Mark Anderson Firearm and Sporting Estate Auction – March 3, 2012

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Posted on: Saturday, February 18th, 2012

When: Saturday March 3, 2012 @ 9 am
WhereFreeport Community Center, Freeport, MN
Preview: Friday March 2, 2012 from 3 pm to 6 pm.  The morning of the auction, or by appointment with our office. Call or email to arrange a time. (320) 573 2468 or
Brochure: This will be added soon, please check back.
Terms: 10% Buyer’s Premium Onsite. 18% Buyer’s Premium Online.
Payment forms: Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard. Visa and MasterCard are subject to a 3% convenience fee.
Firearm Purchases: Purchasers of firearms are subject to compliance with federal firearms regulations, and will need to complete a NICS background check prior to possession of firearms.

Mark enjoyed 32 years of service in the Todd County, MN. Sheriff’s Office. He was an avid outdoorsman, especially enjoying hunting and fishing. He belonged to the North American Hunters Association, lifetime member of the NRA. Mark and his friends and State Representative Mary Ellen Otremba, collectively worked to change legislation to better the future of muzzle loader hunting. He was also a member of the MN Dark House and Angling Assn. We are privileged to offer his large firearm, ammunition and sporting collection at auction to you. Many quality firearms, gun safes and sporting items will be of interest to you. On behalf of the Anderson family and Schultz Auctioneers we invite you to participate onsite or online in this Landmark Sporting Estate Auction!

322 Firearms, including: 252 long guns, 60 handguns and 10 BB guns, Gun Safes, Vintage & Current Ammunition, Reloading, Archery, Sporting Collectibles

Cof. Hoffacker Munchen Drilling Combination gun, 16 ga SXS, over 9.5mm cal, Open Hammer, lever break action ,Fancy hunt scene high engraved, high grade walnut stock with cheekpiece, SN 1763

Fritz Schumacher Drilling Combination gun ,Open Hammer, 16 ga SXS over 9.5mm, 8.7mm cal, break action open hammer, fancy hi relief hunt scenes, side engraved high grade walnut stock, SN 2106

P.R. Krupp Stahl Drilling Combination Gun, Open Hammer, 12 ga SXS over 9.3 72r cal, lever break action, side-engraved, light stock, forearm repair, SN 10420

Winchester Mdl 24, 12 gauge double barrel shotgun , 2 ¾” dbl trigger, SN 112613
Winchester Mdl 12 16 gauge, pump action shotgun, good condition, SN1303151
Winchester Mdl 12, 12 ga, Shotgun, 2 ¾”, pump, vent rib, checkered high-grade wood w/ cheekpiece, SN 1736422
Winchester Mdl 1897 16 gauge, pump shotgun, 22” bbl Herters butt plate, SN 206468
Ithaca Mdl Mag 10, 10ga Shotgun , 3 ½” semi auto, finish off stock, raised rib, sling 32” bbl, SN 100002850
Ithaca Mag 10, 10 ga semi auto Shotgun, vent rib 32”, checkered 53 ½”. SN 100008871
Ithaca Mdl 37 16 ga, pump shotgun , engraved, checkered
Ithaca Mdl 37 Featherlight 20 ga, pump shotgun , 28”, checkered, engraved, vent rib, medium grade, SN 371248609
Ithaca Mdl 37 Featherlite, 12 ga pump shotgun, 29.5”bbl engraved, checkered, SN 1026787
Ithaca Mdl 37 12 ga pump action shotgun, SN 873963
Ithaca Hammerless 10 ga shotgun, hammerless action, Damascus, SN 93663
Ithaca Gun Co 10 ga Shotgun , grip cracked, etched, engraved, checkered, SN 381518
Browning Mdl A-5 12 ga, semi auto shotgun, stock replaced, SN 209616
A.M Fox Sterling Worth 12 ga Double barrel shotgun, 30”, checkered, SN 72743
AJ Aubrey Meridian Firearms Co 12 ga Double barrel shotgun, Damascus, SN 20497
Bridgeport Arms box lock 12 ga shotgun, 32” dbl bbl, checkered grip bbl lock loose, SN 59559
Iver Johnson 20 gauge shotgun, break action single shot, SN 68661
JC Higgins 101.25, 410 2 ½, 3” Bolt tube, 24”bbl, 45 overall
Kessler Arms 300 12 ga shotgun, bolt action mag, adj choke
Long Tom 12 ga shotgun single shot 36”bbl, SN 292BY
Lefever Nitro special 12 ga, double barrel shotgun, 25 ¾” bbl, SN 327665
Lefever Nitro Special, 20 gauge, double barrel shotgun, checkered, SN 110504
Marlin 12 ga hammer, pump action shotgun , 32” bbl, SN 3405
Meriden Firearms Co. Break action single shot 12 ga shotgun, hammerless, sound vintage, single engraved grip, SN 6482
Mossberg Mdl 183D-D 410 ga 3”, bolt action shotgun, mag
Mossberg Mdl 183D-D 410 ga shotgun, 3in bolt mag, adjusted choke
Mossberg Mdl 185D-D, 410 gauge, bolt action shotgun mag
Mossberg Mdl 500A 12 ga pump shotgun, green synthetic stock raised rib bbl, SN P117006
Mossberg Mdl 500CR, 20 gauge, pump shotgun , checkered, vent rib, SN C19100
Remington Mdl 11-48, 410 gauge, semi auto shotgun, checkered, SN 4129001
Remington Mdl 11-48, 28 ga semi auto shotgun, 2 ¾” full, , 24 ½” bbl, checkered, , SN 4014046
Remington Mdl 11-48, 28 gauge semi auto shotgun , 2 ¾”, , checkered, SN 4008685
Remington Mdl 11-48, 20 gauge semi auto shotgun, 2 ¾”, stock chipped near receiver, checkered, SN 5817600
Remington 11-48 semi auto 16 ga shotgun, 2 ¾ 28” full choke raised rib semi auto, open rib bbl, checkered, good wood, SN 5535658
Remington US Mdl 11 12 ga, semi auto Shotgun, Browning Pat, Lyman Cutts choke, US, SN 492986
Remington Mdl 11, 12ga semi auto shotgun, 26” bbl, checkered Lyman Cutts choke, SN 369539
Remington Mdl 17 20ga, pump shotgun, checkered, Nice, 28”
Remington Mdl 17 20 ga pump shotgun, SN 32562
Remington Sportsman Mdl 58 12 ga shotgun, 2 ¾” semi auto, 30” bbl, SN 80917V
Remington Sportsman 58 cal semi auto, 16 ga shotgun, 2 ¾ 28” bbl semi auto, high grade wood, checkered, SN 114493W
Remington Sportsman Mdl 68, 12 ga shotgun, 2 ¾”, semi auto, checkered engraved 29” bbl, SN 182627V
Remington 870 wingmaster 12 ga pump, shotgun 2 ¾ full, 28in bbl average condition, recoil pad, SN 1230356V
Remington Magnum, Wingmaster Mdl 870, 12ga Shotgun, 2 ¾”-3”, pump action, checkered vent rib 28”, SN V199840M
Remington 20 gauge, single shot shotgun break action, side lever safety, SN 23579
Springfield Savage Arms Mdl 94-B 12 ga, single shot break action shotgun, nylon stock/forearm
A Rossi 20 gauge, break action, single shot shotgun, 22”bbl, 35 ½” overall, SN SP458878
A Rossi 410 gauge, break action, single shot shotgun, 22” bbl, 35 ½” long, SN SP021365
Stevens Mdl 94C, 16 gauge, Break, Single shotgun
Stevens Mdl 107B, 20 gauge shotgun, break, single
Springfield J Stevens 12 gauge, Double barrel shotgun , grip cracked, SN 5100

Purdy Muzzle loading, Double Barrel, open hammer, shotgun, high grade wood, checkered, engraved inlay, SN 2573 London, England
The International, Dbl bbl, 10 ga shotgun, open hammer, Damascus Dbl, SN 987784
Reliance Open Hammer Mdl 12 ga side etched Dbl bbl shotgun, Belgium Damascus finish cracked grip
Richmond Arms Co. Open hammer dbl bbl 12 ga shotgun , hammered action Belgium laminated stock, SN 7147
Double bbl musket 10 ga Shotgun open hammer percussion action, cracked grip
J Stevens A & T Co, hammered 12 ga, Double barrel shotgun, 18 1/8” bbl, coach gun, SN 11736
WM Moore & Co. Open hammer dbl bbl 12 ga shotgun, exposed hammer action, wall hinge side latch
Occidental interchangeable 12 ga dbl bbl shotgun, open hammer action Belgium laminated steel, SN 1801
James Constable muzzleloader, open hammer, 12 ga shotgun, black powder muzzle, 1 hammer missing
Eclipse Company Open hammer laminated steel double barrel, Belgium, 12 ga shotgun, break action, checkered forearm and grip, SN 49893
W Richards Hammered lever lock, 11ga, Shotgun, double hammer action, grip repaired
W Parkhurst 16 ga, double barrel shotgun, hammer action
W.H. Marton Hammered 10 ga, side lever dbl bbl shotgun, Damascus, grip cracked
Hunter Arms Co, LC Smith Dbl bbl 12 ga shotgun, dbl box lock action, crown steel checkered engraved dog in forearm, grip cracked, SN 41121
Thos Parker Muzzle loading shotgun percussion double barrel open hammered, 39.25” bbl etched
Remington 10 ga dbl bbl, shotgun, 32” SN 101941
L.C. Smith 12 ga dbl barrel shot gun, nickel side, SN 6549
Ne_ Jse Mdl 1824 shotgun, percussion, 46”overall, SN 1826
H.J Sterling Belgium, Muzzle 12 ga black powder double barrel shotgun , percussion hammered, 50” overall

Browning Highwall, 1885 caliber .45-70, Japan, breach lever load, single shot, 28 oct bbl, falling block checkered high gloss stock schnabel forearm
Birmingham Small Arms Co, 357 Mag, lever action rifle, single, Full Stock VIC, Commonwealth of Australia, SN 28884, 53321
Winchester Mdl 1895 .405 Win, lever action, Japan 100%, high-grade stock, checkered schnabel forearm, SN 070R7 01486 (like new )
Winchester Mdl 1873, 44 WCF, lever action saddle ring carbine, round bbl, musket butt, stock cracked, SN 593535B
Winchester Mdl 88 308 Win, lever action Rifle, mag, tapped for scope, checkered, Lyman peep
Winchester Mdl 70, 270cal Win bolt action Rifle, mag, 4x Hawk J Unertle scope, SN 187678
Winchester Mdl 71, 348 WCF, lever action Rifle, checkered, SN 5164
Winchester Mdl 94, 32 Win Special, lever action carbine, post 64, rnd bbl, SN 3070883
Winchester Mdl 94, 32-40, Lever action rifle, octagon bbl, checkered & engraved, SN 201031
Winchester Mdl 94, 32 Win Special, Lever action rilfe, SN 1782596
Winchester Mdl 1894, 30 WCF, lever action rifle, 43 ½”overall, SN 835581
Winchester Mdl 94 30 WCF, Lever carbine, good condition, SN 1114228
Winchester Mdl 94 30 WCF, Lever action carbine, SN 1556254
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30Win, lever action carbine, shotgun butt stamped 35, SN 2123024
Winchester Mdl 94, 30 WCF, lever action carbine, good condition, SN 1258225
Winchester Mdl 94, 30 WCF, Lever action rifle, SN 1258825
Winchester Mdl 94, 30-30Win, lever action rifle, good condition, SN 1713318
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30 Win, lever action carbine, SN 1403663
Winchester Mdl 100, 308 WIN, semi auto Rifle, clip, checkered, scope mount swivels, SN 76358
Winchester Mdl 100, 308 Win, semi auto rifle, mag, checkered, SN 91856
Winchester Mdl 1910 S.L., 401 cal, semi auto rifle, mag, SN 9072
Marlin, .38-W cal, lever action rifle, 23 ½” Octagon bbl, 40 ½” overall, SN 67830
Marlin Mdl 92, 25 cal, lever action rifle, octagon bbl, SN A6068
Marlin Mdl 93, 32-40 octagon, lever action rifle, good condition, SN 930
Marlin Mdl 92, lever action Rifle, magazine tube missing, SN 286086
Marlin lever 62mg 256 Win magnum lever action Rifle, clip, walnut stock, sling swivels
Marlin Mdl 336, .35 Rem cal, lever action Rifle,, Bushnell sportview scope, SN 22151516
Marlin Mdl 336, 30-30 Win, Lever action rifle, SN 25178071
Remington Mdl 6, .32 short or long rim fire, single shot rifle, break, drop block, youth, SN 445713
Remington Mdl 8, 30 Rem cal, semi auto rifle, mag, good condition, SN 59305
Remington Mdl 14-A .35cal Rem, pump action rifle, marbles peep sight, SN C35876
Remington Mdl 14-A .35 cal Rem, pump action rifle, Nice, SN 22331
Remington Mdl 14-A, 30 Rem cal, Pump action rifle, , good condition, stuck open, SN C80691
Remington Mdl 25, 32 WCF, Pump rifle, nice, SN 15814
Remington Mdl 25 25-20 cal, pump rifle, rnd bbl, tube load, SN 21030
Remington Sportmaster Mdl 34 rifle, .22 S,L, LR, bolt action tube feed rifle
Remington Woodmaster Mdl 81 .30 Rem cal, semi auto rifle mag, SN 9502
Remington Woodmaster Mdl 81, 30 Rem cal, semi auto rifle, mag, good condition, SN 47571
Remington Woodsmaster Mdl 81, 300 savage cal, semi auto rifle, mag, scope Weaver 25, SN 34614
Remington Mdl 141 32 Rem, pump action, rifle, 40 ½”long, nice, SN 10226
Remington Gamemaster Mdl 141, 35 Rem, Pump rifle, SN 42433
Remington Woodsmaster Mdl 740 .280 Rem cal, semi auto Rifle, mag, Nice condition, SN 180851
Remington Mdl 721 30-06 Spring, rifle, bolt action mag, taped, scope swivels, SN 385171
Remington Gamemaster 760 rifle .300 cal savage Pump Action mag, Williams peep sight, SN 49225
Ruger Carbine . 44 cal magnum, semi auto rifle, SN 99546
Savage Sporter 25-20, bolt action rifle, missing clip, 41643
Savage Sporter 25-20, bolt action rifle, mag, SN 47741
Savage Super Sporter 30-06 Springfield rifle, bolt, mag, checkered, SN 2218
Standard Arms .35cal pump action, rifle, engraved forearm and butt plate, SN RB7011
Navy Arms SRC Mdl 66 .38 spec, lever action Carbine, good condition, SN 15479
Fabrica Dearmas Mauser, Oviedo 1902, 7mm rifle, Bolt action, , sporterized military, sling clips

Beemiller Highpoint Mdl 995, 9mmx19, semi auto rifle, grip mag, scope 4×32 Simmons, SN B69644
Highpoint Mdl 995, 9mm, semi auto rifle , grip mag, camo synthetic stock, SN B66823
Thompson Center Arms single shot Pistol, with interchangeable 4 barrels – 357 mag, 10” 44 mag, 45 colt, 22 hornet, 10”bbl), SN 82398
Thompson Center Arms Short Rifle Super 14, (2) interchangeable 223 cal 16 ¼”bbl single, Super 16 45 Colt/410, incorrect forearm, 3 ½”bbl, Leopold scope, SN 160710

Providence Peabody’s Pat 1862, .54 cal rifle, drop lever single shot, Civil War, 32” bbl, 51 ¼” overall
Remington Military rolling block rifle, .45-.70, Rifle, drop block/rolling block action, 51 ½” overall
US Springfield 1873 Trapdoor 45-70 Trapdoor rifle, single action, 1879 cartouches , swivel 51 ½”, SN 122066
Henry Commemorative, 44 cal lever action Rifle, Minnesota State Sheriff’s Association # 7 , 1/500
Henry Commemorative, 44 cal lever action Rifle, brass receiver, Minnesota State Sheriffs Association #153, 1/500

Remington US Mdl 1903, 30-06, Bolt, synthetic stock/sporter, SN 3142132
Winchester US Mdl 1917, 30-06, bolt action Rifle, mag, full military cartouche, SN 141712
Remington US Mdl 1917, 30-06 military rifle, bolt, mag, , SN 420259
Springfield Armory Mdl M1 Garand, .30 cal, semi auto, rifle, sling, SN 2005035
US Carbine .30 cal semi auto, Carbine, no clip, SN 18810
US carbine .30 cal, semi auto, sporterized w/ thumbhole stock
Husqvarna Swedish Mauser Mdl 1941 rifle, SN, 612380
Carl Gustaff Swedish Stads, Gevarsfa Ktori 1916, 65.55, Mauser Bolt, Carbine sidesling, SN HK76157
Spanish Mauser 1893 bolt action Rifle, mag, military, SN L1978
Mauser Military Mdl M48A, 8mm, bolt action Rifle, mag, w/ bayonet, SN 42048
Mauser Gerogia Yugo, Mdl M48A 8mm bolt action Rifle, mag, bayonet fullstock 43”, SN 37949
Mauser Venezuela Military rifle, Herstal Belgigue, bolt action, 95%, SN 7107
Budapest Mdl M95, 8×56, bolt action rifle, mag, military bayonet, SN 289255
England Mdl 1915 Westinghouse Bolt action Internal Mag, Full stock Military, SN 861117
Russia Mdl 1952 SKS 7.62×39 bolt action semi auto rifle, Bryant military sling good condition, SN 3H1384
Jap Military rifle, bolt action mag, w/ bayonet, 44” , SN 49284
Military, w/ bayonet 1907 44”
Swiss, military, Rifle, SN 297914
Swiss Military Rifle, 51 ½”, SN 24164 393655
RI Terni Military Mdl 36XIV 6.5cal, carbine, bolt action mag, bayonet, SN K4636
Chinese Military Mdl 1955 26, 762×54, short rifle, bayonet, SN 3233246
Japanese Military Rifle bayonet & frog, SN 97512
Yogu Mdl 59/66, 7.62×39, semi auto military rifle, bayonet, SN T-671552
She Military 007×55, carbine, bayonet, SN K66434
Nepal Military Mdl 1926, SN 20132
Mdl 1930R, bolt, military rifle, SN 72406
German Military Hembrug 1919 Mdl 82, 6.5×53 R cal Dutch M95, Mannlicher Carbine, bolt
action, 4th Int XIV, cartouche 122, SN 6482B

Stevens 22-410, 22LR 410 over/under shotgun rifle, plastic/nylon stock
Bauer Firearms .22 cal/410 ga over/under, rifle/shotgun SN 003474
Savage Mdl 24, .22 cal LR /410 ga 3”, over/under rifle/shotgun , 24”bbl case harden receiver
Savage 22 mag 410ga, over/under single shot, Rifle/shotgun, 4×32 Tasco Scope sling checkered, SN 22222

Connecticut Valley Arms Frontier Mdl, .50 cal Black Powder rifle, percussion action, SN 88572513
Spain Black powder Musket, 50 cal, percussion, SN 29217
Thompson Black Powder 45 cal Percussion Rifle, 28” bbl, peep sight, set trigger, 45” total oct bbl, SN 119403
Thompson Hawkin Black Powder .54 cal rifle, black powder percussion action, cracked stock butt, 27”bbl
Thompson, Hawkin black powder .54 cal rifle, percussion, nice, SN K161552
Thompson Center White Mountain Carbine, 50 cal, cap lock, percussion action, new in box, SN 71755
Thompson Seneca .45 cal black powder, rifle, percussion, hammer and lock missing, SN 50423
Thompson .36cal black powder percussion action rifle

.22 Cal RIFLES
Beeman Sportsman R52 Series .22 cal 5.5, Beeman rifle, 4×32 scope, SN 82426308
DRP Mdl 1, Germany, 22 LR top break acting single shot rifle, Duetsche Werke SN 1649J,
Gamo Shadow Expresss, .22 cal shotshell, single shot rifle
Franchi, .22 cal LR, semi auto Rifle, stock/tube, Italy 100 Anniversary 1868-1968, SN 1016073
Harrington & Arms Richardson Leatherneck Mdl 165, 22 cal LR, semi auto rifle, mag, SN 3256
Herters Mdl Perfect Style G-1, .22 cal LR, semi auto rifle, tube, Weaver C-6 scope
Ithaca Mdl 48 carbine, .22 cal S,L,LR, lever action single shot, SN 286081
Ithaca Mdl X-15 Lightning, .22 cal LR, semi auto rifle, mag, SN 30713B
JC Higgins Mdl 29, .22 LR, semi auto rifle, tube
Marlin Mdl 25MN, .22 WMR cal, bolt action Rifle, mag, SN 08594098
Marlin Mdl 80E, 22cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt action mag
Marlin Mdl 92, 22 cal lever action Rifle, SN 428431
Marlin Mdl 97, .22 rifle, S,L,LR, Octagon tube, case hardened receiver, SN A3323
Marlin Mdl 783, .22 WMR, rifle, checkered, SN 15658854
Mossberg Mdl 151, .22 cal LR semi auto Rifle, stock tube, Full stock, cheek piece, Mossberg micro click, peep sight
Mossberg Mdl 151, .22 cal LR stock tube, Full stock semi auto, cheek piece, Mossberg micro click, peep sight, sling swivel
Mossberg Mdl 152K .22 cal LR, semi auto rifle, mag, side sling
Page-Lewis Mdl D, .22 cal LR, bolt action rifle, single, stock lettered, youth 37” long
Page-Lewis Mdl D Reliance, .22 cal LR, bolt action rifle, single, youth 37” long
Remington Auto Loading .22 cal, semi auto rifle, stock tube, 1914, SN 8285
Remington Mdl 6, .22 cal rifle S,L,LR, single, drop block, youth 34”, SN 442559
Remington Mdl 6, .22 cal rifle S,L,LR, single, drop block, youth 34”, SN 444046
Remington Mdl 12, .22 cal pump rifle S, L, LR, good condition, SN 828243
Remington Mdl 12, .22cal S,L,LR pump action rifle, nice, SN 752637
Remington Mdl 12-A, .22cal S,L,LR pump action rifle, w/ marbles tip up, peep sight, tube load, SN 536746
Remington Mdl 33, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt, single shot
Remington Targetmaster Mdl 41, .22cal S,L,LR, single bolt action rifle
Remington Targetmaster Mdl 41, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt, single
Remington Mdl 41P, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, Bolt, single
Remington Mdl Nylon 66, .22 cal LR, semi auto rifle (brown) nylon
Remington Scoremaster Mdl 511-X, .22 cal rifle, S, L, LR, bolt action mag
Remington Sportsmaster Mdl 512 .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt action single shot, bolt missing
Remington Fieldmaster Mdl 121 22 pump rifle, S,L,LR, , SN 139086
Remington Fieldmaster Mdl 121, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, pump, Nice condition, SN 140415
Remington Mdl 241, .22 LR, semi auto rifle, tube stock, rear peep, aluminum ejector tray, SN 12239
(2) Remington Speedmaster Mdl 241 .22 LR, semi auto rifles
Remington Targetmaster Mdl 510, 22 cal rifle, s, l, lr single shot bolt action
Remington Mdl 514, Routledge bore .22 LR shot, rifle, bolt action single
(7) Remington Mdl 514 .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt action single
Remington Speedmaster Mdl 552, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, semi auto, tube, Weaver V-22-A scope, SN 1971910
Remington Fieldmaster Mdl 572, 22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, pump, bronzed orange-red bbl
Ruger Mdl 10/22 carbine, .22 cal LR, semi auto rifle, mag, New York Edition 911, 4200+500, SN 253-45153
Ruger Mdl 10/22 carbine, .22 cal LR, semi auto rifle, mag, checkered, SN 118-62921
Savage, .22 cal LR rifle, bolt, mag
Savage Mdl 10Mh-II, 50 cal inline rifle, bolt, black powder, black synthetic stock, scope mounts
Savage .22 cal LR, bolt action rifle , mag
Savage, .22 cal LR, bolt action rifle, mag, full stock
Savage Sporter .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt action mag (bolt and clip missing), Lyman peep sight, SN
Savage Sporter, .22 cal rifle, bolt, clip missing, scope Weaver B4, SN 122254
Savage Sporter Mdl 23AA, .22 cal rifle, LR, bolt, mag, SN 138166
Savage Sporter Mdl 23AA .22 cal LR rifle, Bolt action mag, SN 142974
Savage Mdl 93, 22 cal WMR, rifle, bolt action mag, weaver marksman 4x scopr sling , SN 015266
Stevens Crack Shot, .22 cal LR, rifle drop block, youth 34”, SN V451
Stevens Visible Loading Repeater, .22 cal rifle S, L, LR, pump, youth 36” long, SN 0975
Stevens Visible Loading Repeater, .22 cal S,L,LR, pump rifle, good condition, SN 1550
Stevens visible loading repeater 30-7, .22 cal Rifle, S,L,LR, pump action, youth 36” long, SN PO416
Stevens Mdl 66-B .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt action tube feed
Stevens Mdl C Whippet 22 cal rifle, S, L, LR, bolt action single shot, bolt missing
Weatherby MarkXXII 22 cal LR, semi auto rifle, mag, SN J-39474
Wards Western Field Mdl 14M, .22 cal LR, lever action rifle, repariable, missing forearm, SN 488A
Western Field Mdl NC17, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt action tube feed
Winchester Mdl 9422M, .22 Win Mag, lever action Rifle, sweet, SN F166097
Winchester Mdl 61, .22 cal LR, Pump rifle, octagon, SN 8592
Winchester Mdl 62A, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, pump rnd bbl, butt stock 90%, SN 324765
Winchester Mdl 67 .22 rifle, S,L,LR, bolt action, single shot, rifle
Winchester Mdl 67A, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, bolt action single shot
Winchester Mdl 69 22 Rifle, .22 cal S,L,LR, bolt, mag, peep sight
Winchester Mdl 72, .22 cal rifle, S,L,LR, Bolt action table feed
Winchester Mdl 74 .22 cal LR, semi auto rifle, stock tube feed, SN 273342A
Winchester Mdl 75 rifle, 22LR, bolt action mag 28” bull bbl 45” overall, ramp sight, SN 83575X
Winchester 121, 22 s, l, lr, single shot bolt action rifle
Winchester Mdl 190, .22 cal rifle, L,LR, semi auto, tube, Weaver marksman scope, SN B1740337

Armi I1 Tius, .880, 5-shot revolver, 2 ½” bbl, SN 83274
P Berretta Brevet .635, semi auto pistol, 1953, 2 ¼” bbl, SN 72555A
Colt Mdl DA-41, .41 cal, 6 shot revolver, 6’bbl, SN 456
Cooper Firearms Mfg Original Mdl 1863 Pocket Pistol, .32 black powder, single action, percussion, 5 shot revolver, 4”bbl, SN2836
Femara-Fegyver-Esgepoyar Rt 37M, semi auto pistol, 4”bbl, SN 171959
German Parabellum WCCC 9mm, semi auto pistol , 3 ¾” bbl, SN 3542
Iver Johnson US Arms & Cycle .32 cal 5-shot revolver, US grips, 4”bbl, SN I43733
Mauser Sig Arms Mdl M2, NRA, 45 semi auto pistol , extra clip, 2 ½”bbl, New in box, SN MC002680
Remington Rand Mdl 1911, 45 semi auto pistol, 3 ½”bbl, SN 49193
Remington UMC, 38 special, semi auto pistol, 3”bbl, SN PA3765
Rexio Mdl OS 4/10-S, 45 long Colt, 410, break action , single shot pistol, synthetic stock/forearm, 10 ¼” bbl, SN 112830
Ruby Spain Ruby extra .38 special CTG, 6 shot revolver, 6” bbl, SN 596654
Ruger Security-Six, Minneapolis Police Commemorative .357 Magnum, 6 shot revolver, stainless steel, adjustable sights, 4”bbl, SN 154-11028
Ruger Super Blackhawk, .44 mag, 6 shot revolver, soft grips, 7 ½”bbl, SN 82-18698
Sturm Ruger New Mdl Single Six, 32 H&R Mag, 6 shot revolver case hardened, white grips, new, in the box, 4 ½”bbl, SN 650-52688
Star Spain, Star 9mm, semi auto pistol, SN 25201
Smith & Wesson dbl action .41 mag, 6 shot revolver, 4”bbl, wood box, SN N650649
Smith & Wesson dbl action .41 mag, 6 shot revolver, 8 ¼”bbl, wood box, SN N473458
Smith & Wesson single action, .32 cal, 5-shot revolver, 3 ¼” bbl, SN 16351
Smith & Wesson .32 long, 6 shot revolver, 4 ¼” bbl, SN 15455
Stoeger Uberti, .45 L.C., unfired, single action, 6 shot revolver, 4 ¾”bbl, rosewood grip, SN J50718

Armi FH Tanfoglio Mdl E-15, 22 LR Mag, 6 shot revolver, SN 49189
Colt Challenger 22 LR, semi auto pistol, 6”bbl, SN 74538C
Colt Frontier Scout Revolver, 22 LR, 6 shot revolver, 6”bbl, gold trigger, cylinder, reloader, New in box w/ golden spike, RR 1869-1969, SN 10365
Colt Woodsman, .22 cal LR, semi auto pistol, 4” bbl, white Colt grips, SN 131926
Colt Civil War Centennial Mdl 22 short, single shot (revolver lookalike), 6”bbl, SN 16597W
Colt Civil War Centennial Mdl 22 short, single shot pistol, in box, SN 19123W
Colt Woodsman 22 LR, semi auto pistol , extra clip, 6 ½”bbl, box, SN 85415
Colt Woodsman 22 LR, semi auto pistol, extra clip, 6”bbl, 2 grip extenders, SN 121169-S
Colt Frontier Scout Revolver, 22 LR, 6 shot revolver, 6”bbl, gold trigger, cylinder, reloader, New in box w/ golden spike, RR 1869-1969, SN 10265
Colt Huntsman, 22 LR, semi auto pistol, 4 ½” bbl, SN 92055-C
C & W 6mm/22 single shot pistol, 10 ¼”bbl, SN RK10
Harrington & Richardson .22 Special, revolver 6”bbl, SN518996
Herters WH Schmit German, Herters Mdl 70, 22 LR single action, 6 shot revolver, 5 ½”bbl, cracked grip, SN 523907
Hi Standard SportKing 22 LR, semi auto pistol, 6 5/8”bbl, SN 375539
Hi Standard Double Nine 22, 9 shot revolver, 5 ½”bbl, SN 949041 W-101
Hopkins & Allen Arms, .32, 5 shot revolver, 2 ½” bbl, SN B857
I.J.A. & C. Wks 22, 8 shot revolver, 6”bbl, SN M42248
North American Arms Companion, mini 22, percussion, 5 shot revolver, 1 ½”bbl, SN 62441
RG IND. Mdl RG23, .22 cal LR, 6-shot revolver, 1 ¾” bbl, SN 235716
Rossi Derringer, 22 hammer double barrel break action, hammered, dbl trigger, 2 ¾”bbl, SN 234656
Ruger New Bearcat 912, 22 LR, 6 shot revolver, 4”bbl, box, SN 93-18825
Whitney .22, semi auto pistol, 4 ½” bbl, SN 30766

FIE Italy, .32 black powder, 5-shot percussion revolver, 5 ¾” bbl, SN A9346
Replica Arms Inc, .44 black powder, percussion, 6-shot revolver, 8” bbl, SN A6524
Continental Arms .44 cal black powder pistol, percussion dbl hammer, 8 ¼”bbl, dbl trigger, SN 4488
Euro Arms of America Rogers & Spencer Italy Navy, .44 black powder, percussion, 6 shot revolver, 7 ½” bbl, SN 024818
WM Ormsby Patterson Style .44 black powder, 6 shot percussion revolver, 7” bbl, SN A49259
Thompson Octagon .45 black powder pistol, percussion octagon, 9” bbl, dbl trigger, , SN 30572
Kahnke Gunworks Mdl 82, .45 black powder, percussion, single shot pistol, 12”bbl, SN1012
Rogers & Spencer 44 black powder, percussion, 6 shot revolver, 7 ½”bbl, SN 1266
(6) F Llipietta Navy Revolvers , .36 &44 cal cal black powder, 6-slot percussion revolvers
Hopkins & Allen Flat lock pistol, 45 black powder, kit gun, 9 ½”bbl

Gamo Whisper .177 cal, break pump rifle, synthetic, Spain, SN 04-K183254-07
Gamo Shadow Express .177 cal, break pump rifle, synthetic, Spain, SN 04-K-582017-07
Crossman Pellet Rifle, pump, SN 58170
Daisy Mdl 25, 88, 99, 572, 107, 880 BB guns

Liberty Fatboy, 64 gun Safe plus handgun pockets in door. – 60 in Tall X 42 in wide X 27 ½ in deep (Grey)
Amsec, 48 gun Safe – 60 in tall X 40 in wide X 26 in deep (Black)
Liberty Washington, 39 gun Safe w 2 shelves – 73 in Tall X 42 in wide X 27 ½ in deep (White)
Stack On Elite – 29 in tall X 21 in wide X 19 ½ in deep
Stack On Safe Cabinet – 55 in tall X 20 ½ wide X 16 in deep
Sentinel Safe Cabinet – 53 in tall X 17 in wide X 13 ½ in deep

Original Remington Gun Dealer back counter sign 23 ¾ in long X 10 ¼ tall
1954 Cardboard Western Winchester Hunt Scene Gun & Ammo poster
Cardboard Savage First in Field sign (bottom cut)
Les Kouba –
*Darkhouse Spearing,
*Dark House Action, 4851/5000
*Dark House Finale 4408/5000
*Magic of Dark House Spearing 35/3000
Original Winchester Catalog No 75, March 1909
Remington Modern Firearms & Ammo catalog No 107 1923, 1974 reprint
History of Smith & Wesson book
The Colt Heritage book
1977 Herters Catalog
1964 Winchester/Western Sporting Arms Catalog
1977 Remington Sporting Firearms & Ammo Catalog

Brass Winchester & Remington UMC 12 ga. shotgun shells
UMC 9mm Luger, UMC 25 Auto, Super Vel .38 spl
CCI Blazer 25 Auto, Win 32 auto, Remington 32 LC
S&W 380 Auto, Rem 32 Colt Police Positive,
Bricks of Herters 22, Remington,
Wide variety of collector 22 ammo many brands
Wide variety of collector Shotgun shells – many brands
.410- 10 gauge, Brick of Herters mdl Perfect Shot shell primers H209
boxes of old caliber ammo .35 Rem, 32-40 Win, 38-55 Win, 30-40 Krag etc. and much more
Plus a mix of current .22 & shot gun ammunition check for complete listing

Herters 903 Super, & U3 Super reloaders
Lachmiller reloader, Pacific & Magnomatic reloaders
Savage mdl 600 shot shell press

Snow Shoes, many leather handgun holsters,
Many wooden ammo boxes- 22 cal , .410 – 10 gauge Winchester and others
(2) replica Civil War Swords
Old duck decoys, new decoys in box, Winchester knives, old hunting knives, WWII US wool long overcoat, Firearm cases, spearing decoys

Bear Whitetail Hunter compound bow
Cobra Compound bows
Cross bow
Long bows
Many broad head and target arrows