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Large Sporting & Military Collectable ONLINE ONLY Auction


Large Sporting & Military Collectable ONLINE ONLY Auction

Bidding Opens on Feb 5 Bidding Begins to close at 6:30 PM on Feb 19

Buyers Premium: 12%

No Sales Tax on This Auction

Join us for an exciting online auction featuring a diverse collection of sporting and military collectibles. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire unique items from the depths of the Richard Kloss Collection and other remarkable pieces.

Highlighted Items:

Vintage Daisy BB Guns and Pistols: Explore a remarkable selection of 70+ Vintage Daisy BB Guns and pistols from the 1930s, showcasing the craftsmanship of that era.

WWII Collectibles: Discover a range of WWII artifacts, including Nazi Side daggers, Bayonets, and fighting knives that provide historical insight.

Hunting & Sporting Collectibles: From duck calls to hunting knife and hatchet sets, as well as name brand hunting knives and vintage ammunition, this auction has something for every outdoor enthusiast.

Sporting and Military Holsters: Find holsters and ammo belts that were once essential to servicemen and hunters.

Handmade Knife and Sheath: A unique piece of craftsmanship.

German Bayonet: A historical military artifact.

Nazi Alexander Coppel Side Knife: A piece of WWII history.

Vintage Shotgun & Ammo: Including 22 & 32 Cal ammunition.

Diana Model 2 BB Pistol: A classic air pistol.

Duck Calls: For the avid waterfowl hunter.

Chinese Ammo Belt: A piece of military history.

Schrade Paratrooper Knife: A versatile and collectible knife.

Benjamin Franklin Third Model Pneumatic Air Pistol & Daisy No. 177 Target Special Slide Repeater Pistol: Collectible air pistols.

Daisy Model 1894 Lever Action BB Rifle and Daisy Model 1938B BB Gun 2nd Limited Edition: Iconic BB guns.

Daisy Model 102 BB Gun & Daisy Model 96 BB Gun: More classic BB guns to explore.


This is just a glimpse of the treasures awaiting you in this auction. Whether you’re a collector, historian, or outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find something to pique your interest.

Auction Details:

Date: Bidding Opens on Feb 5
Time: Bidding Begins to close at 6:30 PM on Feb 19
Location: Online Only, Pick-up in Upsala, MN
Terms and Conditions:

All items sold as-is.
Bidders must register to participate.
Payment methods accepted: Credit Card, Check, Cash
Pickup in Upsala, MN
For inquiries or to register for the auction, please contact Mike at 320-232-0850 or

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of history. Mark your calendar and get ready to bid!