Meat Equipment Auction

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Posted on: Friday, September 18th, 2009

When: Thursday, September 24, 2009 @ 10:30AM
Where: 800 Norway Drive E, Annandale, MN 55302
Terms: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Sales Tax, 13% Buyer’s Premium

We are pleased to present to you in conjunction with Grafe Auction one of the largest single auction of meat saws and grinders Grafe has conducted all year. Plenty of parking and lunch will be on site so come early and bring a big truck as everything must sell absolute with no minimums and no reserves!

Butcher Boy 250-5C 10 hp tall boy mixer/grinder
Leland 200 lb. dual action sausage mixer w/hydraulic 70” rolling lift
(2) Hollymatic 180 mixer/grinders
Butcher Boy 250-52 mixer/grinder
Globe 7152 grinder
Hobart 4346 mixer/grinder
(2) Hollymatic 190 grinders
(2) Hobart 4046 grinders
Hobart 4921 countertop grinder
(3) 1 hp. countertop grinders
(50+) Hobart, Biro & Globe floor and countertop grinders 3-10 hp.

Hollymatic 230A countertop (like new!)
(6) Hollymatic Super 54 patty machine
(6) Hollymatic Super patty machines
(4) Hollymatic 54 patty machines
Qty. unassembled parts

(8) FarZuperior, B&D & Wells assorted size 24” to 40” splitting saws
(2) Butcher Boy V16F meat band saws
(3) Hobart 5214 meat band saws
(2) Hobart 5514 meat band saws
(2) Hobart 5700 meat band saws
Berkel V-16 meat band saw
(20+) Unassembled units

Weldotron 7014A conveyor shrink tunnel
Multi Vac double chamber vacuum sealer
(3) Henkovac 2000 single chamber 22” x 20” x 7”
(4) Smith GK-185 Super Vac single chamber 13” x 17” x 6”
(2) Smith GK-169 single chamber 26” x 26” x 7”
Komet 300 single chamber 17” x 19” x 7” w/poly bubble top
Turbo Vac SB500 single chamber 17” x 20” x 7”
Smith single chamber 26” x 26” x 12”
Butcher Boy 512 dual chamber swing top 18” x 17” x 6”
Smith GK-185R single chamber 17” x 19” x 7”
Butcher Boy Webb-O-Matic dual chamber 18” x 21” x 8”
Butcher Boy VA2 single chamber 20” x 18” x 6”
(15) 3-roll floor model hand wrappers
(5) 2-roll countertop hand wrappers
(4) Single roll hand wrappers

We have over (70) Hobart, Globe, Bizerba, Univex & Berkel slicers. We have manual and automatics slicers. We have bacon slicers, cheese slicers, deli slicers & slicers with conveyors and we even have an antique American Eagle ser # 400D91.

If you need a slicer for your business, home or for the hunting camps we will have a unit to fit your price range!

(2) Hand held electric skinners
(2) Famco Model Y 60” linkers
Famco 30” linker
Bunn MR-10-1 roast tying machine
(2) Hollymatic 120 bulker heads
(11) Platform scales
(2) Roll dial scales
(2) Benchtop beam scales
(70+) Meat platter carts
Trolley rack
(40+) Oak hog gambrels
(5) 2000 lb. chain hoists
(7) 500 lb. chain hoist
5’ adjustable hog/beef cradle
Pallet meat rail switches (some new)

6’ stainless table
5’ stainless table on wheels
10’ stainless table w/backsplash
8’ x 32” stainless table w/open base
10’ stainless table w/side and backsplash
6’ stainless table w/side and backsplash
6’ stainless table w/backsplash
10’ stainless table w/backsplash
7 ½’ stainless table w/backsplash
8’ stainless sausage table
7’ stainless table
9’ stainless table w/backsplash
8’ stainless table w/side and backsplash
8’ x 34” stainless table w/side and backsplash
5’ stainless cabinet/table
30” x 30” stainless table
4’ stainless table
57” sausage table w/poly top and stainless frame
6’ left side clean dish table
75” stainless 3-compartment sink w/left & right drainboards
4’ Advance 2-compartment sink
4’ stainless 2-compartment sink
6’ Advance 3-compartment sink w/no drainboards
6’ stainless 2-compartment sink w/left drainboard
Wall mount stainless hand sink
(2) Floor model stainless hand sinks

Zuber stainless 700 lb. electric roll-in smoker w/control panel
Al-Kar stainless 700 lb. electric roll-in smoker w/Honeywell control panel
Koch KLE-100 1000 lb. electric roll-in smoker w/MP-2-Koch controls
(3) Vortron 1000 lb. electric roll-in smoker
(2) Vortron chip smoke generators w/24” stainless hopper
Stainless smokehouse jerky rack
Risco Brevetti 2000 Baby Stuffer w/32” stainless hopper & (8) horns
Handtmann K2 100 lb. automatic stuffer
(8) Zuber pack mobile water stuffers w/cart
Ross TC700 conveyor needle tenderizer
(7) Jaccard countertop manual needle tenderizer
Country Pride 7000 stainless 500 lb. tumbler
Mandeville stainless 500 lb. tumbler (New)
Biro chipper

Hobart AVR-1 bone duster
Wipe-A-Matic T bone duster (New)
Smokestick stainless wash tank w/agitator
Kook Rite S-10A 36” x 48” electric cooker
Baker’s Pride TG 100 countertop chicken rotisserie
BBQ King SRW chicken rotisserie
BBQ King SR chicken rotisserie
Texas Bar-B-Q model SS Bar-B-Que machine
Groen Generation 3 countertop steamer
McCray ST8WD 6-pan hot food display case w/glass front
Reynolds SS430G potato/vegetable peeler
True 23 glass door self contained display cooler
34” countertop electric char grill
(2) Juice Tree 104 juicer machines
Juice Tree 302P juicer machine
(2) Juice Tree 106OJ juicer machines
Automatic 807X orange juice machine
Hobart WM-5H under counter dish washer
Hobart VCM 40 vertical chopper mixer
Aero 4-compartment electric steam table
Reynolds 20 qt. countertop mixer
Univex M-20 countertop mixer
Univex countertop mixer
Berkel countertop bread slicer
Qty. Metro shelving units
Qty. New Age aluminum shelving units
Qty. assorted foam walk-in cooler panels
Qty. insulated traffic doors

1991 GMC Sierra ½ ton pick-up truck w/100,000 miles, cloth interior, AM/FM, V8
motor & automatic transmission
16’ tandem axle utility trailer
1979 Cobia fiberglass runabout boat w/canvas top, motor and trailer

Furnas 60” 4-rail card board baler
Toyota 4,000 lb. LP gas forklift w/long forks
Clark 3,000 lb. unleaded gas forklift w/fork extensions
Quick Lift 1000 lb. electric 2-wheel dolly (will climb steps)
2-wheel appliance dolly
Huge qty. 4-wheel carts for under equipment

(17) Copeland medium and low temp compressors
Refrigeration coils
Dayton floor model grinder
(75+) Meat slicer bodies
(100) Tenderizer/cuber knifes
(30+) Molder heads
(10+) Hobart and Berkel tenderizer/cuber bodies
Qty. Butcher Boy and Hobart fly wheels and saw parts
Large qty. bulker parts and frames
Qty. meat slicer parts, stones & knives
Qty. molder parts

We have lots and lots of parts!! Current parts and those hard to find parts will be available to the sharp dealers and repair technicians. Come early to look through all the bins and tubs that will be available on sale day.