Spring Rendezvous – March 17, 2012

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Posted on: Thursday, March 8th, 2012

When: Saturday March 17, 2012 @ 9:30 am
WhereFreeport Community Center, Freeport, MN
Preview: Friday March 2, 2012 from 3 pm to 6 pm.  The morning of the auction, or by appointment with our office. Call or email to arrange a time. (320) 573 2468 or Auction@SchultzAuctioneers.com
Brochure: This will be added soon, please check back.
Terms: 10% Buyer’s Premium Onsite. 18% Buyer’s Premium Online.
Payment forms: Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard. Visa and MasterCard are subject to a 3% convenience fee.
Firearm Purchases: Purchasers of firearms are subject to compliance with federal firearms regulations, and will need to complete a NICS background check prior to possession of firearms.

Schultz Auctioneers is dedicating the 2012 Spring Rendezvous to our  good friend and long time auction consigner,“Billy K” Karsten
It can be said that Billy K has always played a mean guitar, and came close to making it to Nashville. He knows a good bit about cowboys, Winchesters, fast cars, fish decoys, honky tonks and is a pretty good windmill man. Today he is facing down the barrel of prostate cancer. Bill—before the stage leaves town—this one is for you!


Guns That Won the West
Colt Single Action Army Revolver, .45 cal, US Gov. Sn# 98167 w Colt paper
Remington #2 (Smoot Patent) .32 Short Rimfire cal. 5 shot revolver, 2 ¾ inch octagon barrel, spur trigger, hard rubber grip, 1873- 1888
Winchester mdl 1873, 44-40 cal. Lever Action Rifle, w Cody paper, Sn #178950A
Winchester mdl 1873, .38 cal. Lever action rifle, 24 in round bbl, sn# 291706B
Winchester mdl 1892 25-20 WCF cal lever action rifle with octagon barrel, Sn#208849
Winchester model 1894, .32WS cal, lever action rifle, sn#173441

An Excellent Comprehensive Collection of Investment Grade Winchester .22 cal Rifles
Winchester 1890 .22 Short cal, pump action rifle, sn#332472
Winchester 1890 . 2nd model, 22 Long cal, pump action rifle, sn# 290678
Winchester 1890 .22 WRF cal , pump action rifle, round barrel, sn# 534825
Winchester 1890 .22 Short cal, pump action rifle, sn# 538265
Winchester 1906 .22 S, L, LR cal, pump action rifle, sn# 638867
Winchester Model 61 .22 WRF cal pump action rifle sn#67892
Winchester Model 61 .22 Short cal Gallery pump action rifle, sn# 80413
Winchester Model 61 .22 Short cal Gallery pump action rifle, sn# 91706
Winchester Model 61 .22 Short cal pump action rifle, octagon bbl sn# 154449
Winchester Model 61 .22 S, L, LR cal pump action rifle, sn#187719
Winchester model 61 .22 LR Rutledge shot only pump action rifle in box , sn# 148205
Winchester model 61 .22 S,L,LR in box, sn# 338980
Winchester model 62A .22 Short only cal, Gallery, pump action rifle sn# 388025
Winchester mdl 67, 22 cal bolt action single shot rifle
Winchester mdl 572, .22 LR Shot Only bolt action rilfe, sn# 1844051
Winchester mdl 12A, .22 S, L, LR cal, pump action rifle, sn# 794876
Winchester mdl 12CS, .22 Reminton Special cal, pump action rifle, sn# 649176
Colt Lightning 1885, .22 cal pump action rifle, sn#58453
Civil war Era Cap Lock muzzle loader

Browning BAR II Safari 300 Win Mag semi auto rifle with scope Sn# 107NX02986
Remington Woodsmaster 742 30-06 semi auto rifle w adj Leopold scope, Sn# 146630
Savage Target/Varmit .223 cal bolt action rifle with Tasco scope, sn# 6189069
Henry Golden boy .22 LR cal lever action rifle (New In Box) sn# GB256920
Ruger 10/22 BSA .32LR semi auto rifle (NIB) sn#BSA05281
Ruger 10/22 BSA .22 LR cal semi auto rifle (NIB) sn# BSA05304
Savage 93BTVS .22WMR cal Bolt action rifle with thumbhole stock, Accu Trigger and 21 in stainless bull barrel sn# 1671456
Remington Nylon 66 . 22 LR cal “Black Diamond” Rifle, sn# A2125242
Mossberg Maverick bolt action 30-06 cal. Rifle, black synthetic stock w Bushnell 3X9X40 Scope (New In Box) sn# BA212710
Winchester Wildcat, Varmit-Target model, .22cal bolt action rifle w 21 inch crowned heavy barrel, adj trigger, Rock mount Bipod,
Truglo 1.5X6X32mm Illum Retina Scope, (NIB) sn#255MN04368
Mossberg International 817, .17HMR cal., Black synthetic stock with Thumb hole and tip down forearm, muzzle brake, w Barska adj. scope, sn# HIJ3070647 , (NIB)

Beretta AL 391 12 ga semi auto shotgun camo , sn# AA063513
Winchester Super A3 20 gauge semi auto shotgun (NIB) sn#11HZM19807
Winchester Model 1300 12 ga pump shotgun with upgraded wood and adjustable comb, sn# L3465690
Remington 870TB 12 ga pump Trap shotgun sn #5066454V (Trap, B grade)
CZ Mallard 12 ga SXS double barrel shotgun S/N 07C3850
CZ 28 ga SXS double barrel shotgun sn# 07C6986
Krieghoff Trap Combo over/under 12 ga Shotgun sn# 2613
SKB (Sakeba) 12 ga semi auto shotgun
Mossberg Silver reserve O/U 28 ga shotgun sn# 28001206
Mossberg 195 K 12 ga bolt action shotgun with extra clip
Mossberg 12 ga 3 ½ mag pump shotgun, sn# AT080145
New England Arms .410 ga single shot shotgun w 3in full choke, sn# NA122495
Stoeger model 2000 12 ga semi auto shotgun sn# 714852
Winchester mdl 97 12 ga pump shotgun with expanded bbl, sn# E828878

Remington Baikal .410/22LR Over Under IZH 94 combination gun w scope Rings, sn #089611034R (new)
Remington Spartan 12ga/.223 Rem Over Under, IZH 94, combination gun w Intensity 2.8 -10 X 44 Scope, checkered, 2 extra chokes, (New In Box) sn# 059404565R


Beretta 8040F, 10044 Mini Cougar , 40 S&W cal semi auto pistol, sn#048665mccal
Browning Buckmark .22 cal Semi Auto pistol, sn#515NN05203
Browning Buckmark Target SE Semi Auto pistol, bull barrel w sight guardSn#515MY20888
Burgo .38 Special cal Target Revolver (German) sn# 507156
Colt model 1991A1, 45 cal semi auto pistol w orig case, sn# CJ19266
Ruger MKII .22 cal semi auto pistol with N.
Star 2-7 X 32E scope, extra Clip, speed loader, sn#22214923
Ruger Vaquero .45 Long Colt cal. Revolver w leather holster, cartridge belt and orig box, sn# 5739360
Ruger model SR9 , 9mm semi auto pistol w orig box, extra clip, speed loader and lock, sn# 33132838
Smith & Wesson SW99, 40 S&W cal. Semi auto pistol (New In Box) sn# SAB0517
Taurus 38 special Stainless semi auto pistolW holster and case, sn# CU11213
Taurus .22 cal revolver with Jasco Pro Red Dot sight, and leather holster Orig box, sn# AM455551

Mec Reloader set up for 28 gauge reloading
Approximately 1250 28 gauge wads
One bag of 28 gauge hulls
Lee field reloading kit for .243 cal
Lee single stage reloading presss set up for 28 ga.
Hornady neck turning tool’
Box of cleaned and primed .243 cases
RCBS .243 Win. Neck sizer
RCBS 3 die set for .45 ACP
Lee Collet die set for .223
Bushnell 6-18 X 50mm rifle scope

JVA Astro target /hunting bow
Quiver with arrows
Paragon compound Bow in soft case with target

Frame with 2 bone spears
Frame of 20 Knife River flint & agate arrow points
Frame of 22 Knife River flint & agate arrow points
Frame of 13 Knife River flint & agate arrow points
Frame of 12 Knife River flint & agate arrow points
Frame of 12 Knife River flint & agate arrow points
Frame of 12 Knife River flint & agate arrow points
Frame of 12 Knife River flint & agate arrow points
Frame with arrowhead chips in the shape of an
Stone club
Large buffalo skull

The Eagle Dance framed print by Native Artist
Woody Crumbo
Vintage silver squash blossom necklass , R. Yazzi

Beaded Sioux vest
13 inch vintage beaded leather Sioux doll
Sioux 10 inch beaded knife sheath with blue and greasy yellow beads
Small Pink beaded leather, neck knife sheath with fringes, 4 inches long
Cheyenne greasy yellow beaded & tin coned 11 inch long, fringed pipe/tobacco bag
Sioux 16 ½ inch beaded pipe bag with 3 beaded and coned drops
Dakota Sioux 8 inch beaded tobacco bag with cones and fringe
Dakota Sioux beaded , tin coned, fringed tobacco bag, 7 inch
Fancy Sioux beaded with diamond center Strike
A Light bag with fringed cones, 5 ½ inches long
Nez Perce beaded Tipi bag, sinew sown with cones , 9 x 14 inch
Dakota Sioux flag beaded buffalo fetish 5.5 in long
Early beaded Sioux Eagle fetish, 8 ½ wide
9 ¼ inch pair of beaded woodland moccasins
7 inch pair of beaded moccasins
9 ½ inch pair beaded woodland moccasins
10 ¼ inch pair of beaded woodland moccasins
5 inch long beaded baby moccasins
4 ½ long pair of fully beaded baby moccasins
Sioux beaded medicine ball, 2 ½ inch dia.
19 ½ inch wooden club
14 ½ inch pipe and beaded stem
Buffalo Horn & hide ceremonial dance headpiece with beaded white weasel drops
6 Native American Records on Canyon Arizona
Recording Production records :
Sioux Scouting Dance Song and Sioux Rabbit
Song by Oglala Sioux Singers,
Kiowa Round Dance with drum and rattle by David Apekaun Singers
Sioux Korea memorial Song and Sioux love
Song By the Oglala Sioux Singers
Grass Dance and Omaha Dance by Singers from Pine Ridge, Rosebud & Fort Thompson
Ute Sun Dance and Ute Bear Dance by Bert Redd, leader
Zuni Comanche Song and Zuni Buffalo Dance by Leslie Shebaba, Mallon, Ray Gasper with drum, bells, gourd and rain rattle
Contemporary Native feathered headdress, bear claw beaded necklace
8 inch leather doll
Large dance wand
Sioux shadow box with bone breastplate, pipe and feather fan spear

Fredrick Remington “The Northerner” reissue bronze

Duke # 16 D Bear Trap
Denali #15 HBC Bear Trap
New House & Triumph toothed wolf traps

North & Judd Bauerman Bronze drop shank spurs
Bauermann — Horse head drop shank spurs, bronze star spurs, Hercules Bronze spurs, Card Suite mounted spurs
North & Judd Anchor one dot spurs

Black Wooly Chaps – George Lawrence, Portland, Or. with 1907 matching cowboy picture
F. Mueller, Denver, Concho Chaps
Black chaps trimmed in white w conchos, stamped I. S.
Brown work/rodeo chaps
C.P. Shipley Chaps, Kansas City, MO.
Early button Heiser shotgun chaps

1910 Colorado Saddlery High back saddle
1890’s George Lawrence High back loop seat saddle, Portland, Ore.
Miller stock saddle with soft bucking rig
Miller tooled western saddle
Vintage loop seat saddle & vintage stock saddle
Stirrups and lariats, saddle bags

Last of the Great Scouts –Helen Cody Wetmore 1899
1943 South Dakota Brand Book
Fall & Winter Catalog 1923-24 Stockman’s
Supplies, Denver Dry Goods Co.
Pennsylvania at Chickamauga and Chattanooga, 1897
Trails Plowed Under , C. Russell 1941
(2) Lone Cowboy my Life’s Story, Will James 1930 & 1932
Smokey, W. James, 1957
Charles Goodnight , J Haley, 1957
Winchester the Gun that Won the West,
Williams, 1952
Other related western books
Song Music books-
Hank Snow – Folio #2 , 1951
Gene Autry’s Sensational Collection of orig
Cowboy Songs -1932
Floyd Tillman 1942, Hank Thompson’s Brazo
Valley, 1954
And others

19th Century, Thos J. Evens (London) England,
33 ¼ inch long 3 draw brass telescope with
leather tube case,
(2) Union & CSA replica swords
(8) Oriental swords
Black leather double motor cycle bags
Brahma bull statue
3 small stage coach lamps
Wooden black cowboy picture
Western art prints
Bronze 3 horse & chariot statue
KKK photograph 1931 Roanoke, VA
Marilyn Monroe calendars and pictures
Branding iron
Canvas bucket
NP Cast iron shovel Clam drags
Chuck a lug
Horse hide gauntlets Camp cook’s bell
Boot jacks
Brass western bookends,
Cartwright’s Ponderosa Ranch tin cup
Folk art fish carved weathervane
Buggy wheel
Western prints and pictures
Fish Spearing Decoys & Wooden duck decoys
Rice sticks
2 sets of snow shoes
Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two
Sun Records 45’s
I Love you Because & Straight A’s in Love , I
Walk the Line & Get Rhythm, Sun Records LP
33 Johnny Cash Original Golden Hits Vol I
Forces of Valor
1:16 Scale German Panzer King Tiger Tank with
many accessories.
Early Coca Cola collection
50’s Coke Store racks, bottle thermometer, Coke
metal flange sign, tin signs, 60’s Coke cooler
and more