Large Gas, Oil and Collectible Auction: AUGUST 28

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Posted on: Monday, August 16th, 2010

When: August 28, 2010 @ 9AM
Where: Located 1.5 miles east of Osakis on Hwy 27, Turn left onto East Lake Rd 2150 East Lake Road (East side of Lake Osakis)
Terms: Cash, Check, VISA/MasterCard, 0% Sales Tax, 0% Buyer’s Premium Onsite, 18% Buyer’s Premium Online
Sellers: Tony and Donna Borash

Be prepared to buy in two rings… this is a large auction!
Selling Order:
9:00AM: Gas Collectables
10:00AM: Live & Online Bidding begins on Gas Signs
11:30AM: 2nd Ring begins with yard collectables
Noon: Collector Car, Horse Statue and Aluminum Utility Trailer
1:00PM Live & Online Ring continues with Beer Collectables

Online Bidding
As with most of our specialty auctions, in an effort to accommodate all interested parties, we are offering live online bidding on our key lots. The online bidding is provided by Proxibid. Please visit their site to register and view the catalog. For technical support please contact Proxibid directly at (877) 505.7770.

Absentee Bids/Phone Bidding
While we prefer any absentee bids or phone bids be handled by placing a pre-bid on Proxibid, we understand that this is not always possible. If you would like to place an absentee bid or phone bid on any item, you will need to make arrangements with our office no later than the close of business on August 27th. We will require a major credit card to handle your bid. The buyer’s premium for an absentee bid or phone bidding is 18%.

Rare 6 foot Porcelain Mobil Flying Horse 1 sided
6 foot round Sinclair HC Porcelain 2 sided
Husky “Shield” 2 sided Porcelain
White Rose 2 sided Porcelain Round
Texaco 2 sided Round Porcelain
Royal Crown Gas Round Porcelain
Shell Yellow “Shell” Porcelain 2 sided
Willys Round 2 sided
Mobil gas Shield 1932 2 sided Porcelain
EN-AR-CO Motor oil tin
BF Goodrich
Polarine 1 sided Porcelain
Gargoyle Mobil oil Rectangular Porcelain
Firestone Porcelain
Gulf Pride 1 Rectangular
Red Crown 1 sided Rectangular
Husky “Blue” w/ Frame
Good Year Tires Winged Shoe
Midland Co-op Tires tin
Goodyear Tires Selected Dealer Porcelain 1 sided
Goodyear Service Station Porcelain 1 sided
Pennzoil 1 sided tin
Uniroyal tin
Kool Motor Oil
AC Delco Batteries
Pennsylvania Turnpike Tires 2 sided tin
Porcelain Goodyear Diamond farm tires
Kleener Nuphtha Deep Rock
Quaker State 2 sided tin
Phillips 66 “Shield” Orange Porcelain 2 sided
Phillips 66 Round Porcelain 2 sided
Phillips 66 “Shield” Red Porcelain 2 sided
Iso Vis Standard Motor Oil 2 sided Round
Phillips 66 Orange “Shield” 2 sided
Wolf’s Head Oval tin
Phillips 66 Red Shield 2 sided Porcelain
Standard Gasoline & Motor Oil 2 sided Porcelain
Keynoil 2 sided Oval Porcelain
Goodrich Tires 1 sided Porcelain
India Tires Porcelain 1 sided
Goodyear Tires
Motor Oil/ “Now” 2 sided tin
Valvoline 2 sided Porcelain Tin
Conoco Nth Motor Oil Tin
Iso-Vis Motor Oil Round 2 sided Porcelain
U.S. Royal Tires tin
Goodrich Silvertowns Porcelain 1 sided
Kendall tin
Pennzoil tin
Porcelain Atlas Standard Oil
Mobil Distributer
Skelly Tagoline 2 sided Porcelain
Socony Aircraft Oils Porcelain
Standard Polarine Round 2 sided Porcelain
Polarine tin in frame
Goodyear Batteries 2 sided Diamond Porcelain
Ring Free 2 sided tin
Pennzoil Tin Chalkboard
2 sided Pennzoil
White Rose Cabinet Sign 2 sided Porcelain
Pennzoil Oval Porcelain
Pennzoil “Sound Horn”
Delco 2 sided Flange
Oval Flange Goodrich Porcelain
Gulftane Price Sign 2 sided w/changeable #s tin
Claean Rest Room 3 Sign Set Porcelain 2 sided
Firestone Tin
Flange Ivaline Winona Oil Company Tin
Getty Oil
Riley Bros
Gates Tires Tin
Petrolium Colonial Pipeline
BF Goodrich Round Tin
Pure Firebird Super Plastic
Pure Firebird Regular Plastic
Goodyear Wing Ft Sign
Shells Porcelain
Union 76 Plastic

Full Feathered Eagle Globe
Pure Globe
Cutthroat Eagle Globe (crack in base)
Mobil Gas Special Globe
Midland Globe
Power Max Skelly Globe
Clark Globe
Champlin Globe
Sinclair “Power-x Super Fuel” Globe “Dino Gasoline”
Skelly Regular Globe
Skelly Keotane Globe

Petrolina Collectables
Curved Pump Plate Texaco Fire Chief
Texaco Motor Oil 2 sided Tin
Texaco Diesel Chief Porcelain Pump Plate
Husky Fiber Glass Pump Plate
Mobil Premium Pump Plate
Mobil Regular Pump Plate
No-Nox Pump Plate Porcelain
Sinclair Pump Plate Porcelain
No-Nox Pump Plate Porcelain
Pure-Pep Porcelain Pump Plate
“Fill em Fast” Pump Plate Porcelain
Castrol Porcelain
Gulf No-Nox Pump Plate Porcelain
2 sided Atlas Tires Tin
Dx Thermometer
Sinclair Power-X
Glass Drive Safely Plate
Glass Drive Safely Plate
Glass Drive Safely Plate
Glass Drive Safely Plate
Glass Drive Safely Plate
Glass Drive Safely Plate
Mobil Glass Pump Plate
Shell Glass Pump Plates
Blue & White Glass Pump Plates
Gargoyle Mobil Grease wooden case for 6 10lb. Cans stamped on both ends
Gargoyle Mobil Oil Arctic for 2 5 gal. cans
Mobil Gas Red Fuel Pump
Crown Gasoline Perfection Oil Case for Horse Wagon
Turn of Century
Red Oil Resivore
100 lb. Grease Barrel Mobil
100 lb. Grease Barrel Mobil Product
Kerosene Resivore w/Pump light & 2 qt
Pennzoil outboard Motor Oil 1 qt
2 NIB Sinclair Dino Soap
Deep Rock Window Cleaner
3 jars: Pennzoil, Troll Oil, Skelly
3 jars: Pennzoil, Troll Oil, Skelly
3 jars: Pennzoil, Troll Oil, Skelly
Mobil Oil Filpruf Gargoyle 1 qt
Standard Oil co. Polarine 1 qt
Pennzoil Outboard Motor Oil can display w/ 5 cans
3 full, 2 empty cans, Snowmobile, Outboard Oil
Pennzoil “Motor” cooler w/ Propellor
6 Shell Lids
6 Shell Lids
Pure Oil Grease can 2 sided
Keynoil White Eagle 1927 2 sided Grease can
Amoco Outboard Oil can
Amoco Outboard Oil can
Zerolene Oil can
Polarine Oil can
Texaco Ford Oil can
Texaco Oil
En-ar-co Black Beauty Axle Grease
Keynoil Motor Oil White Eagle can
Riverside Cream Separator Oil can Montgomery Ward
& Co.
Sinclair Motor Oil
Tiolene Motor can
Phillips 66 Uniform w/2 Caps, Shirt, Pants, 14 1/2 Short
Phillips 66 Cardboard boxes (2)
Lot of 4 cans, Trek(full), Thermo(full),
Winter Flo(empty), Frost Chek(empty)
3 Hats: Kendall, Valvoline, Quaker State
5 Mobil Oil Charts, 1941, 1958, 1970
Phillips 66 Trop-Artic Bank
Mobil Oil Gargoyle Oil can holder
1911 MN License Plate Porcelain w/ chips
1911 MN License Plate Porcelain very good condition
1915, 1916,1917 MN Tin License Plate
License Plate 1918, 1919, 1920 Tin
MacDonald Brass Gas Nozzel
Morrison Brass Gas Nozzel
Old Wooden Baby Cradle
Husky Wooden Box
Gas Gallon Price Calculator, Paper in Frame, Full
Sheets: 16.5, 20.9, 26.6 “Different Prices”
Kendall 2 sided Curb Sign w/ stand NIB 1970’s era
Castrol Oil Bottles 2 sizes
Shell Bottle x 100 Motor Oil
Mobile Horse License Plate Holder
Mobile Horse License Plate Holder
Mobile Horse License Plate Holder
Mobile Horse License Plate Holder

Mostly quart cans
Husky Empty Oil Can Good Condition
Gold Medal Oil Can Empty
Gold Medal: Kunz Oil Company Empty, Dented
Phillips 66 Aviation Oil can
Gargoyle Aero Mobil Oil
Quaker State Racing Motor Oil
Whiz 30 degree Below Zero Starting Oil
Ace Wil-flo low 30 Oil can
Harley Davidson Oil can empty
Premium Motor Oil can
Paraline Heavy Duty Yellow & Green can
Richlube Oil can
Ace empty
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Oil Full
Oilzum Full
D 303 Texaco Full
Phillips 66 Premium Full
Full Para Lube
Empty Dx DHD
Tidewater empty
Falcon empty
Midland Supreme Full
Conoco Full
Sears Spectrum Full
Enco Full
Full Maxoil Dented can Full
Full Macmillan Full
Deep Rock Full
Blue Enco Full
Midland Golden D Full
Midland Golden D Full
Paraline Full
Paraline Full
Texaco Ursa Si Full
Texaco Ursatex Full
Wolf’s Head Multi duty Full
Wolf’s Head
Union’s Tracto Full
Univerzol Full
Wm Penn Full
Midland Full
Phillips HDS Full
Texaco Aircraft Full
HyVis Full
Champlin Empty
Univerzol Full
Supreme Full
Full & Dented Deep Rock Kerr McGee
Empty Kerr McGee Deep Rock
Sinclair Full Tenol
Midwest Premium Full
Puritan Pure Full
Uniflo Skelly Empty
Archer Full
Acher Full Dented
Texaco Aircraft Full
Wolf’s Head
Wm Penn Single Grade
Klotz Chemical Racing Full
Veedol Full
Dx Special Full
Red Indian Empty
Red Indian Aviation Empty
Roco Heavy Duty “Red” Full
Roco Multigrade Empty “gold”
Gulflube XHD Dented Full
Gulf Multigrade Full
Tidex Dented Full
Lubie Cube Full
Shell Premium Aroshell Full
Esso Huile AD Aviation Full
Peerless B/A Empty
B/A Empty
Archer Rustop Full
Shell Outboard
Conoco Bank
Wolf’s Head Bank
Amoco Bank
Phillips 66 Trop-Artic Bank
Phillips 66 Trop-Artic Bank
Cities Service
Marvel Oil Full
Friction Proofing Oil Full
Union 76 Bank Empty
Conoco Full
Shell Full
Koatsal Lubricant Empty
Archer Partial Oiler
Pure Sure Oiler
Midland 1/2 Full Oiler
Cities Service Partially Full Oiler
Shell Full
Phillips 66 Partially Full
Royal Bohemian Electric Clock

Oil & Gas
Many Quart Oil cans,
Many Grease Cans
Match books
Yard Sticks
Small Oil Thermometers
Small Oil Advertising banks
Gambles Advertising Cans
4 – Glass oil bottle carriers
Standard Checker Set
Ash Trays
Spark Plugs
Shell Bottle Caps
2 cycle oil cans
2 Advertisement Plane banks
16 Advertisement truck banks

Gas & Oil Reproduction
Husky Sign
Poly Oil Cans
Texaco Marina Glass Globe
Poly Gas Globe
Husky Globe

Red Wing
3 Gallon water cooler w/ stand small wing
3 gallon birch leaf butter churn with cover
3 gallon large wing churn with cover
2 gallon small wing churn with cover
2 gallon small wing churn with no cover
2 – 2 gallon large wing crocks
1 – 3 gallon salt glaze
5 gallon salt glaze crock
50 Serving Pieces of Red Wing Oomph Ware (Victory) Bake Ware
Big old wooden butter churn

Beer Neons & Lights
Hamm’s Roller Light
Grain Belt Bottle Cap Neon Light
Bud Country neon
Grain Belt Bottle neon
Pig’s Eye neon
Busch Lite Bottle Neon
Bud Bow tie neon
Schmidt Beer Neon Light

7 foot Kiewel Bottle Ad Sign
White Seal Patch
Kiewel’s Mirror w/Lady & Dog
Kiewel’s Black Tray 1907 Crookston, MN
Kiewel’s White Seal Beer Tin on Cardboard Black
Label “We Serve”
Kiewel’s White Seal Beer Tin on Cardboard Sign
White Seal Beer Cardboard Store Display
Kiewell’s Deer Picture Light Wild Northern White
Tail Buck #82
Split Kiewel Cardboard Case w/ 21 Bottles (empty)
Kiewel’s Picnic Beer Wooden Case w/ 4 Picnic Bottles
Kiewel Wooden Beer Pony Keg
Kiewel’s Glass
“To Your Health” Kiewel Mug w/Languages
Kiewel’s Picnic Beer Bottle w/cup
Kiewel’s Bottles(2), Grain Lager Bottle
White Seal Cone Can
White Seal Cone Top Beer Can w/cap
Kiewel Pieces: Labels, Coasters, Bottle Openers, etc
Kiewel White Seal Cardboard POS Beer Bottle Display Dark
Kiewel’s Cardboard Sign Sportsman Perferred
Kiewel White Seal Cardboard POS Beer Bottle Display Light
Kiewel POS Cardboard Sign White Seal
Kiewell POS Small Cardboard Sign
Real Old Time Flavor
10 Kiewel Paper bags w/ handles
White Seal Beer Cardboard & Foil Sign
White Seal Beer Glass Picture Cardboard
Cutout behind Glass
Kiewel Wooden Case 80 cent White Seal Beer
Kiewel Wooden Case Spray Painted Blue
Alexandria, MN
Kiewel Wooden Case w/Tax Stamp Great Condition
Kiewell, Little Falls, MN Wooden Case
Kiewel’s Porcelain Back For Neon Light Sidewalk
Store Sign
8 Kiewel Glasses

Grain Belt Plastic Crappie
Grain Belt Plastic Sunfish
4 Grain Belt Ducks, Plastic
Grain Belt Duck, Plastic
Grain Belt Duck Plaque
Grain Belt Glass Sign
Grain Belt M Tin Sign Minneapolis Brewing 1920’s era
Grain Belt “Friendly Beer” Cardboard Sign in Plastic Frame
Grain Belt Wooden Case w/Top
Grain Belt Cardboard Case
Grain Belt 1 sided Tin Sign Diamond Shaped “M”
Grain Belt Frying Pan
Grain Belt Wooden Beer Case
Royal Bohemian Wooden Beer Case
Walter’s Eau Claire, WI Wooden Picnic Case
Hamm’s Stemmed Glasses(4) Pitcher
Schmidt’s Cardboard Sign
Hamm’s Cardboard display with bear
Schmidt’s 12” x 18” metal sign
Set of Bud Girls (7)
Set of 4 Grain Belt Diamond
Miller High Life Scott Zoellick
Old Milwalkee Wildlife set
Hamm’s Bear set of 4 mirrors
Many Beer Trays
Rapala Glasses with Lures
Old Bottle caps
Placemats: Grain Belt & Hamm’s
Assorted Tap Knobs
Hamm’s Tapper
Bottle Labels and Coasters
Bobbers: Schlitz’s, Hamm’s, Bud, & Grain Belt
Grain Belt Heritage Books
Bud Decorative Plates
Bud Frog Dart Cabinet
Pails: Linenkugel, Bud, & Miller Lite
Small Salt & Pepper Beer Shakers
Collection of 20 Bud Collector Banks (1988-1996)
Hamm’s Cooler/Chair
Hamm’s Bear Bank
Hamm’s Openers, coasters, playing cards, & ash tray
Hamm’s “Wrist Watch” Clock

1 complete collection of Schmidt 21 collector beer cans
Assorted Beer cans
Old 6 & 12 Pack cardboard cartons: Cold Spring, Fitger’s Grain Belt, & Royal Bohemian
Cardboard Beer Cases:
Cold Spring
Grain Belt Ponies
Grain Belt
Schmidt’s City Club
Wooden Cases:
Cold Spring
Royal Bohemian
Grain Belt

Terry Redlin Steins – 3 in Series
Assorted Hamm’s steins
Grain Belt
Pig’s Eye
Assorted Bud Steins
& More

Bud Frog
Hamm’s Paper cups & Buckets
Many beer glasses: Hamm’s Grain Belt, Schmidt, Fitger’s, Linenkugel’s, Walter’s, Cold Spring, Royal Bohemian, & More
Schmidt Collector Series 1 & 2 Pitchers & glasses

Pictures – Cardboard advertising
Cases: Wooden,
Many Plastic Cases
Paper Cups
Old Bottle Caps
Pepsi Advertising

Pop and Cigarette Signs
Viceroy Tin Sign
Camel Flange Tin Sign, 2 sided
Chesterfield Tin Sign
Chesterfield L & M Flange 2 sided
Chesterfield Milder Sign
Camel Tin Sign
Yahoo Mt. Dew Tin Sign
Squirt (2) Cardboard Signs
Pepsi “Be Sociable” Sign
(4) Brass Harness Bells
64 inch Harness Brass Bell Strap, (15 bells) sizes 1-15,
30 inch Harness Spreader Rings set
14 inch Harness Spreader Rings set

German Cuckoo Clocks
Cuckoo Clock West German 8 Day
Cuckoo Clock German
German Cuckoo Clock
Small German Cuckoo Clock
Cuckoo Clock w/ Deer on top Hunting Clock, German
Small Cuckoo Hunting Clock German
Wooden Wheel Clock Engadine
German Key Wind Cuckoo Clock

Collector Car
1947 Chevrolet 2 door business coupe (green) 6 cylinder, 3 speed , biege/brown interior, excellent restored condition,

Felling Rough Rider 6 X 12 aluminum single axel flat bed utility trailer with drop gate and 20 in sides (like new)

Horse Statue
Life Size 8×5 Fiber Glass grey horse with harness and Buggy

10 Piece Boudouare set w/ Blue Fruit Pattern including pitcher and basin and accessories
Owl Budweiser Stein w/box
Falcon w/box
Bald Eagle w/box
Dotson Mankato, MN, Cast Iron “Duck” Shoe Scraper
2 – Sauerkraut cutters
2 quart glass 80 Dazey butter churn
1 gallon glass butter churn
2 – McCoy flower pots
Old glass lamps
Les Kouba “May in Minnesota” framed picture
Les Kouba & Bud Grant “Opening Day on Lake Mille Lacs” framed picture
“White Tail Tracks” framed picture
Set of 4 Carnation Milk bottles
Candle Chandelier
8 Track Tapes
Old records
Old coffee and spice cans
Old fruit jars with Zinc and Glass lids
Pig collection
Set of 6 Japanese gold rimmed plates
Monk Cookie Jar
Tweety and Sylvester cookie jar
8 – Smurf glasses
Papa Smurf NIB Animal
2 – Alvin chipmunk glasses
2 NIB Pound Puppies
Old Toys
Goodyear model trucks
Fisher Price old toys
Sleigh bells & Spreaders rings
2 –sets Horse Harness
8- Old lanterns
Old fishing equipment
Fishing bobbers: Power Ranger, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy
1 old sword & sheath from India
Old Collector Toys
Barn Siding
5 – Old hand water pumps
3 – Cisterns pumps
1 large float ball
Cream cans
Milk Pails
Old Hiawatha Bike – Good Condition
Trick Bike
4 – metal lawn chairs
Engine holder metal stand
2 – Wooden picnic table
Old green ivory ice box
Cast iron cow
Lightning rods & balls
Copper boilers
Old fire extinguishers
Hand scythe
Lobster trap
Grill for 8 N Ford
Large infra red grill
Old Burlap Sacks
Red Skin Chew Tobacco spittoon
Old Tobacco memorabilia
Railroad maps
Maps with gas & oil advertisement on them
Gas, Oil, Beer, Pop, Gum, Match book collection

Tube Radios
Large Radiloa floor model radio
Small Coronado Radio – Table Model
Zenith & Emerson Table Model radios

10 inch radio arm saw Craftsman
Misc. Plumbing
Nail guns
Old tool chest on wheels with tools
Old Brace and Bits