Jenny de Bloot Art Collection and Personal Effects

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Posted on: Friday, July 12th, 2013

The Estate ART and Final Personal Effects of Mid 20th Century Modernism Internationally Recognized Artist

Jenny de Bloot

Birth Dec 23, 1908 —– Death Dec 15, 1994 (age 85)
An important 20th century artist. She was born in Germany. Her works are collected internationally.

(Found Untouched — All out of the J. de Bloot Safety Deposit Boxes)
Including 80 pieces of oil on canvas Mid 20th Century Modernism paintings from her Estate, With her 1937 German Reich Passport, immigration documents, vintage jewelry, fur coat and her personal correspondence.

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All lots to be sold on Day 1 of the State of Minnesota Unclaimed Safe Deposit Boxes Auction.

Lot #327   (Important 55 piece group of paintings)

          Includes (35) 15 X 27 Still Life Oils on Canvas
          (9) 12 X 14 Still Life Oils on Canvas
          (3) 8 X 10 Still Life Oils on Canvas
          (7) Small Scale Studies
          (1) 12 X 20 large scale Oil on Canvas study

Lot #328 Includes Her:

          1926 Deutschreich Passport
          1946 Postparback  Nazi Stamped
          1952 & 1972 Passports
          American Naturalization papers & etc

Lots #329 – #340 Individual & Multiple pieces of Original Oil on Canvas, Watercolor, Sketches, & Studies – Still Life and Landscape

Lot #341        J de Bloot Personal Estate Jewelry – Pins and Broaches etc

Lot #342      Ladies Large Fur Coat

Lot #343         Radios and vintage slide viewer

Lot# 344       Personal & Family Photos, Correspondence, Pictures and Documents from Actor Rudolf Forester incl 1965 Play program / Hamel performed at Deutsches Theater w Forester

Lot #345         Personal Slides, landscape and Family

Lot #346         Personal Effects incl 14K sm Pocket watch & misc jewelry

Lot #347         Slides of J. de Bloot Art, Family

Lot #348         J. De Bloot Painting Brushes and supplies

Lot #349         Can of Art Glass

Lot #350         German Motorcycle Manual

Lot #351         J de Bloot 1980’s Personal Stationary of Original Art

Lot #352         J de Bloot Personal Oil Paints and Canvas

Lot #353         J de Bloot Personal effects – Papers, ID, Citizenship and Letters