2008 Spring Rendezvous Auction

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Posted on: Monday, March 17th, 2008

When: Saturday March 29, 2008 @ 9:30am
Preview: Begins Saturday March 29, 2008 @ 8am
Location: Gerard’s Banquet Center, 1225 Timberlane Drive, Sauk Centre, MNPlease note the new location of the auction!

Please join us for the 2008 Spring Rendezvous Auction.  The auction features an excellent offering of 1800s firearms, western collectibles and Native American artifacts from across the “Dakota Nations.”

There is a photo gallery of the highlights at the bottom of this page.  Be sure to scroll down and take a look at the photos!

Complete Inventory, Sale Order and Photos
The catalog in sale order complete with photos is posted online at Proxibid.

Proxibid - Live Internet BiddingOnline Bidding Registration
As with most of our specialty auctions, in an effort to accommodate all interested parties, we are offering live online bidding on each lot.  The online bidding is provided by Proxibid.  Please visit their site to register and view the catalog.  Please note, the catalogs will be posted on or before Thursday March 20, 2008.  However, you may begin to register at your convenience, and you may begin to place bids once the catalog is posted.

With the new location, there is lodging located across the street.
AmericInn, Sauk Centre, MN – (800) 396-5007 or (320) 352-2800
The Palms Motel, Sauk Centre, MN – (877) 351-7256 or (320) 351-7256

Onsite we will accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard as payment.  Note, there is a 10% buyer’s premium in effect for this auction.  If you are an online buyer, we will accept only Visa or MasterCard, and there is an 18% buyer’s premium for online purchases.  Additional terms apply to those individuals who choose to bid online.  Those additional online terms are found at Proxibid under the “info” button.  In addition to the premium, Minnesota Sales Tax of 6.5% applies.

Absentee Bids/Phone Bidding
While we prefer any absentee bids or phone bids be handled by placing a pre-bid on Proxibid, we understand that this is not always possible.  If you would like to place an absentee bid or phone bid on any item, you will need to make arrangements with our office no later than the close of business on March 27, 2008.  We will require a major credit card to handle your bid.  The buyer’s premium for absentee bids or phone bidding is 18%.

Sale Highlights
Winchester 1866 44 RF, Yellowboy, SN 151171

Winchester 1873 32-20, SN 102297A
Winchester 1873 32WCF, Rifle, Octagon Bbl, SN 309788B
Winchester 1873 38-40, Octagon Bbl, SN 222931B
Winchester 1873 38-40, 24” Rnd Bbl, SN 255737B
Winchester 1873 44-40, Nickel, Deluxe Checked, SN 225517B
Winchester 1873 44-40, SN 0474
Winchester 1873 44WCF, Octagon Bbl, Short Rifle, SN 482078B

Winchester 1876 45-60, SN 46578
Winchester 1876 45-60, Case Hardened, Rifle, Rnd Bbl, SN 50124

Winchester 1886 38-70 Cal Lever Action Rifle, Round Barrel, SN 105639

Winchester 1890 22WRF, SN 470394
Winchester 1890 22 S, SN 567557
Winchester 1890 22 WRF, SN 439354

Winchester 1894 25-35, SN 204179
Winchester 1894 30WCF, Pre WWII Shotgun Butt Plate, SN 1182687

Winchester 1897 12-Gauge Black Diamond Trap Model Pump Shotgun with Milled Receiver and Barrel, and Inlays SN E584304

Winchester Commemorative
Winchester Mdl 94AE “Wyoming Proud”38-55, Lever Action Rifle, Number 74 of 100, Investment Grade, 24kt Gold Special Edition, 26” Octagon Barrel, Adjustable Rear Tang Peep Sight, Jeweled Hammer and Slide, Deeply Engraved (Barrel, Butt Plate, Receiver, Fore End Cap, Trigger Guard, And Lever), Elaborate Carved Deluxe Walnut Stock, Deluxe Winchester Presentation Case with Documents and Belt Buckle
Oliver Winchester Mdl 94 38-55 Win, Lever Action, Rifle, 24-inch Octagon Barrel, Original Box SN OFW2354
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30, Buffalo Bill Commemorative, Saddle Ring, Rifle, SN WC92964
Winchester Mdl 94AE 30-30, Kanabec County, Gold, New In Box, SN 6351252
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30 Win, 1871-1971 NRA Centennial Musket with Full Stock, SN NRA19397
Winchester Mdl 94 32-40, John Wayne, Loop Lever, Saddle Ring, Carbine, SN CJW813
Winchester Mdl 94AE Colt 45, Lever Action, Saddle Ring, Rifle, 16-inch Barrel, SN 6237376
Henry Rifle Pat by Navy Arms Co, Minnesota State Sheriffs Association, 1 of 500, Presented to Nicollet County Sheriff George Tip Witty in the 1980s, SN MSSA7
Winchester 1886 45-70 Gov’t Cal, Rocky Mountain Elk Lever Action Rifle With 26 Inch Octagon Full Barrel Magazine H.G. Grade Take Down Model, Deluxe Walnut, SN 01352MM343

Other Winchesters
Winchester Mdl 43 22 Hornet, Bolt, Scope, SN 46206A
Winchester Mdl 55 30WCF, Lever Action, Rifle “Steamer Take Down” SN 1875
Winchester Mdl 55 Deluxe, Nickel Steel, Take Down, 32 Winchester Special, SN 1069980
Winchester Mdl 64 32 Winchester Special, Layman Peep Sight, SN 1832060
Winchester Mdl 67 22 Cal
Winchester Mdl 69 22 Cal
Winchester Mdl 70 243 Winchester, SN G2005338
Winchester Mdl 71 Deluxe, 348 WCF, Long Tang, Ball Peep Sight, SN 14067

Stage Coach Guns
Philada 10-guage, Butt Marked “Wells Fargo Express Guard,” Dbl Bbl, Marked “John JWufflein,” Open Hammers, Checked, Etched
LC Green & G&A Hayden 10-Gauge, Wyoming Territory, Silver, Ivory, Dbl Bbl, Silver Shield marked “Vin DiLisco”, SN 3527
Harrington & Richardson 10-Gauge, Dbl Bbl, Damascus Bbl, Open Hammers, Marked “Cuba, New Mexico Police,” SN 17073

Colt Pistols
Colt Dragoon 3rd Mdl, 8” Bbl, Etched/Tinned Cylinder w/ Mexican Silver Medallion, SN 19470
Colt Frontier Six-Shooter 44-40, 4-3/4 Bbl, SN 188314
Colt 32WCF, Engraved, Engraved Pearl Grips, SN 246854
Colt Bisley 45 Colt, 7-1/2 Bbl, SN 288703
Sam Colt Single Action Army Pistol 1 of 1000 Colt Custom Shop .44-40 Cal 7.5 In Barrel, Black Powder Frame, Gold Filled Fine Line Engraving, Extra Cylinder, Colt Armory Nail, Colt’s Famous Quote In Gold, Custom Oak Case, SN 49207
Colt Single Action Army Third Generation .44-40 Pistol with Colt Pearl Grips, Unfired, SN S11571A
Colt Single Action Army 45 Cal, Side Stamped “US,” Revolver, SN 11103
Colt Anaconda 44 Mag Revolver SN MM58682
Colt Anaconda 44 Mag Revolver SN MM90525
Colt Python .357 Mag Pistol, 4 Inch Bbl, “Unfired,” Premium Condition, SN 39221E
Colt M1991A1 45 Cal, Small Frame, Semi Auto, SN CP13821
Colt Navy 36 Cal, Provenance attributing pistol to “Magnus Swenson” Glencoe, MN, SN 43701
Colt Mdl 1892 New Navy 32-20 Cal, Only 2-years Production of this Caliber, SN 265729
Colt DA 38 Cal, SN 154983

Revolvers & Pistols
Ketland 69 Cal, Flintlock Converted To Percussion, 1790s
Wells Fargo Iver Johnson 38 Cal Pistol, SN D82755
Smith & Wesson Mdl 1874 3rd Mdl Russian 44 Russian, SN 44542
Smith & Wesson 32 Cal, Secret Service, SN 245964
(2) Century Mfg Mdl 100 45-70 Pistols, SN 554 & SN 604
Iver-Johnson 22 Cal Revolver, Dbl Action, 22 Supershot, SN 5304
American Double Action 32 Cal, Saturday Night Special, SN 286
Rock Island Armory 45 ACP, Unfired, SN RIA1018008
F Llipieta, Italy, 44 Cal, Black Powder Revolver, Holster & Belt, SN 336268
Navy Cooper 36 Cal, Single Action, SN 2836
Smith & Wesson 9 Tactical 9MM, SN VJL2118
Eastern Arms 38 cal, 5-shot, Top Brake, Revolver, SN 93694
American Bull Dog 38 Cal, SN 6636
Forehand & Wadsworth Terbof Spur Trigger 32 Cal Revolver, SN 15760
Forehand Arms Co 32 Cal, SN 94106 Flintlock Pistol

Colt Lighting 38 Cal, 1885, SN 11892
Burnside Patent Mdl of 1864, Carbine, Percussion, SN 12513
D Duprey 62 Cal, Ball and Shot, Contemporary Musket, Flintlock
Remington Mdl 710 270 Winchester, New In Box, Bushnell Scope, SN 71144142
Remington Mdl 11/48 12-Gauge, SN 5073959
Remington Mdl 12 22, Pump, SN 244430
Remington Mdl 1100 28-gauge, Sam Walton Special Edition, SN WM0341
Browning Citori 12-Gauge, 3”, Over/Under, New In Case, SN 16027PZ153
Browning 300 Win Mag, New In Box, Pat 4723369, SN11899NW817
William Moore & Co 12-Gauge, Open Hammers, Checked
Crescent Firearms Peerless 12-Gauge, Dbl Bbl, SN 296624
Interarms Mdl 22 22 Cal, Semi Auto, Tasco Scope, SN 204566
New England Firearms 28-Gauge, Single Shot, SN NW256024
Cabella’s 54 Cal, Flint Lock, Muzzle Loader, SN 455802
Ross MKI 303 British
Japanese Mdl 38 6.5mm
Inland M-1 30 Carbine, SN 6387627
Inland M-1 30 Carbine, SN 12320
Stevens Mdl 26 22 Cal, Crack Shot
Stevens Mdl 322A 22 Cal Hornet
Wards Mdl ETN757 30-06, SN C1659

Premier Grade Shotguns
LC Smith 12-Gauge, Specialty, All Extras, Dbl Trigger, Beaver Tail, Checked, Engraved, Excellent Condition, Factory 3”, Ivory Beads, Dbl Bbl, SN RE79919
Ithaca Mdl 37 20-Gauge, Pump, Modified and Improved Cylinders, SN 371380308
Browning A5 12-Gauge, Semi Auto, Original Bbl and after market Hastings Bbl, (2) Choke Tubes, SN 7253
Remington Mdl 1100 12-gauge, Semi Auto, Classic Trap Edition, Gold Inlay, Gold Trigger, Ethced, Checked, SN R217020V
LC Smith 12-Gauge Dbl Bbl, Checked, Pat July 1886, SN 200535
Parker 20-Gauge, Very High Grade, SN 113296
Ithaca Mdl 600 12-Gauge, Over/Under, Engraved, Checked, Made By SKB, Gold Trigger, SN CM639853
Baker Bativa 12-Gauge, Leader Grade, Dbl Bbl, SN 16414F
Baikal 12-Gauge, Dbl Bbl, Gold Trigger, (6) Choke Tubes, SN 12H-43E-1C
Winchester 12 Gauge “American Flyer” Live Bird Competition Trap Shotgun with Separated Barrels, Special Var, Gold Pigeon Inlay & Borders SN PK535305E
Winchester Mdl 12 12-Gauge, 30” Stainless Steel Bbl, Full Choke, SN 481175
Winchester Mdl 24 12-Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun SN 112613
Winchester Mdl 25 12-Gauge, Pump, Solid Frame, SN 42509

Winchester Collectibles
Winchester Advertising Mirror
Large Winchester Store Display Case
Winchester 6 Lever Padlock w/ Key
Winchester 7102 Screwdriver
Winchester Repeating Arms Watch Fob
Winchester Horse Harness
Winchester Fly Rod
Winchester Fly Rod Case

US Springfield Mdl 1873 Carbine, Tacked, Attributed to use in Dances with Wolves, SN 13719
US Springfield Mdl 1884 45-70, Trapdoor, SN 515418
US Springfield Mdl 1884 45-70, Indian, Rawhide, Trapdoor, Elevated Sight, SN 394122
US Springfield Mdl 1917 Sporterized 458 Win Mag, Atkinson & Marquart Rifle Co, Scope, SN 444129

Marlin Mdl 1892 32 RF, SN 428431
Marlin Mdl 1895 45-70, 100 Year Anniversary Special, Lever Action Rifle with Burris Scope, Checked, Engraved, SN 18952317

Firearms Collectibles
1913 Western Cartridge Company Trophy
(2) US Bayonets
US Military Bayonet
Royal Take Town Down Gun Case
Winchester Reloading Tool, 45-90 Cal
Winchester Bullet Mold, 40-65 Cal
Winchester 32-40 Reloading Tool
Ideal Bullet Mold, 38-55 Cal
Brass Winchester Plate
Rifle Scabbard
Small Powder Horn
Wood Shell Box
Original .32 Long Colt Center Fire Cartridge Full Ammunition Box
Box 12 Gauge Brass Shotgun Shells
(2) Gunpowder Tins

Ducks Unlimited Firearms
Beretta Mdl A303 12-Gauge, 3”, Semi-Auto, DU, New, 1986, SN 86DU2403
Browning A5 12-Gauge, Engraved, DU 50th Anniversary, New, 1987, SN 87DU0058
Winchester Mdl 12 20-Gauge, DU Commemorative, 26” Bbl, New, 1993, SN 93DU0137
Beretta 12-Gauge, 3” Auto, 2000 DU, New In Box, 2000, SN 1258DU2000
H & R 20-Gauge, 3”, Topper Jr, Class 10, Green Wing, New In Box, SN HG359471

Old Beaver Top Hat, Beaded Hat Band
Confederate Cannon Ball
(2) Civil War Cannon Balls
Pioneer Coat
Weyersberg Soligen American Officer Sword W/ Scabbard
Cut-Down Sword
Civil War Era Handcuffs
1800s Supply Money Box
5-Cent Slot Machine
(2) Hudson Bay Blankets, Twin Size
(2) 16-Gallon Oak Barrels, Twin-head and Single-head
Marbles No. 5 Hatchet w/ Safeguard
Civil War Photo Album
Double Daguerreotype, Circa 1840-1855
Civil War Tin Type with (2) Tax Stamps
1850s Period Brass Trade Bucket, Convex Bottom
Indian Whirly Gig
(2) Small Leather Pouches
Jewelry Case W/ 6-Sets of Silver/Turquoise
(10) Hudson Bay Tokens
Early Firestarter W/ Tow
Buffalo Hide Scale
(4) Mining Metal Candleholders, “Tommy Stick”
(3) Pad Locks
Brass Trade Whistle, Bell, and Harness Buckle
(3) Remington Posters 1980s
(6) Winchester High Country Classic Posters 1980s
(2) Pieces Squash Blossom Silver, Sand Cast, Turquoise

Books and Art
1971 Bob Hardin Oil Painting of Indian Chief
2-Guns White Calf Picture
“Shrine to the Buffalo” by Jerry Crandell, Signed, Numbered 354 of 525
Elk Mountain Oil Painting, Signed, 1910
Custard Last Fight Sign
Frederick Remington Old Northern Plains Indian Picture
Large Book of Charles Russell Prints Hard Cover w/Dust Jacket
Large Soft Cover Remington & Russell Prints Trails Plowed
Under (Stories of the Old West) By Charles Russell Large Hard Cover w/Dusk Jacket, Copyright 1927
Large Hard Cover Western Memorabilia (Collectors of the Old West)
Lone Cowboy Will James 1st. Ed.
(2) John Wayne Books
Great Masterpieces by Frederic Remington by Louis Chapin
Great Adventures of the Old West
The Book of Rifles
Remington & Russell and the Art of the American West by Kate Jennings
Smokey Will James Dusk Jacket
Smokey Will James
Flint Spears (Rodeo Contestant) Will James, Dusk Jacket
Several Indian Prints
Framed Indian Photo

M. Silva Saddle, San Jose, CA, Silver Studded
Fred Mueller Saddle, Marked Campbell Bros.
Charles Shipley, Kansas City, MO, 826
Charles Shipley, Kansas City, MO, 152
Hamley & Co, Pendelton, OR
Leon Williams, Fort Smith Horse & Mule Co
Charro Mexican Saddle W/ Tapaderos
1920s or 30s 8-string Saddle with a Mule Embossed On both Fenders and the Words Leon A Williams Louis E Beland Smith Horses/Mules Fort Smith Arkansas
Old High Back Saddle Completely Rebuilt
US Military Hammock Seat Saddle

Batwing Chaps W/Conchos Marked S.C. Gallup Saddelry Pueblo Colo.
Leather Chaps
Buffalo Bill Chaps

Bits & Spurs
Old Iron Drop Shank Spurs W/ Straps
Silver Mounted Charro Spurs
Pair of Texas Ranger Anniversary Spurs
Silver Inlay Bit
California Reining Bit
Crockett Bit
Old Crockett Bit
Set of Spurs

Western Collectibles
Studded Cowboy Cuffs
Montana Peak Hat, Marked “Panama 1907 Montana” and “Bill Wood” Inside Hat
Valentine Beaver Cowboy Hat, Tom Mix Crease
101 Ranch Show Display w/ Tomahawk, Breast Plate, Neck Piece and Flyer
Apache Indian Flat Braided Rawhide Lariat
Montana Ranchers Money Belt Pat. Mar. 13 1888 on Buckle
US Marked Saddle Bags
1900s Cowboy Holster
Cow Horn Lamp Shade
Mexican Fancy Holster & Belt Set (1920s)
Vintage Basket Weave Dbl Holster & Belt Set Fits 1851 Colt Navy Revs.
Decorative Ox Yoke
Cattle Skull
Texas Cattle Raiser Porcelain Sign
6 Foot Set Of Long Horns
Fringed Leather Dispatch Case

Prison Bridles, Quirts, More
Horsehair Quirt Deer Lodge Prison
Small Colored Horsehair Prison Quirt
Montana Prison Braided Hat Bands
Indian/Prison Horsehair Duster
Prison Made Horsehair Bridle

1880 Blackfoot Harness Knife Sheath W/ File Knife, Bone Handle
I&H Sorby Dag/Knife- Howard Peake Out Of Kirby Collection Parson’s Tn.
NE Antler Trade Knife – Ontario Knife Co, Buck Skinner Knife, Native Used
Weller Knife
Confederate Wood Handled 21” Knife
File Knife
Saw Blade Knife, Pewter
1880s Yukon Gold Rush Knife American Knife Co. Don Carlos Knife, Skinning Knife German Mfg
(3) Stamped Trade Knives, & Ice Axe
(5) Buffalo Hunter Knives HBC 7 Buffalo Track Knives

Hunting & Sporting Collectibles
Greenhead Duck Decoy
Brown Duck Decoy
Tanned Timber Wolf w/ Papers
Whitetail Deer Bronze Statue
4 ½ Newhouse Wolf Trap
4 Newhouse Trap
(2) 1 Newhouse Traps
Rare No. 4 Oneida All-Steel Trap
Fishing Creel
Large Deer Rack on Shield
Grey’s Sporting Journals from 1970s
Deer Skull Mount
No. 15 Bear Trap

Frederic Remington Bronze Statues
Wooly Chaps
Rattle Snake
Bronco Buster
Wicked Pony
Mountain Man
Outlaw Scalp
Coming Thru the Rye
Wounded Bunkie
Buffalo Signal
Trooper of the Planes

Shirts & Vests
1880s Leather Vest, Quilled, Metal Fireflies Design
Great Chippewa Beaded Vest, Brain Tanned
Sioux Beaded War Shirt
Buckskin Shirt
1850s Embroidered Buckskin Shirt, Fringed, Scout Shirt

Crow Beaded Moccasins
Cheyenne Beaded Moccasins
Beaded Ceremonial Moccasins
Beaded Tab Moccasins, Snake Clan
Quilled Moccasins
Alaskan Sealskin Beaded Moccasins
Crow Sinew Sewn Moccasins, Parfleche, Floral
Sioux Buffalo Moccasins, White, Green, Tabs
Sioux Beaded Sinew Sewn Moccasins, White, Blue
Sioux Beaded Moccasins, White, Red, Orange, Resoled
Sioux Moccasins
Chippewa Moccasins

Buffalo Skull Silhouette Drum, Contemporary
Red Cloud Drum, Contemporary
Small Drum

Fine & Rare Beadwork
(2) Ojibwa Bandolier Bags
(2) Beaded Fetishes
Chippewa Beaded Rifle Scabbard
Arapaho Beaded Belt
Nez Perce Beaded Belt
(3) Beaded Bridles
Ojibwa Beaded Knife Case w/ Kinfe
Beaded Blanket Strips, 1890s
Sioux Beaded Cuffs, 1890s
Sioux Beaded Cuffs, 1920s
Crow Fully Beaded Arm Cuffs
Nez Perce Beaded Belt
Small Sioux Beaded Knife Case, Dangles, Ontario Knife
Mid 19th Century Jesuit Trade Cross W Old Brass Trade
Bead Strand
(3) Beaded Holsters

Hupa Bow
Woodland Long Bow
(2) Woodland Plains Bows

(3) Large Winnebago Baskets
(4) Small Penobscot Baskets
Winnebago Storage Basket
SE Pine Needle Basket
Large Apache Basket
1920s Nootka Basket
Pima Coiled Medicine Basket w/ Lid and Leather Strap
Sweet Grass Baskets
Splint Basket w/ Peace Symbol
(2) SW Native Baskets
Chippewa Birch Berry Basket
Birch Wall Basket
Small Older Hopi Basket Pre WWII
(4) SW Pima, Papago Basketry

Wands & Clubs
Cow Horn Dance Wand
Wooden Handle Stone Club
1900s Dance Wand Sorrow Stick
War Club
War Club Stone w/ Long Hide Covered Wooden Shaft
War Club Stone w/ Horsehair
Ball Head War Club – Repaired
Small Rawhide Child’s Stone Hammer

Northern Plains Sioux War Chief Pipe Bag w/ Fringe, Brain Tanned
Northern Plains Sioux War Chief Strike-a-Lite Bag, Brain Tanned
Cheyenne Beaded and Quilled Pictoral Pipe Bag, Sinew Sewn, 1890s
Northern Plains Sioux Beaded Pipe Bag, Brain Tanned, 1910
Beaded Sioux Strike-a-Lite Bag, 1880s
Sioux Beaded Pip Bag, Geometric Motif
Blackfoot Hudson Bay Co Strike-a-Lite Bag, Brain Tanned
Sioux Beaded Strike-a-Lite Bag, Brain Tanned
Cheyenne Beaded Strike-a-Lite Bag, Sinew Sewn
Dakota Sioux Beaded Pipe Bag with Trade Cloth
Dakota Sioux Beaded Pipe Bag
Sioux Beaded and Quilled Pipe Bag
Sioux Beaded Pipe Bag, Brain Tanned, 1890s
Sioux Beaded Pipe Bag, Brain Tanned, Geometric Motif, S. Dakota Reservation Period
Northern Plains Sioux Pipe Bag, American Flag Motif, Brain Tanned, 1900
Sioux Beaded Pipe Bag, Geometric Motif, Brain Tanned, S. Dakota Reservation Period
Arapaho Beaded Document Bag, Shell Button Closures, Brain Tanned, Wyoming Reservation Period
Beaded Flag Bag
Nez Perce Plateau Corn Husker Bag
Sioux Beaded Bladder Bag
Black Beaded Bag
Beaded Scrotum Bag
Apache Tobacco Beaded Bag
(2) Native Fiber Bags
Ojibwa Floral Bag
Chippewa Tobacco Bag
Nez Perce Teepee Bags

Rugs & Weavings
Navajo Rug, Red, Black, 17 X 37
Navajo Rug, Turquoise, 17.5 X 39
Navajo Rug, 16 x 34
Navajo 1920s Rug, 47 X 52
1940 Navajo Yei Weaving, 16 x 33
Navajo Rug
Southwest Rug

Fine & Rare Artifacts
Large Double Boned Breast Plate, Sioux
Northern Plains Late Reservation Quilled Sinew & Brain
Tanned Rosette Medallion
Northern Illinois War Chief Pictoral Knife Sheath, Brain Tanned
Frame W/ Early Loom Beaded Sioux Hair Ornament, Almost 5’ Long
Turtle Fetish, 1890
Trade Cloth Fringed Gun Case
Turtle Fetish w/ Quill Work
Wooden Indian Woven Spoon, 1800s
NE Penobscot Purse
(4) Indian Arrows
Wooden Effigy Spoon & Wooden Ladle Spoon
Alaskan Black Feast / Oil Dish
Trade Store Birch Bark Canoe
Older Cuffs
Leather Cuffs
Wicker Hopi Plaque
White Blanket
Colored Blanket

Pipes & Tomahawks
Trade Pipe Tomahawk/Axe, 1880s Presentation, Four
Winds Design, Leaded Inlaid Stem, and Effigy
Gun Barrel Pipe Tomahawk
Tomahawk Pipe w/ Brass Tacked Stem “Spontoon”
Pipe Tomahawk, Snake Carved, Pewter Inlay, Curly Maple, Steel Blade, Brass Pipe
Sioux Quilled Decorative Tomahawk, 1890s
Sioux Catlinite Spiral Pipe Bowl
Carved Wooden Woodpecker Effigy Pipe Bowl – California & Wooden Tobacco Dish
Catlinite Carved Indian Chief Head Pipe
19th Century Killed T Bowl Catlinite Pipe
Catlinite Acorn Woman’s Pipe with Leather Covered Stem
Chippewa Black Steatite Inlay Pipe and Stem
Catlinite Inlaid Pipe, Wood Spiral Stem
Native Quilled Pipe Stem & Pipe
(2) Catlinite Pipes
Catlinite Pipe Bowl
Settlers Pipe Bowl
Trade Cast 19th Century Axe/Pipe
Sioux Pipe

Points & Stone Artifacts
Barn Board Frame W/ (5) Buffalo Bone Tools From
South Dakota, (3) Shoulder Blade Hoes, (2) Leg Bone Fleshers
Oak Frame W/ (15) Bone Tools From South Dakota, (5)
Rare Ice Gliders, (2) Buffalo Rib Bone Arrow Shaft Straighteners
Frame W/ Stereoview Card of Indians, one holding a
Springfield Rifle, including (3) Hixton Sandstone Points
Frame W/ English Made, Hand Forged, Trade Axe from South Dakota
(2) Frames W/ Fur Trade Artifacts from South Dakota
Case of Points and Catlinite Pieces
(5) Celts w/ Catlinite Scoop
Black Walnut Frame W/ (34) Authentic Stone Artifacts from Midwest
Walnut Frame W/ (34) Authentic Stone Artifacts from Midwest
Carved Wood Frame W/ (37) Authentic Stone Artifacts from Midwest
(6) Frames of Bone, Stone, and Steel Artifacts
(2) Cases of Indian Points

Zachery Taylor Presidential Medal
1795 George Washington Presidential Peace Medal
1801 Thomas Jefferson Presidential Peace Medal
1795 Treaty of Greeneville Peace Medal
Isaacus Hull Medal
Lincoln Presidential Medal
US Grant Presidential Medal

Photo Highlights
Below is a partial group of photos of the highlights.  The complete catalog with photos is featured on our catalog with Proxibid.

DSC06762 DSC06764 DSC06767 DSC06769 DSC06770 IMG_2307 IMG_2320 Arrow heads bandolier bag Colt Commemorative pistol Colt Single Action pistols come on scene document bag moccasins pipe bag pipes premier grade shotguns Prison made horse hair bridle quilled pipe bag Stage coach shotguns strike a lites tacked Indain Springfield winchester rifles wyoming proud commemorative rifle