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Schultz Auctioneers

Spring Rendezvous Auction


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Rare & Historical Civil War Flags, Uniforms, Weapons

Buffalo Bill Wildwest Show Firearms, and accouterments

Rare to current Firearms, Native American, Western Collectable,


Including Firearms, Ammunition, Rare Historical Militaria, Books and more from the Harry Fiala Estate. “Harry was a gregarious Military reader and avid firearms collector”. He was instrumental in the development of the Military Museum at Camp Ripley, near Little Falls, Mn. Focusing on WWII and the Korean War Era. We are honored to represent the Fiala Family, and bring his fabulous collection to Auction!


Saturday March 21st, 2015, 9:30 am

Just off I-94

Freeport Community Center

307 7th St. SE, Freeport, MN

Exit 140 off I-94 (Freeport Exit) then South on County Rd 11 to south side of freeway to 7th St. SE, then left and east to Freeport Community Center


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(2) Lincoln Election / Campaign Flags


1860 35 Star

For President Abrahm Lincoln

For Vice President

Hannibal Hamlin

(28 H X 41 L)


1864 35 Star

Lincoln and Johnson

(25 ½ H X 35 L)


Presentation / Assembly Horn

Union Army Presentation assembly OX horn- silver clad and engraved –

Plurbus Unum Eagle, 2nd Reg Infantry, PA. Res. Corps, 31st PA. Vol.


1863 US Springfield Musket with barrel cover, original sling, cap pouch, cartridge box and knapsack attributed to 1st Minnesota out of Edina, Mn estate



(2) Confederate leather shoulder shot and powder holders



Civil War “Young Boy Musician set ” US 164th New York Infantry Zouave’s

Jacket, Fife and patched boots owned by Patrick Garraughty, Co. F, B. with provenance


Rhode Island Naval Officer Jacket


Feathered Navy hat (Ames Sword Company)


Civil War New York Militia Officers Tunic

Indian Wars era West Point Uniform


M-1872 Indian Wars Cavalry Frock coat

Veterans GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) vest

1903 US Artillery Officers Overcoat


Union officer’s belt and buckle

8th NY Regiment Shake

Black Beaver tall US Cavalry Scout hat

Union belt and officer buckle

Arkansas Artillery Confederate uniform epaulette

Red & Gold Braid Civil War shoulder boards






3 US marked horse / mule bridles

Confederate marked (Arkansas) horse bridle

US Artillery Horse harness tug shield





.36 Cal Cooper Double Action 5 shot Percussion Civil War Revolver. Stamped “CSA” (Confederate States of America). 5in oct bbl, SN# 3456 matching # 10-12% dull original finish. JY initial on walnut grip.


Confederate double barrel muzzle loading shot gun from Andersonville Prison, dated 1864, initialed & with prison name plate with damascus  bbls


Allen & Thurber Pepper Box in original presentation case Pat 1845

1851 Navy Colt percussion revolver

1851 Sharps 4 barrel pistol

22 cal Colt Pistol w original holster

Civil War era holster

Confederate Bowie knife

Naval Sword

Wooden Naval spy glass (London)

Brass spy glass

US officers dress sword

Ames Artillery Sword

Confederate Artillery Sword



45-70 model 1873 US Springfield Early Indian Wars trapdoor rifle

SN#24577  very good cond with bayonet and sling


1864 US Springfield musket


45-70  model 1873 Springfield rifle converted to Carbine length





45-70 1872 Springfield Trapdoor rifle

45-70 1863 Springfield trapdoor rifle


Model 1816 US musket South Carolina , marked 1837 Harpers Ferry with South Carolina on escutcheon plate. Stock forearm shortened


Model 1842 US Springfield converted to fowler –wall hanger


12 ga Indian Police shotgun by Forehand Arms Co. open hammers, damascuss bbls

U.S. 1892 Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Badge, arsenal marked, brass tacked


16 ga T. Barker double barrel shot gun, US branded, Pine Ridge Reservation Indian police gun, brass tacked


12 ga Frontier double barrel open hammer shotgun, ornate brass tacking with owner initials carved in stock. Maker marked but illegible


Indian used carbine similar to U.S. Springfield brass tacked with 1853 breech loading Synder conversion


12 ga A. J. Aubrey by Meriden Arms Co. Frontier hammered double barrel shotgun,

Damascuss bbls, engraved, checkered, brass tacks


38 Long cal Marlin Ballard with drop block action and heavy octagon barrel, SN# 32201  (1875)  (with ammo)




22 cal Flobert rifle of Famous World Champion Sharp Shooter May Lillie of Pawnee Bills

Wild West Show, With provenance



“Arizona Joe” the “Shooting Star”  Winchester stamped wooden Show Trunk attributed to trick shooter & wild west showman “Arizona Joe”   associated with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.  Includes binder of research provenance with Cody Museum letter.

Dimensions- 34” long X 18 ½ H X 18 ¾ wide

Leather handgun holster attributed to “Arizona Joe”. 11 inches long, initialed – Joe on inside.  Sells with trunk.




Early cloth sequined “Promotional Show Display”  of  “Annie Oakley – Little Shure Shot” with a 38-56 cal model 1893 gold engraved and gold washed Marlin lever action rifle attributed to Oakley. sn#381906







44-40 Model 1873 Winchester Slide Hammer, Lever action Indian Carbine with Blackfoot Indian Chief beadwork encasement on stock and tacked forearm


25-20 cal Model 1894 Winchester lever action rifle with octagon barrel and tang sight

SN# 686403


32-40 Model 1894 Winchester lever action rifle with tang sight

SN# 335187





Matched Set Winchester lever action Rifles, highly engraved with gold inlay 1 of 1,000

22 Win Mag cal 9422 Lever action SN# MR776

and model 94 30-30, Deluxe wood, SN# MC776

presentation set with wooden display case


30-30 cal model 94 Winchester lever action rifle,

high grade deluxe wood, tang sight

½ oct bbl, gold inlay, (NIB)


22 cal model 9422 Tribute Winchester lever action rifle

with engraved Winchester logo   SN# FTS4814


22 mag cal Winchester 9422 lever action rifle

Checkered wood      SN# F$21199


44-40 cal Uberti lever action Wild West Shooters Commemorative rifle, highly engraved with high polish stock, with presentation gloves & set



Todd Co. #2 Ruger New Model Vaquero, 44mag cal revolver

Highly engraved. SN#56-79894





257 Cal Weatherby mag cal, Weatherby “South Gate, CA” custom built bolt action rifle.

Sn# 3520, 1955FN Mauser action re-worked b y Weatherby. Custom Lilja 28” bbl bedded and full free floated with a flush fitting muzzle brake beyond the 28”, a McMillan precision tactical “Long Range Hunter”, fiber stock w/good butt pad. Timneytrigger set at 2 ½ -3 pounds.  New Conetrol rings to fit Conetrol scope bases on the rifle Model HSH-Matte


270 Cal Model 700 Winchester DU bolt action rifle,

Stainless matt bbl,jeweled bolt, monte carlo stock

With scope (new)


17 Hornet cal M-25 Savage bolt action rifle with

thumb hole stock and bi-pod

& Leopold scope (NIB)


308 Cal model 100 Winchester semi auto rifle

With Redfield scope


30-30 cal Model 64 Winchester lever action rifle, 24in bbl,  sling mounts,




45 Colt A. Rossi S.A.Lever Action Carbine, 20 in bbl,




7.62 X 54R Mosen Nagant 91-30 military rifle  with Scout Scope

With original sight and butt plate.

7.62 X 54 R Mosen Nagant 91-30 military rifle  with bayonet




Routledge model 61 Winchester  (shot only)

1 of 77 made SN# 46959


22 cal model 61 Winchester Carbine “Rare”

20 inch Grooved top, wood redone

original bluing, SN# 338886


22 s,l,lr cal model 61 Winchester slide action rifle

(Pre War)       SN# 16583


22  LR cal model 63 Winchester rifle with tang sight

SN# 28928


22  LR cal model 63 Winchester rifle with tang sight

SN# 28928


22 cal model 52 Winchester sported target rifle

Deluxe wood, Jeweled bolt, lyman peep sight,

Monte Carlo stock , clip   (Rare)

SN# 36765



22 WRF Cal  F  model 1890 Winchester rifle,

octagon bbl,  case colored , sn#100632


32 Special cal model 1894 lever action rifle

½ octagon / round bbl  sn#422312


22 cal model 1903 Winchester semi auto rifle

SN# 119035



9mm cal model 36 Winchester shot only short rifle


(2) 22 cal model 67A Winchester bolt action rifles


22 cal model 72 Winchester


22 cal model 20-A  Marlin pump rifle with long feed tube

24 in bbl


22 cal model 20 Marlin  pump rifle with short feed tube

23 in bbl



22 cal model 39 Marlin lever action rifle

with octagon bbl


22 Cal Visble Loader Stevens rifle

Chip in butt plate, SN# EO56


22 Rifles


22 Long Rifle Wildcat Winchester Rifle with bull barrel with scope,

made in Russia.


22 S, L, LR Model 72A Winchester bolt action rifle (tube feed)


22 cal Lever action Henry Rifle with scope


22 Long Rifle Model 60 Marlin Semi auto rifle with scope,


22 LR model XT 22 Marlin black synthetic bolt action rifle with scope,


22 LR Ruger American bolt action rifle with scope and stock comb adjustment



22 cal 10/22 Ruger Rifle, Stainless steel with black fiber stock


22 cal 10/22 Ruger Rifle, Mossy Oak


22 cal 10/22 Ruger Rifle, Walnut stock,



22 cal s.l.lr. model 341 Mossberg bolt action rifle with clip, 24 in bbl,

Simmons mod 21012 adj scop and sling,


22 S,L,LR model 26 Pioneer/Gambles bolt action rifle


22 s,l,lr, cal model 4 Mossberg rifle, PARTS GUN no bolt or clip









12 ga model 5E Ithaca deluxe Trap single shot shotgun

Deluxe wood, vent rib, highly engraved

Gold    SN# 405032

12 ga model 4E Ithaca shotgun

Deluxe wood, engraved, vent rib  SN#4022747


10 GA MODEL 4E Ithaca  double barrel shotgun

Deluxe wood, solid rib, engraved (rare)

Sn# 500594


Fritz Schumacher Drilling Combination gun

Open Hammer, 16 ga SXS over 9.5mm, cal,

break action open hammer, fancy hi relief hunt scenes,

side engraved high grade walnut  stock, SN 2106





12 ga Model 21 Winchester Trap Shotgun

Barrel selectors, shell ejectors

Deluxe checkered wood


410 ga model 42 Winchester pump shotgun

Vent rib , 3in, modified choke, checkered wood


410 ga model 42 Winchester Deluxe pump shotgun

3X deluxe wood, vent rib, jeweling, single diamond

On pistol grip



12 ga M1 Super 90 Benelli Semi Auto Shotgun, raised rib 26 in bbl, 3 in or 2 ¾

with 3 extra chokes,


12 ga P. Beretta S686 Essential, Over Under Shotgun, 28 in bbl, 2 ¾ in,


12 gauge model 2085 Expert over under Lanber Shotgun,


20 ga model 12 Winchester pump shotgun 2 ¾ in, 28 in bbl, very good cond



12 ga model 870 Remington Wingmaster pump shot gun, 28 in bbl, high gloss finish,

with 3 extra chokes, (nearly new)


12 ga Weatherby pump shotgun with 3 in chamber (black)


12 ga Over Under Stoeger Condor shotgun, Condor Competition RH 12g, 3 in chamber,

adj raised comb, 30 in bbl, E.R. Amantino, made in Brazil,


12 ga model 2000 Stoeger Semi Auto Shotgun, 3 in, raised rib, 28 in bbl, black synthetic



12 ga Over Under Huglu Mallard Shotgun, 28 in bbl Checkered  engraved



12 ga model 500 Mossberg pump shot gun 24 in bbl with poly choke


12 ga model 500 Mossberg pump shot gun raised rib  24 in bbl,


12 gauge model 20 JC Higgins / Sears pump shotgun


Monarch Arms Co. 12 gage open hammer Damascus twist double bbl shotgun,


12 ga Marlin Vintage open hammer pump shotgun, 1894-1896 pat, 31 ½ bbl





44-40 Single Action Army Colt Frontier Six Shooter revolver

Engraved nickel with Buffalo carved grips, SN#235300




357 mag GP100 Ruger Stainless Revolver , 6in bbl. Soft grips,


357 mag cal Ruger New Model Blackhawk 6 shot revolver with 4 ¾ bbl

And extra 9mm cylinder,


9mm SARBGP Sig Sauer Semi Auto Pistol,


9mm Model 5906 Smith & Wesson Semi Auto Pistol,



9mm Parabellum model 980A Arcus semi auto pistol, 4 ½ in bbl,

2 extra clips,


9mm Model PT 99AFS Taurus Semi Auto Pistol,



9mm M88A Zastavi Semi Auto Pistol,


9mm M70A Zastavi Semi Auto pistol,


25ACP Taurus Pistol, 2 ½ in bbl

45 cal 1911 copy Llama Semi Auto Pistol,

45 Colt cal. model 1873 6 shot revolver, 4 ¾ bbl



22LR Buckmark Browning Semi Auto Pistol with long bbl,


22LR Buckmark Browning Semi Auto Pistol w short bbl with TruglowRodatscope, original sights in box,


22LR Goldcup Trophy Colt Semi Auto Pistol (Walther)


22LR Government Colt Semi Auto Pistol



22LR Mark II Ruger NRA Commemorative Semi Auto Pistol


22LR model 617-1 Smith & Wesson Semi Auto Pistol with BSA Red Dot Scope,


22 Short CUB Astra UNCETAY semi auto pistol with extra magazine,


22 short Model 950B Berretta Semi Auto Pistol,


32 cal Hopkins Allan Safety Police top break 5 shot revolver


32 Cal Columbian Special top break 5 shot revolver


22LR PT22 Taurus Semi Auto Pistol,



22cal model 676 H&R 6 shot revolver,  5 in bbl,

22 LR FIE 6 shot revolver

44 cal Black powder 6 shot Navy Revolver, F. Llipietta

6 shot engraved revolver BP – Italy brass & Chrome






Northern Plains pipe tomahawk;  Forged iron head 10”x4.5” with weeping heart cut outs mounted on a 26” brass tacked ash haft with a hide and trade bead drop.  Circa 1870s.

Chippewa beaded bandolier bag

Frame of 8 Minnesota and Montana Arrow heads and spear points

Fur trade era bead necklace with engraved copper fish effigy


2 native vintage trade bead necklaces

Several early Navajo turquoise necklaces


Chippewa fish spear and decoy



1871 Military sword bayonet with scabbard

Frame of Artifacts dug near Fort Custer, Montana and Fort Meade in  Black Hills

US Army Indian War era canteen

US marked Spanish American war era haversack

1860’s officers glass pocket flasks

WWI helmet

Nazi  Hat & bayonet, Japanese Officers cap






British Naval Ship signal cannon 1850’s – 1870’s 1 ½ bore




Karl Bodmer colored Aquatint engraving of Mandan Indians “Sih-Chida & Mahchsi-Karehde” sketched by Bodmer in 1832 on an Expedition with Prince Maximilian into the interior region of the Missouri River Basin to document Native American Peoples.


Original signed watercolor of Arapahoe Warrior Black Man, an attendee at the three month long 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition Indian Peace Jubilee held in Omaha Nebraska.  Likely done at the exposition by an attending artist.  Famed 19th century photographer F.A. Rinehart was commissioned to photograph all the attendees representing 25 different tribes.  In its original unopened frame.  EX: Thunderbird Museum Hatfield Wi. in 2002.


4 original C.M. Russell, CA 1930 western prints (set)



Fiala Estate autographed WWII era Pictures and Prints

Incl P, Tibbets – Enola Gay, Black Sheep Squadron and many others




We will sell the Fiala collection of autographed military books. With numerous WWII Aces and writers

Volumes 1 & 2 Minnesota in the Civil & Indian Wars

Winchester books Firearm books, Will James Westerns etc.

The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War – The Campaigns, Battles, Sieges, Charges and Skirmishes





Dupont Powder Setter & German Shorthair tin sign


Whitetail deer taxidermy fawn – lying down

Framed envelope of Remington lady

4 frames of vintage fishing tackle

Vintage Woolrich hunting coat , pants, suspenders and felt shoes

Fitgers Beer hunting dogs Advertising


Black Forest carved Eagle w fish wall shelf


Vintage folk art double eagle on board


(2) hunting dog pictures


Vintage Elk Oil painting


English Setter print signed



Herters wooden Swan decoy


Glass & tack eye Mason Blue bills

Oscar Quam large green head decoy

Red head duck decoy

Ariduk  bluebill  hen & drake fiber decoys

Deekes rubber duck decoy set


Canadian Goose fold up decoy set



Several early Mn. early hand carved spearing decoys





Factory and reloaded ammo

223cal,  40 S&W, 45 auto 40 S&W,

380 Auto, 9mm and other

Collector Ammunition – Vintage Peters, Winchester, Remington, Sears, Western, shotgun & 22 ammo,  Wooden Shell boxes


A large amount of Ammunition reloading equipment and dies

Gun Safe, automated clay pigeon throwers, target, shooting supplies. etc



BSA 3 X 9

Simmons Blazer 4 X 32

Simmons 22mag 3 X 9 X 32



BSA Huntsman 4-16 X 40 mm

Militt Red Dot 1 X 20

Browning sm Red Dot




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