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Everything Signs Sew Machine Auction

Everything Signs Sew Machine Auction

2008 Brother BE-0901E-AC-PC Commercial Embroidery Machine.
Original Owner Selling Call 320-746-0746 for machine info.


Dell Computer with software to run and send designs to the machine.
Hat driver as well as a large variety of hoops listed below.
Hat Frames – 2
7cm hoops – 3
10cm hoops – 2 plus 2 additional outer rings
13cm hoops – 4
16cm hoops – 1 plus 2 additional outer rings
300x280mm hoops – 2
480×300 hoops – 2
7 in 1 Quick Change by EMS HoopTech
Slimline 1 chassis clamp with 5.5′ Round Window Frame, Pre-frame for making patches.
Fast Frames – 4
Operation Manual

Auction Closes:

Auction closes on Tuesday September 1st, 2020 at 6:15 pm

Estimate on crating machine to get it ready to ship. Will be $350.00. Will be done so crate can be handled with fork lift. Shipping will need to be estimated once we get a zip code.
OR Machine may be picked up at:
Located at Everything Signs,
500 Main Street, Holdingford, MN 56340

Online Bidding – Click Below To View Online Catalog