Hunting & Sporting Estate II – October 25, 2010

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Posted on: Monday, October 18th, 2010

When: Starting now, and ending October 25, 2010 beginning at 7:15pm Central
Where: LIVE online only beginning at 7:15pm Central, October 25
Terms: 0% Sales Tax, 18% Premium

Join us starting today until October 25 for this online only auction. The auction features an excellent mixture of estate hunting and sporting collectibles including knifes, collector ammo, and more. This is the second of several auctions for this estate.

Online Bidding
As with most of our specialty auctions, in an effort to accommodate all interested parties, we are offering live online bidding powered by Proxibid. Please visit our online bidding page to register and bid. For technical support please contact Proxibid directly at (877) 505.7770.

Absentee Bids/Phone Bidding
While we prefer any absentee bids or phone bids be handled by placing a pre-bid online, we understand that this is not always possible. If you would like to place an absentee bid or phone bid, you will need to make arrangements with our office no later than the close of business on October 25.

Shipment or Pickup
Typically, we ship all purchases within 48 hours of the conclusion of the auction. The items are packaged by our staff and shipped via UPS or Postal Service, and insured for full purchase price. To handle this, we typically charge a handling fee based on the amount of work associated with packaging your purchases. This fee is typically between $5 and $7 per buyer. Irregular and fragile items typically incur a greater fee due to our desire to get you your purchase in a timely manner, but in a manner that protects your purchase. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our office. If you’d like to pickup your items, and avoid shipping costs, please contact our office by email or phone within 24 hours of the conclusion of the auction. If we haven’t heard from you by then, we typically have finished packaging and begun the shipping process.

Live Online Only
What does this mean? It means you are able to place bids starting now on any of the lots being offered. Then beginning at 7:15pm Central on October 25, we will offer live online bidding on each of the lots. At that time, your will be able to bid live on each of the lots. However, there will be no onsite crowd at the auction. All bidding will be done online. If you have questions, please contact our office. Email: or phone: (320) 573-2468.

Full Catalog of Items in Sale Order
Peters 12ga Wooden Ammo Box
(2) Time Life Books: Island Fighting and The Rising Sun
(2) Full Boxes Winchester Super-Speed 12ga Boxes
Full Box Peters High Velocity 12ga Box
Buck Creek Solinger Germany Whittler 97 Knife
Smith & Wesson 1999 1 of 5000 Knife
Pocket Knife
Imperial Ireland Pocket Knife
Case XX Pocket Knife
Pocket Knife
(2) Ace Pocket Utility Knives
Pocket Knife
Weiland Financial Group Advertising Knife
Box of (7) Lif-Lik Lures, Original Boxes
(3) Empty 22 Boxes: Western Super X, CCI Mini-Mag, and CIL Canuck
Micrometer, 4pc Wax Carver Set, and (20) 32 S&W Tear Gas Shells
Assorted Fishing Tackle Boxes
Pflueger Famous Bait No. 3750 Yel-Gold Box
Pocket Knife
Sharp US 260 Pocket Knife
Pocket Knife
Pocket Knife
Janus Pocket Utility Knife
Pocket Knife
Hammer Brand Pocket Knife
Luger Tips by Michael Reese II, Copyright 1976
Full Box Olympic 12/70
Full Box Peters High Velocity 12ga
Full Box Federal Gold Medal 12ga
Full Box Western Xpert 12ga
Wooden Peters Victor 12ga Ammo Box
Box of assorted loose collector ammo
Full Box Remington Shur Shot 12ga
Empty Box Remington Shur Shot, Two Piece Box
(4) Empty Ammo Boxes
Buck B274-BK-0 Knife
Glock Collapsible Shovel
Assorted Collector Cards, and Richard Petty Scale Car
(4) Boxes Remington Kleanbore 22, (3) Full
(3) Boxes Remington Kleanbore 22, (2) Full
(2) Full Boxes Remington Kleanbore 22
(5) Assorted Boxes Remington Kleanbore 22, (4) Full
Buck 303 Knife
Hercules 2400 Smokeless Rifle Powder Tin
Full Box Remington Shur Shot 16ga
Partial Box Western Super X 20ga
Full Box Remington Express 16ga
(3) Assorted Boxes 22LR, (2) Mohawk and (1) Remington Subsonic
(2) Total Boxes: Remington Pistol Match 22LR and Remington Standard 22LR
Full Box Winchester Super X 28ga
Partial Box Western Xpert 20ga
Full Box Fiocchi 28ga
Full Box Federal Monark 20ga
(17) Assorted Federal Monark 12ga Shells
Buck Knives Crosslock Deputy 2, B180-LS-O in Sheath
Bear MGC 742G Switch-a-Blade Guthook
Swiss Army Knife Wenger
Bear MGC 705 3-5/8″ Black Zytel Lockback
Buck Yearling B709-00-0 Knife
Buck Cadet B303-00-0 Knife
Keen Kutter KKHW18 Heritage Knife
Buck 703 Knife in Metal Tin
Full Box Eclipse 12ga Game Loads
Full Box Federal 20ga High Power
Full Box Union 16ga
Full Box JC Higgins 20ga Sportload
Partial Box Hy-Score 12ga
Empty Box Remington All American Trap Loads 12ga
RR 440 Pocket Knife
Imperial Providence Rhode Island Pocket Knife
Full Box Remington Shur Shot 16ga
(2) Full Boxes Smith & Wesson 12ga
Full Box Remington Express 12ga
Full Box Remington 45-70 Govt, 405 Grain, Soft Point, R4570G
Full Brick Junior 22 Cartridges, Made in Russia
(2) Boxes – (1) Full and (1) Partial – Remington Shur Shot 20ga
Empty Box Western Popper-Load 12ga
Empty Box Remington Express 10ga
Full Box Winchester-Western Dove & Quail Load 12ga
Full Box Western Xpert 16ga
(4) Olt Game Calls – (2) DR-115 Dbl Reed Duck, and (2) DD-120 Dbl Reed Duck
Pflueger No. 1963 Fishing Reel
Pflueger No. 1893L Fishing Reel
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Black Max 3600 Fishing Reel
Full Box Remington Express 12ga
(2) Boxes – (1) Full and (1) Partial – Eley 12ga
(3) Full Boxes Federal Field Load 25/12ga
(3) Colt Reference Books
(2) Full Boxes Western Super X 12ga
Full Box Western Xpert 16ga
Full Box Federal Monark 20ga
Full Box Federal Monark 16ga
(4) Volumes Gasoline Engines by Alan C King
(3) Tractor Sales Literature Pieces
(4) Gas Engine Sales Literature Pieces
(4) Floyd Clymer’s Historical Motor Scrapbook
Full Box Hiawatha 12ga
Buck 560-GT-O Titanium Grey Knife
Full Box Eley 12ga
Full Box Remington Kleanbore Shur Shot 12ga
(2) Full Boxes Federal Champion Target Load 25/12ga
Buck B450-RD-0 Knife
Full Box Remington Kleanbore Shur Shot 12ga
Full Box Fiocchi 12ga
Full Box Western Super X 12ga
Full Box Remington Shur Shot 12ga
Full Box Revelation 25/16ga
Full Box Federal 25/16ga
Full Box Peters Victor 16ga
Full Box Remington Shur Shot 16ga
(22) Assorted Advertising Calendars
Shooter’s Bible Gun Trader’s Guide, 5th Revised Edition
One-half plus 32 ounce coffee can full of bullets