Hunting & Sporting Estate III – November 11, 2010

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Posted on: Monday, November 8th, 2010

When: Starting now, and ending November 11, 2010 beginning at 7:15pm Central
Where: LIVE online only beginning at 7:15pm Central, November 11
Terms: 0% Sales Tax, 18% Premium

Join us starting today until November 11 for this online only auction. The auction features an excellent mixture of estate hunting and sporting collectibles including Collector Ammo, Knives, Gunsmith Equipment, Pistol Barrels, Gun Parts, Military Patches, and more! All sold absolute to highest bidder! This is the third of several auctions for this estate.

Live Online Only
What does this mean? It means you are able to place bids starting now on any of the lots being offered. Then beginning at 7:15pm Central on November 11, we will offer live online bidding on each of the lots. At that time, your will be able to bid live on each of the lots. However, there will be no onsite crowd at the auction. All bidding will be done online. If you have questions, please contact our office. Email: or phone: (320) 573-2468.

Shipment or Pickup
Typically, we ship all purchases within 48 hours of the conclusion of the auction. The items are packaged by our staff and shipped via UPS or Postal Service, and insured for full purchase price. To handle this, we typically charge a handling fee based on the amount of work associated with packaging your purchases. This fee is typically between $5 and $7 per buyer. Irregular and fragile items typically incur a greater fee due to our desire to get you your purchase in a timely manner, but in a manner that protects your purchase. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our office. If you’d like to pickup your items, and avoid shipping costs, please contact our office by email or phone within 24 hours of the conclusion of the auction. If we haven’t heard from you by then, we typically have finished packaging and begun the shipping process.

Complete List of Items in Sale Order
(2) Full Boxes Western Super-X 410ga Rifled Slugs, 2-1/2″
Remington 1816 Flintlock Rifle Tie Clip
Remington Lake City Plant Belt Buckle, SN 3990 of 5000
Keen Kutter KKHW20 Walnut Knife w/ Original Box
Smith & Wesson Belt Buckle, Original Box, Cloth Bag
Remington Country Bugling Elk Belt Buckle
Vintage Milburn 334 Wrench
Case XX Ducks Unlimited Knife, Original Box
Winchester Western Staynless Primers, 900 Total Cnt
Remington Shotgun Tie Clip
Lead Weight, Stamped “Copyright 1983 Shiloh Entr”
Assorted Gun Parts, Springs, Screws, Sling Loops, more
BHA “Cut Your Emmissions” Utility Knife, Stainless, China
Bear MGC 406 5″ Lockback Knife w/ Clip, Original Box
Rough Rider Pocket Knife
Full Box Federal 12ga, 1oz, 8 Shot
Colt Revolvers The World’s Right Arm Belt Buckle
Buck Crosslock Knife Sheath
Block of Aluminum
Assortment of Gunsmith Tools, Colt and SJS
Full Box Remington Shur Shot 12ga, 2-3/4″, R12L-3-1-6
Remington Running White-tailed Deer Belt Buckle
Box of Assorted Gun, Sight and Scope Mount Screws
Brownells Shotgun Sight Kit
King 12-piece Needle File Set, 140mm
(3) HKS 36 Speedloaders
Assorted Gunsmith Tools and Parts
Full Box Western Xpert 12ga, 2-5/8″, 1-1/8oz, 6 Shot
Remington 1816 Flintlock Rifle Belt Buckle
Rough Rider 1902 Pocket Knife
(2) Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Clips
Braun Paxette IIm Camera
Empty Box Remington Hi-Speed 22LR and Monark 12ga
Partial Box Remington Express 20ga, 1oz, 4 shot
Remington Mdl 870 Tie Clip
Full Box Winchester-Western 12ga, 4 Buckshot
Full Box Quick-Shok MPB 22LR, High Velocity, 36 Grain, Hollow Point, 22QS1
Sturm, Ruger & Co Colt 45 6-3/4″ Stainless Barrel
Full Box Alcan 20ga, 2-3/4″, 1oz, 7-1/2 Shot
Remington Belt Buckle, Stamped Mgf. 1974 on Reverse
Rough Rider Pocket Knife
(2) Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Clips
Plaster Black Duck, “Husband Tamer” Blackduck Rolling Pin, and Glass Stopper
Chrysler Decal
von West Belt Buckle w/ Remington, Winchester, CCI and more
Browning 9mm Slide, light surface rusting
Winchester Super Speed 20ga, 2-3/4″, 1 oz, 6 shot
(2) Tin Atlas No. 6 Blasting Caps Boxes
Full Box Federal Hi-Power 410ga, 1/2 oz, 6 Shot
Full Box Remington Express 410ga, 3″, 3/4 oz, 6 Shot
Herter’s Recoil Eliminator w/ Original Instructions
Brownells Sight and Scope Mounting Drill and Tap Kit No. 2
(2) Full Boxes Red Head 12ga, 2-3/4″, 1 oz, 6 shot
Atlas Polishing Cloth Tin
Glock Knife
Remington Peters Tie Clip
Colt Single Action Army 45 Barrel, 4-3/4″
ASM-EMF SA Frontier Six Shooter 44-40, Hartford Ct Mdl Bbl, 4-3/4″
Colt Single Action Army 45 Barrel, 6-3/4″
Colt Single Action Army 357 Mag Barrel, Stainless, 4-3/4″
Partial Box of Handload 303 in Vintage Williams Handloader’s Cartridge Box
Near Empty Box Remington Dummy Load 12ga, 2-3/4″
Wenger Swiss Army Highlander Pocket Knife
Stainless Pocket Knife Money Clip
Colt 45 Auto Clip
Remington Arms Company Unopened Box of Cards
RR Pocket Knife
Schuco Sledgehammer, Wrenches and Small Crank
Box of India Files, Primarily Medium and Fine
Simmons Gun Specialties Olate, Kansas Zippo Lighter
45 ACP Barrel, 5″, Surface Rusting
45 ACP Barrel, 5″, Surface Rusting
45 ACP Barrel, 5″, Surface Rusting
Brass Tube w/ Applicator
Full Box Winchester Silvertip Super Speed 257 Roberts, 100 Grain, W2572
Full Box Eclipse 12ga Target Loads, 2-3/4″ 1-1/8oz, 8 Shot
Wenger Swiss Army Highlander Pocket Knife
Bear MGC 205 3-3/4″ Oak Midsize Pocket Knife
American Arms Single Action 44 Mag Barrel, 5-1/4″
Colt Single Action Army 45 Barrel, 6-3/4″
Smith & Wesson S&W 357 Magnum Barrel, Stainless, 3-1/8″
Winchester 7.63mm Mauser Cartridge Box
Western Xpert 12ga Box
RWS Sinoixed Shotshell Primers, RW209S
Partial Box Remington Express 28ga, 2-7/8″, 3/4 oz, 6 shot
Argent Light Sensor in Box
(2) Remington 28ga Dummy Shells
45 ACP Barrel, 5″, Light Surface Rusting
45 ACP Barrel, 5″, Light Surface Rusting
Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Clip
American Arms Single Action 44 Mag Barrel, 6-3/4″
Full Box Sinoxid Stery 9mm
Winchester Dummy Sample Shotshells & Cartridges Set, Original Box
Western Super X 12ga Sample Shell
Outers 445 Gun Oil Can
Tru-Flyte BB Ammo Box and Crosman Super BB Box, Both Partial Full
Nixon Lodge Pin
NRA M1903 Rifle Series Token Springfield
Ruger Ruger Armourers School Pin
Ruger Firearms Key Chain
National Gun Collectors Show & Conference Pin 2002
Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Clip
45 ACP Barrel, 5″
45 ACP Barrel, 5″
45 ACP Barrel, 5″, Rusting
45 ACP Barrel, 5″, Light Surface Rusting
Partial Box Western 32 S&W, 85 Grain, Lubaloy, 32SWP
Full Box Ball Caliber 30 M2, and Empty Cal 45
(7) Assorted Broken Knives
Nazi Swastika Metal Pin
Nazi Hat Pin, Posts Broken on Reverse
Box of “Half-Shots” in Original Box
(2) Wooden Cleaning Rods
Full Box Winchester 32 Auto, 71 Grain, Full Metal Case, W32AP
Empty Box Super Vel Qualifier
Empty Box Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Patches, .270 – .35 Cal
Gunslick Gun Cleaning Solvent Box w/ Bottle
(2) Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Clips
Photographic Dry Plates Box, Hammer Dry Plate Company
Full Box Winchester 25 Auto, 50 Grain, Full Metal Case, W25AP
(2) Containers 4.5mm Field Pellets
Crosman SuperPells 22 Cal Tin, Mostly Full
Marksman 22 Cal Air Rifle Pellets Tin, Partial
Plymouth Emblem
Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Slide, Marked KC PD
Avis Bird Band 2377-96442 and Pratt Bird Band w/ Leg Bone
Box of Assorted Shells and Cartridges
(5) Military Patches
Assorted Gun Parts, Primarily Hammers
(5) Military Patches
Ruger Mdl 10/22 Scope Base
CRKT Hawk K-AT Knife
Panama Canal Company Canal Zone Match Box
(5) Assorted German Coins, 1938-1940
Merry Christmas Pin
(5) Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Clips
Peterson Company KC, Missouri Advertising Ruler
45 ACP Barrel, 4-1/2″
45 ACP Barrel, 4-1/2″
45 ACP Barrel, 5″
Folding Wooden Box
(2) Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Clips
Ammo Clip, Caliber Unknown
Beretta Sight Accessories
(3) Smith & Wesson 40 S&W Clips
Assortment of Allen Wrenches, Springs, Tweezers, and more
Quill Pen
40 S&W Barrel, 3-7/8″
9mm Barrel, 4-5/8″
Folding Wooden Box
Remington Ducks Unlimited Commemorative 12ga Brass Shells in Original Tin
Assorted Patches
Assorted Gun Parts including Grips, Sights, Springs, and more