Hunting & Sporting Estate IV – December 2, 2010

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Posted on: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

When: Starting now, and ending December 2, 2010 beginning at 7:30pm Central
Where: LIVE online only beginning at 7:30pm Central, December 2
Terms: 0% Sales Tax, 18% Premium

Join us starting today until December 2 for this online only auction. The auction features an excellent mixture of estate hunting and sporting collectibles including Fishing Tackle, Firearm Collectibles, Vintage Firearm and Sporting Literature, Vintage Collector Reference Books, and more! All sold absolute to highest bidder!

Live Online Only
What does this mean? It means you are able to place bids starting now on any of the lots being offered. Then beginning at 7:30pm Central on December 2, we will offer live online bidding on each of the lots. At that time, your will be able to bid live on each of the lots. However, there will be no onsite crowd at the auction. All bidding will be done online. If you have questions, please contact our office. Email: or phone: (320) 573-2468.

Complete Listing of Items to be Sold in Sale Order!
Box of Assorted Hunting and Sporting Collectibles
Assortment of Gun Parts including Hammers, Springs and more
Melior Pistol Grips
45 Auto Clip, and Unknown Caliber Clip
Winchester Ammunition 6-gallon Plastic Bucket
(2) Winchester Realtree Hardwoods Camo Hats, and (1) Realtree Hardwoods Camo Cap
(3) Collector Hunting and Sporting Related Containers
Hoppe’s Gun Crease Box w/ Contents
Metal Tool Gunsmith Chest
Assorted Compression Springs
Johnson 710 Fishing Reel in Box
(4) Clip Sheaths plus SA 45 Clip
Pcahmayr Recoil Absorber Pad Box
(3) Ruger Brass Locks
Crosman SuperPells 22 Cal, Tin Container, Partial
Assortment Gun Smith Powder Loading Tools
Glock Pen
Gun Smith Tools, Bullets, Original Victor Talking Machine Tag, More
Johnson’s Silver Minnow w/ Original Box
AL Foss Pork Rind Minnow Tin Box
Ideal Cotter Pins Tin Container
Canvas US Thompson’s 1943 Clip Pouch
Full Box 8mm M 30 Scharfe S-Patronen
Canvas LCC & Co 1918 Clip Pouch w/ (2) Clips
Canvas US A Reif & Co 1940 Belt Pouch w/ Carlise US Gov’t First Aid Kit
Clip Pouch w/ Clip
Harphan Bros US Stamped Leather Holster
Gas Camp Stove w/ Side Warmer
Canvas Belt
Tackle Box w/ Assorted Tackle
Tackle Box w/ Assorted Tackle
Shakespeare Wonderod Plastic Rod Container, Empty
Heddon Pal #6906 Mark IV 6-1/2′ Controlled Flex Action Rod w/ Original Cardboard Tube
Sportsman’s Encyclopedia, Copyright 1947, First Edition, First Printing
Handloader The Journal of Ammunition Reloading, January-February 1947, Number 47
The Shotshell in the United States
American Wildfowl Decoys from Folk Art to Factory, Copyright 1947, 2nd Printing 1976
The Collector’s Guide to Decoys, Bob & Sharon Huxford, Copyright 1990
American Factory Decoys, Henry A Fleckenstein, Jr, Copyright 1981
Mason Decoys A Complete Pictorial Guide, Russ J Goldberger & Alan G Haid, Copyright 1993
The Side-by-Side A History & Digest of Double Barrel Breech Loading Shotguns, Charles E Carder
Arkansas Duck Hunter’s Almanac, Steve Bowman and Steve Wright, Copyright 1998
Duck Calls of Illinois 1863-1963, Robert D Christensen, Copyright 1994
Factory Decoys of Mason, Stevens, Dodge, and Peterson, John and Shirley Delph
Collecting Antique Bird Decoys and Duck Calls, 2nd Edition, Carl Luckey
Encyclopedia of American Steam Tractor Engines, Jack Norbeck, Copyright 1976
150 Years of International Harvester, CH Wendel, Copyright 1981
The Cabinet of Natural History and American Rural Sports with Illustrations
Duck Calls and other Game Calls, Brian J McGrath, Copyright 1988
Upland Bird Hunting, Joel Vance, Copyright 1981
Book of the Black Bass, Dr. J A Henshall, Copyright 1978
Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors CH Wendel, Copyright 1979
American Gasoline Engines since 1872, CH Wendel, Copyright 1983
Marlin Model 39-A Lever Action Repeater Hang Tag
Savage Arms 1979 Catalog
Ruger Over and Under Shotgun Brochure, Copyright 1977
Colt AR-15 Sporter Rifle Caliber 223 Operation and Maintenance Manual
Colt Automatic Gov’t and National Match Model 45 Brochure
Getting the Most out of Modern Water Fowling, John O Cartier, Copyright 1974
The Wingshooter’s Handbook, 51st Edition, Poly-Choke Company, Copyright 1982
Winchester-Western 1971 Sporting Arms & Ammunition Catalog
The Weatherby Guide, 18th Edition, Copyright 1975
Dakin Gun Company Correspondence, Price List, Catalog, More, 1956
American Field Newspaper, Saturday, June 25, 1892
Hunt Scene Lithograph, 11-1/2″ x 8-1/8″
Triumph Motor Company Literature
Browning America’s Finest Sports Equipment Catalog
Fall 1970 Winchester Press
1962 Winchester Western Product Sales Guide
18″ Fox Oriters Targets
The History of Marlin Firearms
Smith & Wesson Lifetime Service Policy Rubber Mat
Assorted Winchester Catalogs and Literature
Assorted Browning Catalogs and Literature
Glock 17 Poster
1998 and 1999 Knicks Mend-Rite Company
(2) Wildlife Prints
Peter’s Dog Print
Dale Scott Duck Print
Sporting Print, 25 x 21, Matches 81
Sporting Print, 25 x 21, Matches 80
Winchester 1969 Firearms Component Parts Catalog
Assorted Reloading Literature and Bill McGuire’s Fundamentals of Gunstock Checkering
Ruger Collectors’ Association Journal, Summer 1986, and 1985 Ruger Catalog of Parts
(2) CR Speciality Company, Inc Catalogs
(3) Guns & Ammo Magazines, Feb 1964, Jun 1964, and Dec 1969
Winchester-Western 1969 Sporting Arms and Ammunition Catalog
Elliot 1981 All Sports Catalog
Simmons Gun Specialties Catalog No. 25
Rare Selections from Old Gun Catalogs 1880-1920, Joseph J Schroeder, Copyright 1977
Winchester 1980 Firearms Component Parts Catalog
Military Rifle Auction Catalog, Estate of HW Osegan Macy
Remington Rolling Block Firearms, Konrad F Schreier, Jr, Copyright 1977
Winchester 1978 Firearms Component Parts Catalog
Combination Scorebook for US Rifles, M1903 and M1 and Browning Automatic Rifle, M1918A2
A School for Nature Lovers and Sportsmen Catalog, Copyright 1944, in Original Envelope
How to Take more Fish, BF Gladding & Co, Inc, 1956
(2) Antique Guns, Hand Wieand Bowman, Copyright 1953
(2) Complete Professional Duck and Goose Calling Manuals, Herter’s, Copyright 1964
Complete Professional Duck and Goose Calling Manual, Herter’s, Copyright 1959
Chieftan Brand Taxidermists’ Supplies, JW Elwood Supply, Catalog No. 116, Original Envelope
Taxidermy Taught by Mail, Northwestern School of Taxidermy, Books 1 to 9, Original Envelopes
Assorted Northwestern School of Taxidermy Correspondence, Original Envelopes
Lessons in Taxidermy, Northwestern School of Taxidermy, Books 1 to 9
The Story of Winchester The Gun that Won the West, Copyright 1956
How to Convert Military Rifles, Williams Guns Sight Company, Fifth Edition
High Standard Catalog No. 130
Federal Catalog
Remington Peters 1972 Sporting Firearms and Ammunition Catalog
Happy Jack Catalog, 1977 – 1978
Winchester-Western 1970 Sporting Arms and Ammunition Catalog
Remington Guns 1985 Dealer Prices Brochure
Remington Guns 1984 Dealer Prices Brochure
Remington 1979 Sales Literature
Ruger 1963 Catalog
Colt 1977 Catalog
Hi-Standard Parts Price List .22 Caliber Model W-104, 1962
1981 CCI Speer RCBS Catalog
1979 Lyman Catalog
Remington Sporting Firearms & Ammunition 1982
Research Document No. 9, Breech Loading Guns, Fortress Publications
Peters Sporting Ammunition Catalog
(2) Gun Dog Magazines, Sep-Oct 1983 and Nov-Dec 1984
1978 Weatherby Catalog
1980 Weatherby Catalog
Ithaca Gun 1974 Traditional Sporting Arms Catalog
Winchester-Western Ball Powder Loading Data, May 1973
Franchi Instruction Booklet and Service Manual, Copyright 1965
Evinrude 1967 Owners Manual 33HP Ski-Twin Electric
NRA Illustrated Firearms Assembly Handbook, Fifth Printing, 1960
NRA Illustrated Firearms Assembly Handbook, Volume 2, 1964
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(5) Assorted Patches
(6) Assorted Patches
(4) Hodgdon Modern Smokeless Powders Stickers
(7) Nosler Stickers
(6) Leupold Sights
(4) Remington Wildlife Art Collection Lithographs
Winchester Western Cardboard Ammo Box with Assorted Literature primarily Catalogs
Box of Assorted Literature primarily Catalogs
Early Vintage Carrington Co Valentine
Peters True Blue Tin Sign