287644
Winchester Mdl 63 22, semi auto, SN 98051
Winchester Mdl 68 22, single shot
Winchester Mdl 70 300 Mag, bolt, BOSS muzzle brake, SN G103065
Winchester Mdl 71 248, SN 219805

Armi Sport Spencer 45 cal, SN M0564
Browning Grade II 22, semi-auto, Belgium, SN 71154558
US Colt 1864 percussion fowler
Colt Lightning Baby Carbine 44, slide action, 20” bbl, original sliding swivels, good rifling, medium frame, SN 53322
Colt Sporter Rilfe Mdl R6551 223 Rem, unfired, new in box, SN ST 033987
H &R 308, auto, 3×9 Leopold gold ring scope, very good, SN AJ291657
Hawkin 50 Cal, black powder, excellent, never fired, original box, SN 121403
Henry 44-40, lever action, brass, excellent, never fired, SN 16791
Marlin Mdl 1889 32 Win, octagon bbl, good working order, good bore, SN 88218
Marlin Mdl 1893 25-36, special smokeless steel, octagon bbl, SN 239266
Navy Arms Winchester Mdl 1873 44-40, saddle ring carbine, SN 29038
Remington American Boy Scout Musket 22 Cal, rolling block, near new
Remington Mdl 592M 5mm mag, tube feed, bolt, Bushnell Scopechief IV, excellent condition, SN 1027876
Savage Mdl 1889 22 Hi Power Cal, take down, carbine, vintage Weaver K1 scope, very good condition, SN 139502
Savage Mdl 99 303, saddle ring carbine, SN 164809
Savage Mdl 99C 243, lever action, 2 clips, very good, original box, SN 1153004
Sharon Hawkin 54 Cal, black powder, excellent condition
Springfield trap door rifle w bayonet
Springfield 1842 fowler musket
US Springfield 1866 50-70, trapdoor
Weatherly 300 cal, new in box
Weatherby Mark V Deluxe 300 Mag, bolt action rifle, made in Germany by J.P. Sauer, vintage 3×9×40 Redfield scope, excellent condition, SN P1910

Colt Bisley 45 Cal SN 239728
Colt 1878 45 cal, needs work handspring, SN 32183
Colt 45, single action, engraved, pearl grips, nickel, 1st generation, SN 342401
Colt 45, single action, 2nd generation, 7-1/2” bbl, SN 24121SA
Colt 45, single action, 5-1/2” bbl, case colored ivory grips, unfired, new-in-box, No. 405 of 1000

Beretta Stampede 45, single six, revolver, 6” bbl, excellent, original box, SN B21969
Beretta Stampeded 45, single six, 4” bbl, excellent, original box, SN B16542
Baby Browning 25 cal, semi auto, unfired, pearl grips, case, unfired, SN 389922
Charleville pistol, Revolutionary war era, flintlock converted to percussion cap
Smith & Wesson Mdl 41 22 LR, semi auto, 7-3/8” bbl, muzzle break, early variation, cocking indicator, original box, SN 18762
Hawes Western Marshall Mdl 644 44 Mag, revolver, single six, original box, very good, SN 4581/4
Herter’s Guide Mdl 22, revolver, 8-shot, SN 69565
Ruger 22, single six, revolver, 22LR-22Mag convertible, 6” bbl, original box, SN 326095
Ruger Vaquero 45, revolver, single six, 4” bbl, excellent, original box, SN 510-09285
Uberti 45, single six, revolver, 4” bbl, very good, original box, SN J28479
Navy Replica 44, black powder, single six, brass frame, fair, SN 310879
Navy Replica 36, black powder, single six, brass frame, fair
Anon 50 Cal English BP Pistol
Manhattan 5 pepperbox 31 Cal
Black powder percussion pistol

Two Grey Hills, 58” x 94”, early 1970’s
Two Grey Hills, 26”, Navajo
Two Grey Hills 26” x 45”, Mohair, Kolbergs, 1971
Jesse Gilles Monument Valley Pictorial, 23” x 30”
Vintage Navajo 65” x 35”
Assortment of Navajo Rugs

Tony Da Original Water color, Demigod, early 1970’s
Tony Da signed by Maria Print
Hugh Cabott watercolor “Afterglow…Monsoon Season”
Beatien Yass, watercolor original
Beatien Yazz, water color, “2 Bears”
“Medicine Maker” 1965 by Tiger, original watercolor
Fred Beaver original water color, “Plains Indian War Chief”, 1973, gouache medium
Jane W Moskal “Moose call”, Original Water Color, 1967
O. Weigherst signed “Warrior on Horse Print”
Sandy Scott, Texas, Etching “Steer Roper” 84/100
Ozz Franca “Navajo Dream” framed print
Original oil painting, “Spicy Western Stories”, 24×30, 75

Navajo Clay Pot
(2) Small woven baskets
Large woven storage basket
Acoma painted bowl
Apache coiled basket Ca. 1890’s
Pima coiled basket
Large black on black Pueblo Pot
Pueblo pot black and orange red on tan
Apache bowl, early, 4” across
Small Apache water vase
Large Navajo water bottle
Large Winnebago Basket
Round Birch Bark Trading Post Basket
Heart Shape Trading Post Basket
Miniature Birch Bark Trading Post Basket
Alaskan Eskimo Basket, 7”d x 7”h
Apache Basket, 9-1/2”h x 8-1/2“d
NW Klamath, Calif Basket, 6”d x 4”h
Plains Sweetgrass Basket, 5”h x 9-1/2” w
Papago Basket, 4-1/4” h x 7” w
Papago Basket, 3-1/2” h x 6” d
11” Papago Basket
6-1/2” Papago Bowl Basket
Birch Bark Chippewa Basket, Early, 5”h 6-1/4” d
(4) Baskets

Ancestry Life and Times of HH Sibley, Copyright 1889, Inscribed by Henry H Sibley: “Respectfully presented to my old, and esteemed friend, General John Gibbon, United States Army, Respectfully by, Henry H Sibley, LL.D, St. Paul, Minnesota, April 4, 1890”
Robber & Hero, The Story of the Raid on the First National Bank of Northfield, The James-Younger Band of Brothers, by Geroge Huntington, Copyright 1962
Fighting Men of the Civil War, William C Davis
The Civil War 1861-1865, David E Ruth
The Civil War in Middle Tennessee, Ed Huddleston
The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War
Lives & Adventures & Exploits Frank & Jesse James, Copyright 1947
Minnesota Historical Collections, History of the Ojibways, Vol. V, Copyright 1885
Portraits from North America. Indian Life Edward Curtis book.
Books, Traplines & Trails, The Expressman & the Detective, Allen Pinkerton, 1884, 1st Edition
Fredrick Remmington’s Own West 1st Ed. 1960
Alaska Bush Pilots, Sourdough Sky
Before Barbwire, L.A. Huffman, 1956
The Charles M. Russell Book, 1st Edition, 1957
Charles M. Russel, 50 Paintings of the Old American West

Confederate Sword cut down
Civil War Model 1860 Field Officer Sword Marked CJ
Civil War Sword marked “P.D.L.” 32 inch very worn engraved blade
Revolutionary War Sword with lions head hilt
Leather US Ferrier tool case
(4) Civil War era lady tintypes
Lincoln Picture from an Original negative
Lincoln 2nd pose same sitting, Copyright 1956
Portrait 1860s –Alex Hesler, Presidential Nominee, Antique frame
Civil War Mess Kit
Confederate Belt with Cap Box
GAR Medal 1909, Illinois Aurora
Civil War Mess Knife and Forks
Civil War Coffee Pot
Early Civil War Buttons
GAR Sword Belt
(20)+ GAR Medals
Waltham US Compass
(4) Sons of the Union Veterans
GAR Pins and Buttons
GAR Spoon and Large Ribbon Pin
Civil War Medals
US Hanger and Strap

Lakota beaded leather shirt from Prairie Edge Band of the Upper Sioux
Santee Sioux beaded vest
Blackfoot beaded moccasins
(2) Beaded blanket strips
Beaded buffalo hide fetish
Seed bead horsehead effigy fetish
Quilled & Beaded turtle effigy fetish
Beaver Tail Moccasin
1800’s Black Foot Beaded Quiver w/Arrows
Nez Perce Indian’s Gauntlets
Beaded Derby Hat with Horse Hair
Large Sioux Beaded Doll
Victorian Beaded Trade Purse
Plains Indian Knives
Indian wood and horse hide drum
(3) Beaded flat bags
(2) Iroquois beaded pillow whimsies
Chippewa beaded moccasins
Blackfoot or Northern Plains Splithorn Bonnet
Chippewa Beaded Hide Coat
Chippewa Bandoleer Bag
Cree Moosehair Embroidered Bag
Sioux Knife Scabbard
Dakota Moccasins
Chippewa Moccasins
Sioux Rifle Scabbard

Blackfoot tomahawk forged iron head featuring a rare French cross cut out circa 1870
Missouri Pawnee War Axe featuring a hand forged iron head with weeping heart cut out circa 1870-1880. The original haft is wrapped 3/4 of its length in old wire and brass tacks.
Plains pipe tomahawk with very rare triple batwing cut outs in the blade circa 1880-1890. The forged iron head measures 10 inches long. The haft is adorned with brass tacks and old paint.
Sioux war club
Tomahawk Pipe w/Dangle
Pipe Tomahawk with drop and tacked
Plains Dance Club
Trade Axe stamped AD
Rare early 1800’s Iroquois ball head war club
19th century Plains Skull Cracker war club
Dance Wand

Joseph Clark 1776 powder horn, believed to be attributed to Jospeh Clark, Portsmouth, NH, engraved

Bona Allen highback saddle
G.H. Schoelekopf “Jumbo Brand” Dallas TX
Miles City Coggshall loop seat saddle
8 string black studded parade saddle, needs repair to off side rigging
Colorado Saddlery Denver w/Hat Brand on seat
Williams & Co. Maker Denver CO saddle
US McClellan Officer’s Calvary Saddle
McClellan rosebud saddle
Iowa Heavy stock saddle
Rebuilt, 8 string, A fork saddle
Back Steiner, Austin Texas double rig 15” saddle
High back saddle with studs
US Army saddle bags
Antique saddle bags
US saddle bags
(2) US Calvary Saddle Bags
(2) Leather Rifle Scabbards
US Calvary Horse Brush

White or gold Angora Wooley Chaps, 14-pair, George Lawrence, Portland OR
Black Wooley Chaps w/cabinet card dated 1907, Broken B Ranch Caldwell Idaho
Black Wooley Chaps, George Lawrence, Portland OR
Card Suit studded chaps, George Lawrence
Chaps from N. Dakota Cowboy, 8 flat conchos, very old
Step-in Chaps, tooled belt, pockets and leg bottoms
8 Concho Chaps w/brand on bottom of legs
Rodeo Chaps, initials JP, Anchor brand buckle
Buckskin fringed chaps, C.P.Shipley Kansas City MO.
Chaps, Powder River Saddlery – Denver Dry Goods
Chaps, black w/white trim
Chaps, N. Porter Phoenix AZ
Shotgun Chaps, Circa 1880’s, Visalia Saddle Co. San Francisco, CA
Fringed Buckskin Chaps w/tooled belt
Heiser Colorado Chaps

Crockett silver mtd Mustach spurs
North & Judd, August Bauermann Pat. straight shank Hercules bronze spurs
North & Judd, August Bauermann Pat. drop shank Hercules bronze spurs
August Bauermann Hercules bronze “star” horse head spurs
August Bauermann Hercules bronze “star” horse head spurs w/studded leathers
Buerman ring bit and spurs
Bottle opener Crockett Renalde spurs
North & Judd Anchor brand Bronc spurs
North & Judd Anchor brand long shank spurs
North & Judd Anchor brand cutting horse spurs
Old Bronze Bronc spurs
Old Star Rowell spurs w/carved straps
Hand forged bronze spurs, Circa 1880’s
Kelly brand spurs w/Texas star
Kelly Bros bit
Silver Mtd Vera Cruse spurs w/dice
Handmade spurs and straps, initials LA
Antique unmarked iron August Buermann spurs
Silver Mtd Chiuaua spurs
Hand forged gut hook spurs
Crockett Renalde Bronc spurs
Antique Crockett spurs w/black straps
Large Spanish ring bit
Small Spanish ring bit

Winona Sleigh
#3 Dupont Blasting machine
(2) Large ornate Horse Hearse Lamps
Buggy Whip Stand
US Trumpet
(2) Branding Irons
Camp Ranch Bell
Texas Cattleman Porcelain Sign
(2) Indian Motif Lamps
Ivory Handle French Trade Knife – Early 1800’s
Vintage Old Town Canoe
Old Town Canoe Paddle
Colt engraved SAA folding knife
Colt silver medallion #405
Colt poster
Colt patch
Indian police badge
Buffalo head mount
Elk & Moose horns
Forged Horse Shoe Boot Cleaner
Birch Bark Basket
Vintage Skis
Mississippi & Rum River Boom Co. Wannigan Paddle – MRRB Co.
5 ft. Wood Cigar Store Indian
(2) 6 ft. Wood Totem Poles
1930 Large Indian Photo
John Taylor Peace Medal with collar
Thomas Jefferson Peace Medal with collar
John Adam Peace Medal with collar
Cattaraugus Folding Knife
Eskimo Whale Bone Blubber rendering paddle
Alligator Folk art Cane
Shark spine Walking Stick
Horn section Walking Cane
Buffalo Skull
Steer Skull
Single Spur Pair Stirrups
Bronze Elk Bookends
H.A.M.N Pony Express Bronze
Bear Trap
3 hand colored Pocahontas glass slides (rare)
2 Quill birch bark box
Vintage Indian trade knive
Silver Navajo bracelet s
String sleigh bells
Wells Fargo stage coach folk art
Picket pin
Cowboy cuffs
Vintage cowboy hats
Winchester box
Horse hair burner
Sioux Childs Toy Tipi, 1750-3500
Studio Cards
WWI US male branding iron set
US Army Mills cartridge belt, repo
Anitque steer horn rack, 50
Hand braded rawhide reata, 75
Tin mule cigarette dispenser
Old prison shackles and chains

#15 Northwest Territory Fur Co. Toothed Bear Trap pat. 1876
Easy Set
#4 Newhouse
#3 Newhouse
#4 Triumph

Frederic Remington Bronzes
Bronco Buster, Cowboy
Buffalo Signal , Rattle Snake
Bronzed Bust of Red Cloud

Traveling Roulette Wheel & Bakolite Chips
(2) Rochester Kerosene Hanging Saloon Bar Lamps – Copper
10 cent Columbia Slot Machine
Vintage Brunswick Pool Ball Holder and Balls (32)
Old Leather Dice Cups
Winchester store clock – 1930’s
Buffalo horn coat rack
Buffalo Horn Hat Rack
Buffalo and Sheep Hat Rack
(2) Iron and Porcelain Spittoons
Cowboy jack fiddle
Gambler poker chip case
2 Tobacco Cutters

Cheyenne painted pictorial horse hide robe, very rare, circa, 1890
Sioux Strike-A-Lite Bag
Sioux Beaded Turtle Fetish
No. Plains Beaded Awl Case
Vintage Chippewa birch bark baby cradle
Pipestone pipe & Stem
Plains bow circa 1900
Circa 1890 Nez Perce beaded tobacco pouch,
19th century Plains Indian forged iron flint striker with beaded tab,
Pair of circa 1880 Sioux split tongue fully beaded moccasins,
Cheyenne dance shield, circa 1930
(5) Bows and (7) Arrows
Eskimo moccasin boots
Araphaho Mox
Indian Bead work
SM beaded tobacco bag
Trade wool beaded flat pouch
8 ½” Rawhide Drum
Native Birch bark Fish Net Weights and Floats
Chippewa Pipe and Stem
NW Coast medicine mans dance wand
Iroquois style club
Catlinite pipe
(3) Stone Ax Heads
Stone Effigy Bowl
Four Frames Arrow Heads
Five Strands Old Trade Beads
(3) Cases of arrowheads
South Dakota Pottery Shards
(4) Arrow Heads
South Dakota Pottery Shards
Thumb Scrapes
Spear point
Arrow heads
Game ball
Blunt point.
Buffalo teeth
Bone perforator
Bone pieces
Points and Scrapers
Small hammer
(2) Hand axes
Arrow points
Medicine mans bowl with 2 stones