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Thursday September 7th, 2023

2:00 pm – Doors open for viewing

 4:30 pm – Start of Auction IN PERSON and ONLINE

Located in the Banquet Room of

Rice Creek Game Farm, Little Falls MN

Directions:  5 miles East of Little Falls on #27, Then left an North 2 ¼ miles on #264 (Game Farm Road) to 16543 Game Farm Road, Little Falls, MN 56345

“Schultz Auctioneers is honored to present the 40 year Richard Kloss Outstanding Collection of Rare and Vintage Firearms and Excellent WWII Militaria. Rare Swords and Daggers, Firearms, Sporting Collectables and much more.  You can participate IN PERSON or ONLINE



High Grade  RARE German Handmade, 20 gauge over and under, shotgun, unmarked– Attibuted to Sauer & Sohn, Krup-Laufstahl bbls,  Nazi proof marked, Serial# 2962, highly engraved hunt scenes, Horn trigger guard, leather sling, ivory sight, 2  shell holders in stock  “liberated” By US 3rd Army Tank Commander in Germany. – Heirloom Quality!

Henry Repeating Arms, Morrison County, MN, USA y Engraved  22 Cal. Lever Action Rifle 3 of 25, engraved, , Morrison County, State of Minnesota,  USA

Winchester Model 94 AE XTR Cal 30-30 Win. Ducks Unlimited Canada, 50 years of Conservation


World War II Collectables

League of German Huntsman Hunting knife, Manufactured by Alex Coppel- Solingen- Marked 1944, National Eagle, and with Nazi Eagle & wreath Tip of sabor, A special Presentation item, one of a kind!

1932 J. A. Henckles Soligen military dagger

A. Henckles military dagger

 German, Army officers Dagger

 German, Miniature Army Officer Dagger

German Airforce (Luftwaffe) Oficer Dagger

German, Police sidearms (Dress Bayonet)

German SA Service Dagger

German Military Knives-Airborne (2 each) 

Hitler Youth hunting knife ( 2 each)

Miniature of German Bayonet

2 German Helmets


Model 1860 Calvary Saber, 37’ Blade and scabbard, full original grip and wire wrap, No markings, on saber or scabbard. The initials “CSA” (Ie Confederate States of America) is stamped on the brass hand guard

1852, Officer, Naval Sword, Model 29’ blade etched with NSN, Flag, and , scabbard in excellent condition

1860, U.S. Staff & Field Officers Sword, 30’ blade

Spanish-American War era Sword, 32’ blade, brass cross holt, round ball on top of handle

US Civil War, Medical officers Sword, with Scabbard

Nazi Sword with lion head with red glass eyes, blade 33 ¼’ made by PUMA, Salinger, swastika and eagle on hilt

Stalin WWII Sword with eagle head

“Samurai”, WWII Japanese, NCO level, Katana, 28 ½ blade, Serial#59637, Metal ScabbardJapanese Sword or saber

Japanese dress Sword, brass handle and knuckle guard, blade 32 ½, blade not in good shape

German Sword NCO level dress sword

German Imperial Sword,  lion brass head blade 27’, Metal scabbard

French Sword/bayonet,  dated 1872, blade 22 ½”, metal scabbard


1875 French Bayonet with Sheath

1918 Remington Bayonet

Butcher Bayonet with sheath

German Bayonet with Frog and knot

Werk German Sawback bayonet with sheath

German Swiss Bayonet

Italian Bayonet

Japanese Bayonet with sheath and frog

Vintage Military Machete

German Butcher Bayonet

Wolf Head machete



Ballard Rifle, Single shot, 24 inch barrel, No. 38, manufactured by Brown MFG Co. Newburyport, Mass. Ballard Patent Nov 6, 1861, Cal 38 Center and rim fire, Serial #21093

Model 1884 45-70 U.S Springfield Trap door, rifle

Winchester Model 94 Col 30 WCF, 20’barrel Serial# 1500516, Manufactured 1948

Remington, Model 14, Slide action, Col 32 Remington, Serial#62814, 18.5 inch barrel

Winchester, Model 1892, Cal 25-20 WCF, Serial# 594058, MFG 1917.

Marlin Model 92, 32 Rimfire + Centerfire, Lever action, Hex barrel, Serial# 428409

Remington model 700, 243 Win cal, bolt action synthetic rifle, with Remington 3-9X-40 scope (new)

Harrington and Richardson, Topper Model 158, 30-30 Cal, 

British Sniper rifle, Pattern 14 (P14), FRA, Serial #381272, Sporter


  1. Richards, hammers, side by side, double barrel, 10 GA. 

Hartford, Firearms Co. open hammer, Side by side double barrel 12 GA. 

Remington Arms Co, Open hammers, Side by side, double barrel 12 GA. 

Remington Arms Co., side by side double barrel 12 GA. Barrel shortened to 22 inches, 

Eagle Arms, Double Barrel, Side by side, 16 GA., made in spain


Thompson, Contender, equipped with external firing pin selector, 45 Colt/410 GA, 

Ruger, Wrangler, 22 Cal, New In Box, Never Fired!

Smith and Wesson, 38 Cal, Pistol lemmon Squeeze

Smith and Wesson , 5 inch barrel, Model 10, Military and Police, 38 Cal Special, 6 Shot revolver, 

Harves Firearms Co. 22 Cal, double bbl Western Darrenger Made in Germany, 

FIE, Little Ranger 22 Cal, 3 inch barrel, In Box

Hi Standard, double Nine, Cal 22, 9 shot, revolver, Serial# 1024730-W-104

H & R Double Action, Model 1905, 32 Cal, Serial#25108

Iver Johnson, 32 Col 5 Shot revolver Serial#K10901

        Smith & Wesson, Model 12, Airweight 38 Special with Military Holster- 

32 Winchester Revolver,  Made in Spain, Made 1925, 

Colt 1860 Army 44 Cal Cap and ball, top of barrel, “Address Col Sam Colt, New York, U.S, America”, Poor Condition

American Double Action, cal 38 Smith & Wesson, 

U.S Revolver Co. 32, 

Harrington & Richardson Arms Co Cal 22, 


Winchester, Model 1890, 22 Cal long, Second Model takedown, 

Winchester, Model 1903, 22 Cal Automatic Caliber RF

Winchester Model 1906, Standard Model, 22 Cal. 

Remington Model 6, 22 Cal 

Remington Model 12, 22 Cal, side action, 

Reminton, Model 12, 22 Cal rem special, 

Remington, Model 12, 22 Cal side action, hex barrel, 

Remington Model 12, 22 Cal Slide action. 

Remington Model 550-1, Cal 22 Auto, 

Remington Model 66 22 Cal LR only, all brown Nylon, 

Remington Model 4, Single Shot, 

Henrry Repeating arms, Minibolt 22 LR, Like new

              Marlin, Model 38 22 Cal, Takedown, hex barrel, side action, 

Savage arm, 22 LR Bolt action, 

Stevens, Model 70, Visible loading repeater, 22 Cal, Pump 


US navy knife

Case XX Ranger Fighting knife

German WWII fighting knife

W 49 Western knife

MK3 US Navy Seal knife

WWII Theater knives

Sheffield knife

Sheffield fighting knife

Lineman’s kit

Very Rare Sheffield fighting knife

Trench art knife

Kabar knives 

Numerous Hunting knives with sheaths

Western, Case, Schrade  Walden, Imperial, Kinfolks

German Solingen, Sharps, Olson

Ireland, Roker, German Schmidtz

Swagger Stick with mastiff emblem

US & German Military whistles

Miniature German officers officer dagger


9 ½ inch Pennsylvania Rail Road Brass Bell

C & NW Railway paddle lock

Soo Line RR lock

Marked RR wrenches

Soo Line Spike hammer


Vintage large Voyagers Canoe Paddle

Several Sword Canes

 (2) Nazi Helmets

WWI Helmet GI Helmets

(2) Arabic License Plates with numbers (brought back from Desert Storm)

US Handgun holsters

JP Coats Spool Cabinet

(2) Fly Fishing Creels

Bear Paw Snowshoes

Rawhide Native Drum

Old Automobile Steering wheel

Vintage logging chain

Iraqi trench shovel

(3) Vintage broad axes

14 pieces of Sterling Silverware

1866 Winchester Yellowboy receiver

1923 license plates



Remington 32 Cal, 38 Long Colt, 32 Smith & Wesson,

Winchester 25 auto, Remington and Winchester 22 ammo,

Western 38 S & W

25-20 Winchester

Remington 35 cal, 32 Colt Police Positive, 

Bricks of Winchester 22 ammo

… And others!


Approximately 50 Vintage BB guns –  BB Handguns  – all brands 

Vintage cap guns



Cash or Credit Card, 10% Buyers Premium

All NICs Checks and Firearm Transfers will be handled by Shooting Sports, 21845 MN-27, Little Falls, MN 56345

The Richard Kloss Collection SELLS at AUCTION!

Presented by Schultz Auctioneers