John Deere and Allis Chalmers Collector Tractor Auction – May 15, 2010

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Posted on: Thursday, April 15th, 2010

When: May 15, 2010 @ 9:30am
Selling Order: 9:30 am Parts &, Manuals, 11:30 Tractors followed by machinery and remaining parts
Where: 20789 Meadowvale Rd. NW, Elk River, MN 55330
Terms: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, 0% Sales Tax, 0% Buyer’s Premium Onsite, 18% Online Buyer’s Premium (Discounted on Tractors to 5% with Cash payment)

Schultz Auctioneers is pleased to present Dennis & Arleen’s antique John Deere and Allis Chalmers tractor collection. Due to failing health and 8 heart stints it has become time to pass on their Orange & Green Tractors to you. We invite you to come and share their passion. Make plans to attend! It will be a great day! We’ll see you at the auction!

There is a photo gallery of the highlights at the bottom of this page.  Be sure to scroll down and take a look at the photos! To view photos of all lots in sale order, please visit our page on Proxibid –  Note, the online catalog will be posted approximately seven days prior to the auction.

Online Bidding on Major Items!
Proxibid - Live Internet BiddingAs with most of our specialty auctions, in an effort to accommodate all interested parties, we are offering live online bidding on our key lots.  The online bidding is provided by Proxibid.  Please visit their site to register and view the catalog (for technical support please contact Proxibid directly at (877) 505.7770).

Absentee Bids/Phone Bidding
While we prefer absentee bids and phone bidding be handled directly through Proxibid, we understand this is not always possible.  If you would like to place an absentee bid or phone bid on any item, you will need to make arrangements with our office no later than 3PM Central on April 16th.  We will require a major credit card to handle your bid.  The buyer’s premium for an absentee bid or phone bidding is 18%.

Listing of items to be sold
John Deere Tractors
1934 model A Unstyled, open fan shaft, narrow front, factory round spoke front & rear wheels, fenders, restored & running, sn#411940
1937 model A Unstyled, restorable/ parts tractor, narrow front, with belkin over drive, sn# 443046
1937 model A Unstyled, restorable tractor, narrow front, sn #455983
1937 model A Unstyled, parts frame tractor sn#445514
1946 model A Styled, restorable tractor, narrow front, sn#567728
1953 model AR, running tractor (originally shipped to Canada) sn#283628
1936 model B Unstyled, parts tractor, narrow front, sn# 26213
1937 model B Unstyled, runable tractor, narrow front, sn#37401
1937 model B Unstyled, running tractor, narrow front, sn#39749
1938 model B Unstyled, long frame, narrow front tractor, engine stuck, sn# 57034
1942 model B Styled running tractor, with circle saw rig, narrow front, sn#131210
1945 model B parts/ frame tractor, sn#141356
1945 model B parts / frame tractor, engine free, sn# 171531
1938 model G unstyled restorable, tractor, narrow front, low radiator serial number, serial #2762,stuck, has high radiator
1940 model G unstyled, narrow front, round spoke rear and weight, engine stuck, sn# 9585
1941 model G styled, running tractor, narrow front, sn#34257
1947 model D runnable sn# 170710
1942 model H runnable tractor, narrow front, sn# 42231
1948 model M restored, runnable tractor, wide front, sn# 18532
1949 model MT runnable tractor, narrow front, sn# 10462
1949 model R diesel running tractor, running pony motor, new front tires with painted rims, (needs new wiring harness) sn# 3456
1951model R diesel restored, running tractor, running pony motor, sn# 6871
1959 model 630 gas, running, tractor, narrow front, power steering, rollomatic, no 3 point, Sn# 630486
1959 model 730 Diesel, running, tractor, electric start, wide front, no 3 point, sn#7319685
1959 model 830 Diesel, running, tractor, running pony motor, (needs wiring harness to pony motor) sn# 8300932

Allis Chalmers Tractors
1950 model B gas tractor, wide front, running, good paint, sn# B102658 with Artsway Belly mower
1952 model CA gas tractor, wide front, running, good paint, sn# CA22131
1940 model RC gas tractor, wide front, runnable, sn #4593
1948 model WD gas tractor, narrow front, not running, converted to 12V Generator, sn# 5916
1950 model WF gas tractor, runable, wide front, Wheatland Standard, sn# 7966
1952 model WD45 gas tractor, running, wide front, converted 12 Volt alternator, sn# 140885
Tractor Shovel
114 Trojan Tractor Shovel, gas front-end loader, with IH UB240 power unit, running, sn#6010T0

JD Equipment
1 X 19 JD breaking plow on rubber
JD 612 2X15 plow on steel
JD # 44 2 X 15 2 bottom plow on steel
JD M2-1214 2 bottom plow
JD 3X16 trip bottom trailer type plow
JD 4 X 16 trip bottom trailer type plow
1 MT loader
1 MT mower
1 Cultivator

John Deere Parts
24 hole tractor seat, early JD machinery seats, A Minnkota steering wheel, early B Minnkota steering, wheel, R Minnkota steering wheel, pto air pump, seat wing nut, R manifold, pair MT primed fenders, early A-B loop drawbar, 1934 A centerfill tank hood, H cast iron front wheel, usb #B114 crankshaft w flywheel, usa #A 102 crankshaft, 2 original brass oil filters, New 830 steering wheel w JD medallion, H radiator, (2) tractor umbrellas, tractor lights, B block engine head, B grill shells, loop draw bar light bars, B breathers, hyd cylinder holder, clutch lever, B water outlet, pto shields, tool boxes, styled B gas tank & hood, A JD spring seat, baler stand, (2) cut down spoke B wheels, M parts – tunnel, transmission, gas tank, final drive, factory rear round spoke wheels, 830 cab, 830 rear wheel discs, (2) M final drives & wheel centers, (2) 16 in rims, (2) JD 6X 16 cut off spoke wheels, (2) 7.50 X18 new tires on JD rims fit D-830, (2) JD hyd cylinders, fan blades, fan shaft, governors, fly wheels, brakes, pulleys, water pipe, new exhaust pipe, top radiator tank, shutters, seat springs & brackets, (2) A manifolds, (1) H manifold, (2) unstyled A radiator, cores, M hyd lift arms, plug covers, lights, tractor wrenches, magneto parts, DLX53 parts carb, DLTX parts carb, JD 10 speed bicycle, JD A-30 steering pedestal w rollo matic, R pulley, 830 pulley, R radiator grill shell, JD 140 Lawn tractor dbl hyd blade, pair flat spoke rims, misc used tractor tires, 600 X 16 painted rim, pair front wheel spacers, pair lock rings w 10 spline round spokes, pair 10 spline early B round spoke wheels pair 12 spline A 8 X 36 factory flat spoke wheels, (1) 6 x 36 Factory round spoke F&H rim, Pair new 5 X 15 tires, 3- 8 X 36 split rims fit G & A, Pair new 13.6 X 36 tractor tires and tubes

Tractor Wheel Weights
(7) AC WD-D17, (6) F&H, (4) AC 8 7/8in. inside
(2) JD F&H, (4) JD 8 7/8 in, (2) AC front wheel weights, (4) JD R,

AC Equipment
2- 3×14, 3 pt plows
2 back blades
1 dump scraper
1 tanden disc
1 side delivery rake
1 CA cultivator
Wheel weights
Single front wheel
Arp snow blower
Metal saw
Allis Chalmers Parts
AC single front wheel
AC narrow front with gear box
(4) AC narrow fronts
(6) AC fender brackets
Paulson loader to fit AC
AC radiator screens
WD45& WD-C radiator grill shells pto shaft housing, tool boxes, C-CA seat back, AC steering wheels, starting
cranks, draw bar, plow coulters, corn picker pto pulley, WC-D-belt pulleys
WD pto gear box, alternators, generators, starters
Misc seats and parts
(2) AC 4 X 15 5 bolt rims for C – CA
(2) AC WD45 6 X 16 rims

2 Vintage Skidoo snowmobiles, #218850, #226228

7.10 X 19 ft Gooseneck machinery trailer
6 x 8 2 wheel old snowmobile trailer
Wagon gear

Motor Home & Camper
1985 Class C Yellowstone 26ft Motor home on Ford Econoline 350 Chassis, 460 Engine, Sleeps 6, Onan generator, 64,000 miles, fully loaded, excellent condition, (stored inside).
1988 Revere model Shasta Pickup Camper full amenities -excellent, condition (stored inside)
Camper storage trailer

OM – Operator Manual
PC – Parts Catalog
SM – Service Manual
John Deere R Operators Manual OM-R2012
John Deere R Parts Catalog PC-183
John Deere R Service Manual SM-2005
John Deere D Operators Manual OM-R2008
John Deere D Parts Catalog Unstyled PC-658
John Deere D Parts Catalog Styled PC-659
John Deere 730 Original Operators Manual OMR20699R
John Deere 730 Operators Manual OMR20700GB
John Deere 720/730 Parts Catalog PC532(MAY65)
John Deere 830 Operators Manual 8300000-UP
John Deere 80,820,830,830I Parts Catalog PC-766
John Deere 820 Service Manual SM2021(APR57)
John Deere 60 Service Manual SM2008(JUNE52)
John Deere 620 630 Parts Catalog PC528
John Deere G GN GW GH Parts Catalog PC369
John Deere B Operators Manual OM-R2005
John Deere B BR BO Parts Catalog Unstyled PC676
John Deere B BN BNH BW BWH Parts Catalog Styled PC330
John Deere AR AO Operators Manual OMR2004
John Deere A AR AO Parts Catalog PC674
John Deere A AR Parts Catalog Styled PC675
John Deere M Operators Manual OMTM31051
John Deere M Parts Manual PC 848
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