2009 Spring Rendezvous Auction

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Posted on: Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Colt Pearl handeled engraved gold, nickel & silever single action army revolvers When: Saturday March 07, 2009 @ 9:30am
Preview: Friday March 06  2009 @ 6:00pm to 8:30pm and Saturday March 07, 2009 @ 8am
Location: Gerard’s Banquet Center, 1225 Timberlane Drive, Sauk Centre, MN
Terms: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, 6.5% Sales Tax, Buyer’s Premium: 10% Onsite, 18% Online

Note: Please join us for the 2009 Spring Rendezvous Auction.  The auction features an excellent offering of 1800s firearms, western collectibles and Native American artifacts from across the “Dakota Nations” and we’ll also be selling a very nice civil war collection that has been held by the same family for several generations.

AmericInn, Sauk Centre, MN – (800) 396-5007 or (320) 352-2800
The Palms Motel, Sauk Centre, MN – (877) 351-7256 or (320) 351-7256

There is a photo gallery of the highlights at the bottom of this page.  Be sure to scroll down and take a look at the photos! To view photos of all lots in sale order, please visit our page on Proxibid – proxibid.com/schultz.

Online Bidding on Major Items!
As with most of our specialty auctions, in an effort to accommodate all interested parties, we are offering live online bidding on our key lots.  The online bidding is provided by Proxibid.  Please visit their site to register and view the catalog (for technical support please contact Proxibid directly at (877) 505.7770).

Absentee Bids/Phone Bidding
While we prefer absentee bids and phone bidding be handled directly through Proxibid, we understand this is not always possible.  If you would like to place an absentee bid or phone bid on any item, you will need to make arrangements with our office no later than 3PM Central on March 6th.  We will require a major credit card to handle your bid.  The buyer’s premium for an absentee bid or phone bidding is 18%.


Model 1866 Yellowboy .44 cal, Saddle Ring, Carbine, 3rd Model, 20″ Round Bbl, SN 103767
Model 1873 .38 WCF, Lever Action, Rifle, 30” Octagon Bbl, Shotgun Stock, SN 10869N
Model 1873 .38 cal, Lever Action, Sporting Rifle, 24″ Octagon Bbl, 3rd Model, SN 222931B
Model 1873 .38 cal, Lever Action, Sporting Rifle, 24″ Round Bbl, SN 291706B
Model 1873 .44 WCF cal, Lever Action, Sporting Rifle, 20″ Octagon Bbl, Half Mag, 3rd Model, SN 482078B
Model 1876 .45-75 cal, Lever Action, Rifle, 28″ Octagon Bbl, 3rd Model, SN 37902
Model 1883 .45-70 cal, Hotchkiss, US Marked, Carbine, 1st Model, Missing Saddle Ring, Pine Ridge Res., SN 3069
Model 1885 .38-55 cal, Sporting Rifle, 30″ #3 Octagon Bbl, Highwall, Thinside, Spur Lever Action, SN 15744
Model 1885 .22 Short Cal, Sporting Rifle, 26″ #1 Octagon barrel, Lowwall, Thickside, Spur Lever Action, SN 64213
Model 1886 .40-65 WCF cal, Lever Action, Rifle, 26″ Octagon bbl, SN 122300, 90%
Model 1894 .32 Special, Nickel Plated, Rifle, Octagon Bbl, SN 126030, Rough-Pitted
Model 1895 .30-06 cal, Lever Action, Rifle, 26″ Octagon Bbl, SN 31782
Model 1895 .30 Govt 1903, Lever Action, Carbine, SN 80951
Model 1905 .35 cal, Rifle, SN 8109, No Detachable Box Magazine
Model 64 .30-30 Win, Lever Action, Rifle, SN 1980521
Model 71 .348 cal, Lever Action, Rife, SN 21985
Model 1890 .22 Long, First Model, Built 1890-1892, 24″ Octagon Bbl, SN 13844
Model 1890 .22 Short, Third Model, 24″ Octagon Bbl, SN 518151
Model 1890 .22 WRF, Second Model, 24″ Octagon Bbl, Takedown, SN 155956
Model 61 .22 SLLR, (2) Silver Inlays, Highly Engraved, Carved Stock, SN 215484
Model 9422 .22 SLLR, Lever Action, Deluxe, Checkered, Factory Engraved, SN F700466
Model 94 .30 Carbine, Buffalo Bill Commemorative, Lever Action
Model 94 Trapper .30-30 cal, Saddle Ring, Carbine, Large Loop, SN 6049768
Model 70 .308 Win, Bolt, Checkered Stock, 6x Redfield Scope, SN 866863

1850’s .31 cal percussion Remington Dog Head Cane Gun, SN 153, J.F Thomas pat. Feb 9 1858, Remington & Sons, Dark Brown, Very Good Condition
1860’s .22 cal rim fire Remington No. 1 Rifle cane gun with small dog head, sn #9 ?, Dark Brown, Good Condition

Model 1881 Lightweight .32-40, SN 11496
Model 1893 .25-36, Take Down, Lever Action, Rifle, Checked Stock, Octagon Bbl, SN 253087
Model 1893 .30-30, Lever Action, 24″ Octagon Bbl, SN 339154
Model 336 .30-30, Lever Action, Carbine, SN 71148500
Marlin Firearms Camp gun 9mm Semi-auto, SN  11573248

Rare 1917 German 9mm Artillery Lugar with original wood stock and leather holster, 97% excellent condition, 8 inch bbl, SN 9802 w many proof mks
1916 German 9mm Artillery Lugar with leather holster, 4 in bbl, SN 3058, 95% ex cond.
Nazi Officer dress Sword
Nazi Marked Sword
WWI German Infantry Sword

1850s percussion J.M. Caswell & Co Kentucky rifle w silver inlay
1819 Harper’s Ferry Rifle (Musket) w bayonet No SN, V & P proofs on bbl
1837 French Neikie Infantry Musket
1863 US Amaskeag mfg co 54 cal musket Manchester , NH refinished wood
.58 cal 1863 Springfield Musket
.50 Cal Smith Civil War Carbine SN 17263
Merrill Carbine SN 13093
Springfield 1863, trapdoor conversion with leather sling SN 23061
45/80 Springfield 1884 trapdoor SN 468720 VG
Wm Muir 1864 CW .58 cal US marked, no SN Good shortened
US Springfield training rifle, wooden barrel, Lockplate Springfield, dated 1862
Remington model 1866 SN397
.22 Remington No. 6 falling block rifle SN S207227
.32 Frank Wesson 2 trigger, 2nd type
50 cal Spencer #56 rifle, factory rebarreled SN7412
.25 cal Stevens Cal Stevens #12 S.S. Falling Block rifle with tang sight, SN G13
25 Rim fire Stevens Favorite model 55, drop block, oct bbl, takedown
.22 Remington model 12 pump rifle SN 77685

Lyman 45-70 cal Centennial Rifle 1878-1978 Grade #2, SN131 of 1,000 with large Mahogany presentation case with medallion, letter and 1st day stamp
44-40 cal. model 1894 Winchester – Winchester / Colt Commemorative Lever action Carbine with elaborate gold etching, O. F. Winchester w box SN WCX1872WC
Browing Lightning BLR, lever action, Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, 7MM, unfired, 3 of 45, 2005, SN 01328MY341

Model 70-87-15 Italian Vetterli dated 1880 SN BD 3094
French Berther military Rifle SN 31548
Mauser model 88 military rifle w original sling SN 31548
SAR maker pellet gun
Flintlock barrel, forearm and band unknown origins

7 X 57 cal Mannlicher Model M, Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG Steyr Rifle High grade, double trigger, checkered, made in Austria, SN 10445 with Burris 1.5 X 5X scope.
30-06 Biakal 2 barrel over/ under rifle
30-30 cal Savage model 219 rifle with no SN
30-06 Browning with scope
30 cal IBM US Carbine Sporterized w Williams sight SN 3671349
22 cal Belguim Browning T bolt rifle with scope SN 7545X6
22 cal Interarms model 22ATD semi auto rifle, SN 326578
22 SLLR cal Model 121 Remington Fieldmaster pump rifle, SN192481

.45 cal Colt Single Action Army Artillery Revolver US marked SN 98167 with letter
44-40 cal Fancy silver Engraved Single Action Colt revolver with Pearl grip, 7 3/8 bbl SN270477
45 Colt fancy nickel & gold, Engraved Revolver US/stamped over, pearl grip, 7 3/8 bbl , SN32874
Colt Bisley Revolver, SN272066
Colt Flat Top Officer Model 38 special, SN 327237
Colt Single action Army 45 cal SN349032
Colt Single action Army 45 cal SN 61953SA
Colt Auto 22 LR Huntsman SN 314463S
Colt New Frontier Single Action .22 LR revolver, SN G134038
Colt 1911A1 Government Model Commercial variation .45ACP cal 5 in bbl, National match slide (standard) w original box & manual, SN 298945C (mfg 1965)
25 cal Colt semi auto hammerless pocket model pistol, 4.5 in over all with original box and 9/30/1925 Police Station provenance, SN 351404
41 Cal Colt Navy Double Action 6 shot revolver SN21402
357 Mag Colt Python 6 shot revolver w wood grips and 6 in bbl SNE1282G, Exc cond
Colt New Police D.A. 32 SN 35237
.32 cal Police Colt Police Positive revolver, SN 33368 Inscribed R. P. McKevey, NYPD 43 Pct, April 15, 1948

45 cal 1875 Smith & Wesson Schofield Cavalry Revolver SN4469
22 cal S&W kit gun revolver SN5795
38 cal Smith & Wesson 5 shot break action lemon squeezer revolver with
6 in bbl and holster, SN 179744
41 magnum Smith & Wesson 6 shot revolver with 4 in bbl and wood grips, and holster, SNN272607
.32 S&W DA 4th model 3.’1 bbl SN 140474
32 S&W DA 4th model 3.5” bbl . SN 57525
.32 S&W safety 1st model DA revolver SN 106522
.38 S&W CTGS stamped “Secret Service Special” on bbl. SN 19088
.38 S&W SA 2nd model 4Hbbl SN 50518
.38 SA3rd model S&W 5-shot revolver SN 19240 in S&W box
.38 S&W ‘Lemon squeezer’ SN 174331
.38 S&W ‘Lemon squeezer’ SN 72659
.32 S&W Model #1.5 SN 13156
32 S&W. Model #1.5 2nd issue SN 112781
.32 S&W Model #1.5 2nd issue SN 117213
32 S&W. # 1.5 Second model SN 35736
22 cal Smith & Wesson 6 shot revolver with 5.5 in bbl. SN K404569 with Bushnell Phantom II 2.5 X scope and holster

54 cal. mod.1836 Flintlock Pistol A. Waters Milbury MS 1838 US No SN, P, US on bbl, cartouche on wood
.54 cal mod. 1836 US Pistol conv to percussion R. Johnson Midd Conn. 1844
1800’s Flint Lock Pistol with lanyard ring
.44 Starr Army revolver SN 15396
1844 US Johnson T 17, WAJ stamped i.d. marks
.44 cal 1861 New model Army Remington SN 95512
.44 cal 1861 New model Army Remington SN 95072
36 cal Savage Navy model . no SN
.32 S&W NO.2 Old Model Army SN 39236
32 Allen & Wheelock Ptd Nov 9,1859 Dated July 3,1860, SN 197
Remington Vest Pocket Saw Handle Derringer SN 15777
Remington Beals 1st Model, 1857
Remington 1861 pistol with holster
S&W revolver with US marked holster
US Model 1842/1850 saddle holster
.38 S&W CTG HAND EJECTOR, 2nd Model No sn.
.32 S&W model 1 1/2 1st issue SN 16936

7.65 mm J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Suhl semi auto pistol, 5.5 in overall SN 27903 with holster and clip
Hi Standard 22 Long Rifle cal. Modle 106 Military Supermatic Tournament, Automatic Pistol. 6 in Bull barrel with original box, extra clip, SN 1759856
22 mag Freedom Arms belt buckle 4 shot derringer on buckle 1 1/8 in bbl SNB33225 (missing front blade sight)
45 Colt/410 Thompson Center single shot pistol with Bushnell Phantom
1.3 X 15 scope & 22LR additional bbl and case, SN
22 cal J. Stevens, A&T Co. break action single shot spur trigger pistol with 3.5 inch bbl, SN 65184
32 cal American Bulldog 5 shot revolver – poor cond AS IS
22 cal H&R Arms Trapper Model 7 shot revolver with 6 in octagon bbl, SN 183536
.22 cal Stevens #35 Offhand target pistol w 8in bbl SN*** 1907-16
38 cal American Arms break action 5 shot revolver, SN 311
.38 NO.2 Mark I British (Enfield) 5” bbl SN A 6547
.22 cal Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. Premier pistol with holster SN 186752
.32 cal Hopkins & Allen Dictator nickel Revolver, SN 8108
.38 cal center fire Hopkins & Allen XL Double Action Revolver with folding hammer SN 1485
.32 cal Iver Johnson Hammerless Revolver, SN 40548
Ranger #9 32 cal pistol
.44 cal Rogers & Spencer Black Powder Engraved Revolver NIB SN 010887
Hartford 1873 Single Action Army Dakota Arms .45 Long Colt cal w box SN21351
1875 Schofield US Cavalry model .45 Long Colt cal. Reproduced by Navy Arms w box SN 6279
Dragoon replica pistol
10 ga. Remington Mark III Flare Pistol Trigger spring won’t catch Maker markings, no SN
.38 Orbea Y Cia Revolver SN 87749
Ladies 6.35 Browning folding trigger w zip holster Crown N proof

Krieghoff Montage (Triple barrel) double barrel 16 gauge & 8 X 57mm Sporting shotgun/ rifle highly engraved , SN 14884 & 49987 with original personal leather case
Parker Open Hammered double barrel Shotgun 12 gauge /w 20 ga inserts and choke tubes, engraved, case hardened, SN74374
R. Gamba -Mauser 580, 12 gauge double barrel shotgun, same as Ambassador model, English scroll engraving, H&H side lock system with ejectors cocking indicators, single trigger deluxe checkered walnut, SN 48073 w hard case
Winchester model 23 XRT lightweight Pigeon Grade 12 gauge double barrel 3 in chamber, single trigger, 25.5 in barrel, 7 choke tubes, coin engraved, checkered, Walnut high satin wood with hard side case, SN007882
L.C. Smith 410 double barrel shotgun, by Marlin made in Spain, 26 in barrel, jeweled action, checkered , gold inlay, 3 inch chamber, choke tube, unfired, SN 60-03-1689-07
Parker VH 20 gauge double barrel shotgun with beaver tail forearm SN113296
20 gauge model 20-410 shotgun with 1920 Winchester Junior Trapshooting Outfit including original case & Winchester Midget hand trap thrower, SN12030
Charles Daly 12 gauge Trap shot gun (like new), SN 351131
B.C. Miroku (citori) 12 gauge over under shotgun, SN 389282
Browning Superimposed Trap 32 inch barrel over under shotgun SN 90239
12 ga. L.C. Smith –Hunter Arms dbl bbl shotgun
Ithaca NID 16 gauge double barrel shotgun SN S469172

Browning A5 12 gauge semi auto shotgun (Japan) SN 71V91951
10 gauge model 1901 Winchester lever action shotgun SN 67291
12 ga Model 97 Winchester pump shotgun
12 gauge Spencer Bannerman pump shotgun (1st pump shotgun made)
12 gauge Model 12 Winchester Featherweight pump shot gun, full choke, SN 1841455F
12 gauge Winchester model 101 over under shotgun, SN 77918
12 gauge Winchester model 101 over under shotgun, SN 112767
Winchester model 25 12 gauge pump shotgun, SN 79370
Winchester model 50 12 gauge auto deluxe trap, SN 53020
Winchester model 12 Trap shotgun, SN 1325906
12 gauge model 59 Winchester shotgun, engraved & checkered SN 8906
12 gauge Winchester model 12 pump shotgun 2.5 in, SN 1160822
Baker Arms Batavia Leader 12 gauge double barrel shotgun SN 16414F
Ithaca model 51 Featherlite Auto 12 gauge 3 inch magnum, SN510061655
Stevens model 62 2.5 -3 inch series E 12 gauge pump, SN E586766
Stoeger/Brazil 28 gauge Uplander double barrel shotgun, SN 510412-03
Model No. 19S Marlin 12 gauge open hammer pump SN A4163 85%
20 gauge model B Fox double barrel shotgun case hardened receiver engraved SN ac RX
410 gauge Elgabar Double Barrel Shotgun SN 28747
22 LR/20 gauge Savage model 24 Deluxe SN D906379 with original box & papers unfired
James Constable double barrel percussion shotgun circa 1850
12 gauge double barrel Stage Coach gun WF brand on stock

Colt’s patent Powder Flask, Original
Colt Patent, Shot flask heavily patterned
Leather/brass belt, cap box w/caps/plate
Wooden officer’s writing desk
Sniper sunglasses Tinted, w/case
US military style Civil War Spur set
Unmarked bullet mold CW /IW era Marked “.44 WCF”
l Bullet Mold Marked “IDEAL MFG Co .45 GOV R”
Pewter whiskey flask with folding cup cap Initials & company name
Civil War Soldier’s Housewife Needles/thread/etc original tunic fabric & button
Shoulder belt with US Eagle breastplate
Confederate “heart” harness buckle
US Marked Spurs with leather
Brass telescope with cloth sleeve
Civil War/Indian War Sergeant’s stripes
Civil War medical equipment: surgeon’s field kit w/ 12 instruments, medical tourniquet, Ivory Handled fleen, Multi bladed fleen, Scissors/cutter
Medical scissors, bone saw Durfee Germany
Civil War medical bone saw unmarked
Medical quinine tin, medical scissor/clamp, medical suction device
Surgeon’s Syringe Pre-CW Wooden handle
Surgeon’s Syringe Pre-CW Wooden handle
Civil war street flag & chevrons from homecoming in frame
GAR wood Cane w/metal handle
Very rare GAR Ceramic Canteen with pictures of 3 martyred presidents
Red WELCOME COMRADES Banner, w/GAR badge in blue between GAR hall banner
Souvenir cast Colt pistol replica cast from captured CSA cannon
GAR Brass Sword Belt & buckle
Brass GAR buckle, with emblem
GAR flagstand
GAR cane/walking stick
American Civil War era dagger
Medals & Ribbons
MN Dept GAR copper medal, very rare
GAR 59th encampment Grand Rapids, Mich
Illinois Englewood no. 59 GAR medal
Member Minneapolis GAR Halls with orange ribbon Very rare
MN GAR Ribbons flat w/St Paul GAR medal, 5 ribbons: 1-1888,
2-1889-1-1993, 1 Garfield/Arthur

Sherman and his Campaigns
Memoirs of US Grant Vol 1 & 2
The memorial life of Gen Sherman
History of the Civil War in America Vols 1 & 2
Great Cavalry Raids of the Civil War
Lord’s Civil War Collector’s Encyclopedia Vols 1 & 2
Carbines of the Civil War

Revolutionary War Sword Iions head hilt standard, good, blade
Isaac & Co Civil War Import Sword, Confederate, 34-1/2″ Blade, 40″ Overall, Scabbard
Civil War Sword, Marked “P.D.L”, Engraved Blade (Very Worn), Shows Age, 32″ Blade, 37″ Overall, Scabbard
1800± NCO Sword, Horn Grip, no marks, good
Civil War wooden practice Sword
SA Armyc & Co, Confederate Sword w/steel scabbard
Civil War Medical or Engineer size small Sword
Ames 1835 Artillery Short Sword
Artillery short Sword Springfield WAT US 1844
Sword Civil War Non-Com, Ames, Dated 1864, TKL
Spanish-made Artillary Officer’s Sword FABRICA DE TOLEDO VG
Artillary short Sword LE (European, prob Napoleanic Fr.)
Civil War Cavalry Sword w scabbard Mansfield & Lamb
Confederate home forged 1840-type hilt small, Sword
Naval cutlass Sword “DR” & “18621” on blade “CW 19M & 780” on
hilt – plated steel blade VG Confederate Sword correct scabbard
European import P.D.L. in oval on ricasso L poor
Sword w/scabbard & hanger slrap 1860 Staff & Field Scabbard # 7
Early 1800’s musician’s Sword British or US handle wrap missing
Model 1840 US militia Sword with scabbard
Model 1840 US militia Sword with scabbard
Early 1800’sGerman maker; (Val. Kahn& Sohn im Germersheim)
WWII US Naval Officer Sword with scabbard & case
US Civil War Sword

Vertical blade type Revolutionary war blade bayonet
Vertical blade type I8rown Bess blade bayonet 10 C 52
Bayonet w/scabbard/US frog US Model 1873 C.H. on leather
US model 1873 trowel bayonet
Civil War triangular bayonet scabbard
US Indian wars era Bayonet, w/scabbard & US hanger
British Pattern1853 Bayonet
US Model 1873 Bayonet RIA 88 on Hanger, US Scabbard
Australian SMLE 1907, Lithgow armory Bayonet
British pattern 1,MK II with India colonialproofs Bayonet
German K98 Mauser, Nazi Bayonet 1942 dated scabbard. SN 8511
South American Mauser, Bayonet SN B 9497
British pattern 1888 Bayonet, Wilkinson blade, no scabbard, Many proofs, dated 11 ‘97
Australian pattern 1907 Bayonet, Range Arsenal
US Socket Bayonet no US stamp, w/scabbard and frog
Belgian Mode/1880 Bayonet (for S. Am. Export Mausers) w leather brass scabbard
Siamese Model 1896 Bayonet, made in Japan
British Model #9 MK-1 Bayonet w/scabbard & Frog
British Model #4 spike bayonet
Unknown bronzelbrass cadet length socket bayonet
Czech Mauser bayonet, Marked CSZ no scabbard
Japanese type 30, NAGOYA Bayonet SN 54795 old-type scabbard
Japanese type 30 Bayonet, Late WWII, w wooden scabbard
US Stamped Bayonet, dated 1900, with home made leather scabbard
Italian Model 1891 Bayonet, w/scabbard
Austrian Model 1895 Bayonet, w/scabbard
English Pattern 1888Type II Bayonet, no scabbard
British model 1907 short bayonet w leather scabbard
US WWI Trench knuckle knife
US bolo knife, with sheath
US Cataraugus folding bolo knife

Orange Western Horn Chair
Black Horn footstool
US 3 Ball & Chain leg iron
Early American hatchet circa 1850
Hand forged hatchet circa 1840
American Bay or belt ax hand forge circa 1830
Texas Bowie or Camp Knife circa 1860’s
2 Large knives in case:1903 Henry Sears knife ,Universal L.F. and Company
Old Remington knife, pipe, badge, tin type and artifacts in case
I H Sorby Blade
5 Silas Bass, Keota Indian Territory trade tokens
Case skinning knife and sheath
Boy Scout knife and sheath
Case knife and sheath
2 powder horns
45-70 Govt. Shells
Old holsters
Forged tomahawk head
1917 Brass Military Compass
Folk Art Covered Wagon Display
Original Old Indian Photos
Totem Pole
Large Indian Chief Wood Carving
Wooden Wagon Wheel
2 Large Wood Barrels
Covered Wagon Water Bucket
Large Ivory Necklace W/Carved Bears
Old Navajo jewelry and belt buckle
Indian Snow Shoes
2 old sets of snow shoes
1800’s Hide scale
Prospectors gold pan
Hand forged branding Iron
9 Hudson Bay Fur bale tags in wood box
1870’s Gentleman’s felt hat & rolled rim cowboy hat
Felt Cowboy hat
Black Leather tooled gun case
Case w military, artifact and Custer Quilled hat band
Harness leather brass spotted Crow belt
Native effigy stick
Case w beaded bag, arm band & bracelet
Crook City artifacts case
7 cases of beads assorted sizes
Case w 1880’s beaded rope necklas, missionary crosses, Cherokee strip
3 beaded neck pieces
Sitting Bull lineage poster
Sleepy Eye token post card set
101 Ranch dog boot scraper

10 Navajo Rugs
Hudson Bay Blankets
Large Ojibwa 1910 Gathering Basket White Earth, MN
Adriondak pre rivet Trappers Basket
Large Mexican made rug
Small Apache Basket
Woven Indian Baskets
Bridles & Chaps
Montana Prison Horse Hair Bridle
Horse hair bridle and bit
White wooley chaps made by A.A. Kraft Spokane Wa. (Very good)
Batwing chaps w/Bill on legs
Batwing chaps w/Ernest on legs
1800’s Mexican Silver Inlaid Horse Collar
Buckskin saddle bags
Fringed leather dispatch case,,

Silver mtd. Ingraved long shank spurs
Silver mtd. Crockett spurs
Silver mtd. Chihuahua spurs
Crockett spurs
Bronze horse head spurs
North & Judd star rowel spurs
Curved shank spurs
Lge very fancy ingraved dbl. rowels E Garcia spurs
Lge fancy copper mtd. E garcia spurs
Texas Ranger Centennial Spurs
Pair of old North & Judd Spurs
Fancy copper mtd. spade bit

RARE Pony Express Pommel Pigskin Mail saddle bags with mail
stop stamps in leather
Dragoon double holster set
Set of US saddle bags

Fred Mueller high back saddle
Miles city saddle
J.B. williams high back saddle
Lichtenburger-Fergerson saddle
C.P. Shipley Saddle – Kansas City
Black 6 string saddle rebuilt
Black silver mounted parade saddle
McClellan cavalry saddle

Bob Scriver, Elk Bronze
Framed Catlin “Buffalo Hunt” print
Large Tramp Art framed “The Soldiers Record – US Army
Phillippine Service – 1899”
Teddy Rooseveldt Presidential banner
June 11th, 1918, Bivouac 7th Battalion MOTG troop picture in long frame
Alexander Pope framed Hunting print
Framed Elk picture
Framed matted print: 5th MN at Corinth
L. Kouba Cans (framed)
Kouba Spearing Trilogy
Framed Indian maid picture
Framed magazine picture of Mankato- Sioux Indian execution
Tumult and Shouting book
Steamboating on the upper Mississippi book
Bloodletters and badmen book
Ency guns, hunting and fishing book
3 Indians on horseback print
Will James Book
Wild West Book

#5 Newhouse Bear Trap with Kenwood pan (1887 – 1895 era)
Hand forged beaver trap with drag chain
Wolf trap
#15 Bear Trap
(4) 1.5 Newhouse Traps

5X5 elk mount
Caribou mountin in velvet
Large set of elk beams
(2) White tail deer mounts
Antelope mount
Bear rug
Large tanned elk hide

Fine Beadwork Beaded Sioux pictoral vest
Sioux seed beaded saddle blanket w/bells
1850s Sioux beaded Quiver & 7 arrows in case
Sioux beaded pipe bag
NE MN Ojibwa Bandolier bag
Crow Beaded Document Bag
Plains Beaded Vest
Beaded Knife Sheath & Knife
Native Pictoral Beaded canvas shirt
(2) Plains Strike-a-lite bags
Sioux beaded doughnut rattle
Cheyenne beaded pipe bag
Sioux leather and beaded bladder bag ca. 1920’s Pine Ridge
Sioux beaded sinew sown possible bag
Cheyenne buffalo horn beaded and quilled cup
Mandan Sioux pony bead tail bag
Rare native song bird horse hair snare trap
Chippewa beaded pipe bag
Dakota Sioux pipe bag
Dakota Sioux w/Flag pipe bag
1920’s ca. Kiowa beaded dress
Canadian Cree beaded gauntlets
Sioux brain tanned pipe bag
1880’s ca. Sioux buffalo track beaded moccasins
Beaded Sisseton Sioux Moccasins circa 1885
Beaded 1900’s Iroquois Moccasins
Plains Pemmican Pounder circa 1850’s
Knife sheath w Beaded top and knife
Blackfoot beaded knife sheath with pine cones & knife
Santee effigy wooden spoon
(2) large beaded war shirt pieces
Four winds beaded fetish
Quilled turtle fetish
1860’s Nez Perce beaded knife sheath w/knife
Beaded baby cap
Beaded Metis leather gun case
Tacked trade musket
Parflece Sioux knife sheath and knife
Tacked knife sheath
Quilled knife sheath
Beaded woodland breech cloth
Cree/woodland leggings
Small brain tanned buffalo Sioux beaded moccasins
Brain tanned 1920’s ca. woodland beaded flower moccasins
Winabago / Voyageur Sash circa 1850
Pipes and Tomahawks Large Plains Black Steatite Bird Pipe
Mandan Pipe & stem
Killed Plains pipe – signed bottom of bowl July 22, 1885
Plains Pipe and stem Circa 1880s
Catlinite reed pipe
Large Pipe Tomahawk circa 1880’s
American Spiked Tomahawk circa 1815
Hidatsa Chief Plains Tomahawk w beaded dangle circa 1855
Early 19th century late 18th century Pipe tomahawk
Hand forged pipe tomahawk Blade & Bow from rifle w new haft
Hand forged trade ax w/ original haft circa 1850
Wands & Clubs Huron ball club, Manitoulin Island Wikemikong, Lake Huron, Ontario Canada
Great Lakes Ball Club, file burned circa 1850
1870’s Sioux /Cheyenne small beaded dance wand
Stone & Bone Artifacts Large meal grinding pestle/bowl
Display cases of arrow points, scrapers, bone awls and tools, stone
hammers, stone hatchets, from the Dakota High Plains ,
Arikara and Woodland & Midwestern tribes, flint river points,
scraper, beads, Bird Points, pottery

1825 John Quincy Adams Peace Medal w/presidential collar
1829 Andrew Jackson Peace Medal w/presidential collar
1845 James K. Polk Presidential Peace Medal w/presidential collar

1940’s LL Bean folding Trappers Sled

1898 Winchester Calendar
1934 Winchester Catalog
Maas & Steffen Fur Co Calendars 1944 – 1945 – 1947 – 1948
Weber Fishing Tackle Poster
1923 Remington Game Load Poster
1928 Remington Counter Stand Up (Die Cut- Easel Back) point of sale poster
Peters Calendar with full pad
Peters Ammunition Poster
Winchester Gun Oil Poster
(2) Federal Ammo Shotgun Shells and Rifles Shells die cut posters
Stevens Ducks self framed (die cut) poster
Peters Victor Ammo poster (die cut)
(2) Hudson Bay calendars
Northern Pacific Railway Calendars
Small native made rushes green duck decoy
Dodge duck decoy
Pair of Johnson Mallard folding Decoys
display case with Franklin mint Guns that won the west
1927 Minnesota Non Resident Fishing License Button
Abraham Fur Co. Watch Fob

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beaded and paraflece knife sheaths

Civil War field glasses and GAR Canteen DSC00058 DSC00061 DSC09958 DSC09959 DSC09962 DSC09964 DSC09969 DSC09972 DSC09973 DSC09976 DSC09981 DSC09982 DSC09983 Huron Ball clubs Pair of 1860s Remington dog head  Walking Cane Guns Plains & Hidasta Pipe Tommahawks Plains beaded vest Pony Express pommel pigskin  mail bags Souix beaded saddle blanket Souix Beaded vest US 1836 54 cal pistolsWooley Chaps