International Attention on Family Auction Company

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Posted on: Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

SAUK CENTRE, MN—597 bidders from nine countries and 48 states gathered to bid at Schultz Auctioneer’s annual “Spring Rendezvous” auction of antique guns, Western collectibles, and native American artifacts. More than 350 of those bidders followed the bidding via the Internet, accounting for 30% of the 553 lots sold.

“We’re seeing more and more interest from other countries,” noted Mike Schultz, president of the firm. “This year, we were surprised to ship pieces to countries that don’t even speak English as a primary language.” Online bidders hailed from Thailand to Sweden and from The Netherlands to South Africa—as well as several other European countries.

John Schultz, vice president for operations, discussed their marketing strategy, “88% of our in-house bidders came from our direct mail list—a buyer base who has grown to trust our brand and know the kind of auction we conduct.”

Ryan George, who manages the direct mail aspect of Schultz’s auction marketing was blown away, “11% of Schultz’s 2009 mailing list came to the auction in person. That kind of response rate multiplies the typical response rate for direct mail—which already bests broadcast media in most studies. As the world goes digital and major newspapers are looking at closing their doors, Schultz has created a print audience atypical of cultural trends.”

“We’re not resting on our laurels, though,” divulged Mike. “We know the online marketplace is our future. Our online marketing is what’s bringing new bidders—especially from cultures new to us—to our auctions. Those Internet bidders almost doubled in number from our 2008 event. The number of countries they represent more than doubled, too.”

Brainstorming has already begun on how to tap the seemingly-new global interest in Wild West items, historic books, and vintage guns for the 2010 event. “We’re learning and growing,” said John, “We have fascinating items that have stories with them. And now our auctions are starting to grow stories of their own. It’s cool to see how much attention this Minnesota event gets around the world.”

Mike and John Schultz can be reached at 800-457-2967 or through email addresses available on Schultz Auctioneers conducts auctions of almost every type but specializes in lakefront, residential, and recreational real estate, as well as coins and historic collectibles.