Absolute Estate Tool Auction: March 8, 2011

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Posted on: Monday, February 28th, 2011

When: Starting now, and ending March 8, 2011 beginning at 6:30pm Central
Terms: 0% Sales Tax, 18% Premium
Preview: By appointment. To arrange: auction@schultzauctioneers.com or (320) 573-2468
Payment: Visa/MasterCard
Pickup: By appointment with our office. Arrangements not made with 24 hours of conclusion of the auction, will result in items being shipped direct to you.

Join us starting today until Tuesday, March 8 at 6:30pm when the first lot will begin to close for this fantastic auction. All the items are from one collector, and includes a jointer, shaper, power tools, hand tools, air compressor, Craftsman tools, and more. All sell to highest bidder regardless of price.

Live Online Only
What does this mean? It means you are able to place bids starting now on any of the lots being offered. Then beginning at 6:30pm Central on March 8, we will offer live online bidding on each of the lots. At that time, your will be able to bid live online on each of the lots. However, there will be no onsite crowd at the auction. All bidding will be done online. If you have questions, please contact our office. Email: Auction@SchultzAuctioneers.com or phone: (320) 573-2468.

At the time of the close, each lot will open at the last bid during the pre-bid phase, and then advance competitively based on any live bids from bidders logged into the system. Bids are only accepted through the pre-bidding, or live online bidding. Great care is taken to assure that your bids are handled in a competitive manner against other bidders.

Photos and Additional Information
Numerous photos and detailed description of each of the lots are available by visiting the online catalog. If you’d like additional photos or information, please feel free to contact our offices: (320) 573-2468 or Auction@SchultzAuctioneers.com

Complete listing of items to be sold in sale order!
Wood Clamps Antique (3) 57″
Wooden Clamps Antique (2) 22″
Antique Wooden Wood Clamps (3) 16″ & 18″
Roto Zip with Bits
Craftsman Dremel Tool and Engraving Tool with Assorted Bits and Flexible Tip
Four Assorted Organizers with Fastners in Case
Craftsman Router (Older)
Oxygen Propane Torch
Propane Torch (2)
Brookstone Turning Tools (1-12)
Rockwell Turning Tools (3) 1/2 inch skew 1/4 inch gouge 1/8 inch parting 1/2 inch large gouge
Craftsman 1HP 3″ Belt Sander
Ryobi Carving Tool
Voltage Tester (Older)
Ryobi Flashlight and Drill rechargable with bits
Propane Torch with misc. Tools & Soldering Gun
Wood Brace with Bits & Wood Plane
8″ Dovetail fixture in box
Craftsman 7 1/4″ 2 1/4HP Circular Saw
Craftsman Variable Speed 5 Amp Jigsaw
Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener with Video – 2002
Tabletop Craftsman 8″ Drill Press 1/3 HP
Makita Electric Tool Sharpener
C-Clamps misc. 1″ to 6″ in size (27)
Pipe Vise
Electric Heater
Jeanie Rub Body Massager
Craftsman 9″ Buffer Polisher
Misc. Hand Tools – Nut Drivers and Wrenches
Oil Filter Wrench
Craftsman 12V Cordless Drill
Craftsman Metric Combination Wrench Set
Craftsman Combination Wrenches
Set of Small Saw horses
Folding Multi-Purpose Ladder
Misc. Fastners
Copper Token & Plugs & 6″ Discs
Steel Wool and Sand Paper
Painting Cup Guns (3)
DieHard Work Boots 9 1/2 D
Files Misc.
Router Stencil Set
Misc. Extension Cords Trouble Light 8 Wooden Feet & Survival Blanket
Columbian Vise Company 4″ Bench Vise
Pipe Clamps (4)
12″ Wooden Lathe
Craftsman 16V Cordless Drill (No Battery)
Misc. Fastners
Craftsman 6″ Jointer with Stand and Wheels
Craftsman Wood Shaper Bottle Number 113239390 with Bits (18)
Adjustable Roller Workstand
Wooden Storage Box with Misc. Fastners
100 PSI Max Air Compressor with Hose – Campbell Hausefeld
Comings 1/2″ Standard Duty Electric Drill
Metal Tool Box with Misc. Lamp parts
Craftsman 4V Lithium Ion Rechargable Drill
Weller Solder Gun
Craftsman Industrial 9″ Electric Sander Grinder
Magnetic Clamp
Bench Vise 4″ & 3″ (2)
Bench Vise 2 1/2″
AC Voltage Tester with Leather Sheath
Dial Indicator
Air Brush Kit
Winch (Back Plate Slightly Bent)
Misc. Sheet Rock Screws, Phone Cable, Jacks (2)
Nail Puller
Craftsman 1/2″ Metric and Standard Socket Set
Craftsman 1/4″ Drive Ratchet 6″ & 3″ Ext. Standard Sockets and Metric Sockets
Craftsman Deep Well Sockets 3/8″ Drive, 1 set is metric 13-19mm (7) Standard 3/8″-3/4″ (7)
Craftsman 1/4″ Drive Deep Well Standard (10) & Metric Sockets (11)
Craftsman 3/8″ Drive Ext. (4), 3 Piece Universal Joint Set, 3 Piece Socket Adapter Set
Craftsman 3/8″ Drive Ratchet with Ext. Metric & Standard Sockets (61)
Craftsman 1/2″ & 3/8″ Drive Sockets, Metric & Standard Sockets, 3/8″ Breaker Bars
Material Handling Yellow Roller Stand & Craftsman Stand Black
2 Small Organizer Cabinets & Assorted Jars of Nuts & Bolts
Stanley Wooden Level & Hand Saws (6)
Jumbo Tool Lot
Jumbo Lot – Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Springs, and Assorted Hardware (20+ Containers)
Needle Nose Pliers, Side Cutters, Regular Cutters, & Small Set of Open End Wrench Set
Large Assortment of Drill Bits
Assorted C-Clamps (29)
Assortment of Tools & Shop Supplies
Craftsman Motorized Reversible Shaper
Large Tub – Misc. Electric Outlets, & Copper Wiring
Electrical Jumbo Lot – Sewer Snake, Large Amount of Assorted Electrical
Large Lot – Nuts, Bolts, Screw in hooks, & Antique Furniture Hardware (12)
Large Lot – Bits, Anchors, Full Organizer, Nuts, Bolts, Wire Nuts, & Whole Saws
Large Lot – Nuts, Bolts, Nails, Tacs, & Copper Tubing
Large Lot – Assorted Nails, Nuts, & Bolts (16)
Work Tables (3 28″ & 31″, & Adjustable 8″ Legs – Table Saw Table
Box with Casters, Brackets, Nails, Nuts, Bolts, Screws
14X28 Rugged Gear Travel Bag on Wheels
Jumbo Lot of Tools
Box of Antique Wooden Stairway Railing Pieces
Tub with Assorted Tools, Ring Clamps, C-Clamps
Lead, & Lead Forms, Lead Laddle, & Hot Pot
Craftsman Router Edge Crafter
Assortment of Tap & Die Sets, Collets, and Tap Handles
Craftsman Router Template Set, & a Router Guide – Model 9 2573
Craftsman Circle Cutter, Rotary Planer, Mortising Kit
Pipe Clamp, Large Hammer, U lock (No Key)
Router Bits & Tools
Voltage Tester, VC Power Supply, Caftsman Autoranging Multi Meter
Craftsman Infrared Thermometer, & Pocket Size Mulit-Tester
Small Companion Box of Router Bits
Tripod Stand
Knives, & Steel Sharpener with wooden handles, misc. tools, hindges, sharpening stones
Green File Cabinet 52.5″ X 20″ X 25″ – 16 Drawers
Assorted Traveling Bags and Coolers (6), Samsonite Travel Bag and Small Camera Bag
Targus Laptop Bag (Brand New)
Sporting Bags (3)
Leather Laptop Bag (Worn), Used Leather Brief Case, Assorted Small Bags, & Woolrich Women’s Wallet
Misc. Hardware, Robert Sorby Lathe Tool
3 Pairs of Shoe Stretchers
Elephant Pins (5)
Store Paper Cutter 12″
Walnut Lap Board 32.5″ X 18.5″
Office Supplies, 3 hole punch, magnify glasses, scale, ledger sheets, Roller Dex
Camel Cigarette Advertising Pieces
Electric Space Heater
Box of Chair Caneing Material & Book
Wire Wheels with Axle 16″ Diameter
Wine Making Supplies, Corks, & Assorted Supplies
Calipers (12)
Allen Wrenches, Gear Pullers, Feeler Gauges
Sets of Screwdrivers, Linoleum Knives, Box Cutters, Drill Bits
Wood Chisels, & Steel Chisels
Assortment of Tools & Shop Supplies