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St. Rose of Lima Church Festival & Quilt Auction


St. Rose of Lima Church Festival and Quilt Auction

Sunday, September 3rd at 2pm – IN PERSON ONLY

The St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church invites you to their annual Church Festival which begins with outdoor polka Mass with music by LaVerne & The Starlites at 10 a.m. Event includes bingo, games for all ages, cake walk, food and refreshments and beanbag tournament. Their famous Quilt auction is at 2 p.m. Music with JMD3 from 3:30 to 7 p.m. Grand raffle and cash raffle drawings at 7 p.m. (Over $10,000 in cash/gifts.) Schultz Auctioneers Landmark Realty is honored to be a long-time partner in this event. We look forward to seeing you there as these marquee quilts are sold.


Auction#:  1

Group:  St. Loretta’s Mission           Size:  93W x 110L          

Pattern:  Quilt of Many Colors

Description: Multi-colored triangle pattern with a white, black, and gold paisley backing



Auction#:  2

Group: #3 – Judy Pundsack (Chair) Size: 96W x 104L

Pattern:  Autumn Splendor

Description: Fall colors with a covered bridge picture panel and a cream backing.


Auction#:  3

Group:  Christian Women Size: 36W x 42L

Pattern: God Gave Me You

Description:  Baby quilt with pastels, red, and a sayings panel, with a multi-pastel backing


Auction#:  4

Group:  Christian Women Size: 92W x 106L

Pattern: Sampler Quilt

Description:   Dark browns and greens with a floral border and a brown backing. 



Auction#:  5

Group: #7 – Callie Lehner (Chair) Size: 95W x 98L

Pattern:  Fantasy

Description: Purple, teals, with a Dragonfly pattern border, and a black backing




Auction#:  6

Group:  #5 – Donna Goebel (Chair)           Size: 79W x 94L

Pattern:  Simply Imagine

Description:  Browns, teals, and creams panel quilt, with a purple, blue, and cream paisley print backing.




Auction#:  7

Group:   St. Loretta’s Mission           Size:  34W x 39L

Pattern:  Pink Squares

Description:  Baby quilt with pink patterned squares with a pink backing. 




Auction#:  8

Group:  #14 – Ashley Salber (Chair) Size: 98W x 98L  

Pattern:  Horses of the Wild

Description:  Blacks, browns, and mint with horse picture panels, with a horse pattern backing.




Auction#:  9

Group: #12 – Laura Kerfeld (Chair) Size: 95W x 106L  

Pattern:  Leaves

Description:  Browns and blues with a patterned edging, and a grey backing.





Auction#:  10

Group:  #9 – Linda Tschida (Chair)   Size: 110W x 111L

Pattern:  Crazy Quilt

Description:  Multicolor and black with a grey backing. 




Auction#:  11

Group:  Christian Women Size:  36W x 46L

Pattern:  Six Squares Make a Rectangle

Description: Baby Quilt with pastel squares, with a yellow backing. 





Auction#:  12

Group:  #10 – Lisa Atkinson (Chair) Size:  86W x 94L

Pattern:  Soaring Eagles

Description: Blues and browns with an Eagle panel, and a solid brown backing.


Auction#:  13

Group: #2 – Debbie Engelmeyer (Chair) Size: 96W x 106L

Pattern:  Patriotic Pinwheel

Description:  Red, white, and blue, with a start patterned backing.





Auction#:  14

Group: St. Rose of Lima Church Size: 38W x 48L

Pattern:   Clowns

Description: Baby Quilt with primary colors, and clown picture block, with a multicolor star backing.






Auction#:  15

Group: #1 – Mary Toenyan (Chair) Size: 94W x 105L

Pattern:  Oh’ Deer

Description:  Teal and browns with Deer pattern blocks, and a teal backing.





Auction#:  16

Group: St. Loretta’s Mission Size:   99W x 99L

Pattern: Wild Turkey

Description:  Black, browns, dark greens with a Turkey picture panel, and a light blue marble backing.





Auction#:  17

Group:  #4 – Jody Waltzing (Chair) Size: 106W x 114L

Pattern:  Double Wedding Ring

Description:  Browns, black, neutral greys, with a scalloped edging, and a cream backing.





Auction#:  18

Group: #11 – Amy Johnson (Chair) Size: 94W x 106L

Pattern:  In Celebration of International Harvester 100 years

Description:  Red, black, and Farmall Tractor picture block, with a red backing.



Auction#:  19

Group:  #6 – Nicole Frie (Chair) Size: 97W x 104L  

Pattern: Picture This

Description:  Moose print with blues, browns, and rust, and a black marbled backing.




Auction#:  20

Group: Christian Women Size: 90W x 107L

Pattern:  Soar

Description:  Blues with Eagle panel, and a blue backing.





Auction#:  21

Group: St. Loretta’s Mission Size: 40W x 49L

Pattern:  Three Little Kittens

Description:  Kitten picture panel with lime green and yellow border, and a yellow star backing.





Auction#:  22

Group: #8 – Carol Herdering Size:88W x 98L

Pattern:  Maple Leaf

Description:  Creams, reds, and greens, with a light tan backing.





Auction#:  23

Group:  #13 – Mary Ann Mehr (Chair) Size: 92W x 110L

Pattern: Vintage Windmill

Description:  Multicolor of dark blues, purple, green, pink with an Ivory backing.