Huge Two Ring Auction – July 1, 2011

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Posted on: Friday, June 24th, 2011

When: July 1, 2011 – 9:00am
Where: 1 mile west of Upsala, MN
Terms: Cash, Visa (3% Convenience Fee), MasterCard (3% Convenience Fee), 0% Sales Tax, 0% Buyer’s Premium

Friends please note: this will be a HUGE AUCTION ! Maurice & Bernelda’s auction features a large amount of quality new in the box shop equipment, excellent hardware, building supplies and great houseware and furniture. Bring your friends – We will be selling from 2 rings.Feature items will also be offered live onsite and online.  We’ll see you at the Auction!

Listing of items to be sold
Metal Milling tools
(1) Albrecht chuck 1/32 – ½ inch
(2) R8JT6 Collets
(2) 3/8 inch reamers
(2) slitting saw blades
Most new in box
(1) 11/16 drill bit
(1) 11/16 double 4 flute bit
(1) 5/8 double 4 flute bit
(1) ¾ x ¾
(2) 13/16 center cut
(1) 1 ¼ center cut
(2) 7/8 center cut
(1) 5/8 center cut
(1) ½ reamer
(2) ½ x ½ ball end mill
(2) 21/32 x 5/8 center cut
(2) 1 “ center cut
(1) 15/16 center cut
(2) 5/8 ball end mill
(2) 3/8 x 3/8 x 4 2 flute ball end mill
(2) 7/16 2 flute ball end mill
(1) ½ double end 4 flute end mill
(1) flat head jabber length step drill bit
(1) 5/8 4 flute double end plunge cut end mill
(1) ½ 4 flute plunge cut end mill
(1) 3/8 carbide tip glass tile drill bit
(1) ½” 3 flute center cut
(1) 9/16 2 flute ball end mill
(1) ¼ double end 4 flute punch cut
(1) 3/8 4 flute end mill
(1) ¼ 4 flute double end punch cut end mill
(1) 3/8 x 60d 4 flute double end mini carbide end mill
(1) 3/8 2 flute end mill

20 large poly dog huts
8 small poly dog huts
Plastic insulated dog house with heat mat
1,000 – 2,000 watt Dog Dryer Cabinet on cart
Draminski Ovulation Detector NIB
Pavia rectal thermometer
5 sets of brass alphabet ID letter tags
2 sets of Stainless steel alphabet ID tags and one partial
ID bracelets, (3) 100, (3) 200 series (2) 25inL X 18W X 17h dog porters
(2) cat porters, Dog chain,
Country Vet automatic fly sprayers
Dog toys, leashes, collars, leads, chain
Cobra 2 way radios, Panasonic 2 line phone
File racking, bulletin boards, aluminum shelf roller cart,
E collars, grooming supplies, hair clippers
Boxes of new syringes& veterinary supplies
(4) Good Neighbor bark breakers NIB
(2) Sport Trainer Remote 100 yard Training System NIB
(4) Gentle Spray Stop Barking
Driveway patrol NIB
Aluminum doggie doors
(8) bolt on food cups NIB
(12) high velocity 18 inch fans NIB
(5) Hudson pressure sprayers, electric fogger
Honeywell Mega Tech High velocity fan NIB
20 in 3 spd fan NIB
Pet porters, pails, squeegies, dog statues,
Fly sprays – Tempo-TriTec- Bronco etc
209 Champion training pistol NIB
Stainless Steel dog bowls
Grooming table
Photography Back Drop 7 ft wide rectable
White-Black-Red spiral-white vinyl- green splash backgrounds
Tomcat mice and rat bait boxes
22 rubber dog dishes, 12 bark collars w chargers
(2) 4’6” roller carts,10 new heated 5 gallon pails, 12 used
5 black rubber pails, bucket holders
Plastic kennel feeders, tender foot decking
3 hole stainless steel sink with left and right hand drains
Hydraulic lift roller cart
Doggy doors (5) bales of wood shavings
Many clip and snap fasteners

Craftsman 25 hp V-Twin Hydrostatic Garden Tractor with 50 inch mower
deck, 3ft rear blade, front mount 4 ft snow blade, wheel weights and chains
1320 Cub Cadet Hydro Lawn Tractor with 38 inch deck
36 inch single stage front mounted snow blower
Craftsman 4hp 21 inch 2 stage snow blower
Lazy Boy 5hp front tine garden tiller
5.5 hp push mower
NEW Toro gas trimmer

Millwaukee Magnum Hammer drill
Millwaukee Right Angel Drill
Craftsman 3 drawer tool cabinet w tools
9 tool boxes with assorted hand tools
5 hp single stage Campbell Hausfield 60 gal upright air compressor
Craftsman 6 inch planer
Rotozip, Remington Stud gun
Socket sets, Tool step caddy, Tool hangers
Air Tools
Metal saw, 3/8 drill, chisel,
¾ hp 8 in double wheel grinder
B&D battery hedge trimmer
B&D Snake light
B&D Workmate 425 work bench
Menards ½ inch electric drill
Remington Power Hammer nailer
Combination wrench sets, socket sets
Lincoln air greaser
Sears 3/8 air rachet
Sears Ohm tester
Highway trailer bearing replacement kit
Husky 1750psi pressure washer NIB
18V Dewalt Shop Vacume
Craftsman 55 gal shop vac
Tru-Drill Floor stand Drill Press
3 hp Sears 10in compound mitre saw
2 large water/air hose reels
(2) Retractable Air Hose Reels w 50 ft air hose NIB
Air line regulator & Water separator
Coil of air hose, Wayne ½ hp porta pump
Halogen light station, 18” throat scroll saw
GB Wire Tracker NIB
Stainless Steel plumber strapping, plastic hose quick couplers,
Pipe clamps

Large Inventory End Mill bits NIB see web site for coming list
– Albrecht chuck 1/32-1/2”
(2) R8JT6 collets, 3/8” straight reamers, slitting saw blades

(4) Craftsman ¾ hp garage door openers NIB
Iron pallet racking,
(2) 50 ft Glasliner 1 ft wide foundation liner NIB
Max Air 24 in tilt fan NIB, oscillating fans
(2) Northern Industrial Cord Reels 1 with light NIB
garden fencing, 4 speakers
Cyclone rafter brackets
Case of RV & Marine anti freeze,
Wood nut and bolt cabinets
4 sections of flex drag
Box pig mats
Ball hitch, sentry safe, (3) boxes 40 sq ft Bruce hardwood flooring,
Roll mesh wire, (3) rolls landscape material, Simplex porta power, (4)
spools of light braided chain, misc shop supplies Go Jo,
(3) wash tubs,
(2) air hose reels
Surge milker bucket
Johnson (green) 51/2 hp outboard motor
5 drawer lateral file cabinet
Tables , , 275 gal fuel barrel
Garbage cans
(4) trailer jack stands
Roll of house wrap
Box 4 ft fluorescent bulbs
PVC Conduit
3 square Hallmark shingles
8 ft x 12” x ½ inch plate steel
New and used Conduit ½ – 1 inch various lengths
(3) metal shelving, work tables
(2) metal roller cart tables
3 point hiller
(2) step stools
Work table stand
Long handle garden tools
Wheel barrow
Cement lawn bench
Various tarps
roller magnet
commercial door closer,
Gate & latch hardware
7 x 100 roll of deer fencing
Load binders, 13 new water pails, joist hangers, a/c covers, diesel fuel
(2) 2 gal 80W-90 gear oil, 4 gal 15W-40 oil
New skid loader seat, lawn tractor ramps, building anchors, tow rope, paint
90 cement blocks, Poly tank
3 point single disc, small spring harrow
(100) + steel fence posts
Woven panel fencing
Plastic storage chest, lawn sprinklers,
Shelving racks
6.5 ft x 12 ft solid cube storage truck body
Well pump
(2) garden hose reel boxes with 100 ft of hose ea.
Large variety of braided ½ and ¾ inch and quality new and used water
hose ,Water nozzles,
Many Extension cords including cord with junction plugs
Aluminum roller feed cart
Monster cable A/B switch
New plastic tarps, chamois cloths,
Epoxy garage floor coating
Roll 3/16 X 1,000 ft nylon rope New
Caulking , heat lamp bulbs
Water hose hangers, outlet splitter pugs,
NIB (3) Automatic waterers
4 -8inch sets Heavy duty wheel casters NEW
Teel submersible centrifugal pump NIB
Black Flag Fogger NIB
Hitch pins, ¼ inch and 3/16 inch chain NIB
(2) electronic watering timers
Elec roof gutter tape, paint and varnish
wet wheel stone sharpener, furnace piping and ductwork,
2 wheel freight cart
(4) metal shelving units
(9) Metal desks on heavy duty metal roller shop carts
(2) Rubbermaid Storage cabinets
2 full sets of reader sign lettering
Small heated buckets, electric tank heaters
Steel post drivers,
Black plastic 1 inch water line- (1) 300 ft, (1) 200 ft
(2) Red Snapr 15 mile range fence controller
Fencing supplies
6 garage floor drains
12 ton pipe bender NIB
Box of 8 wheel dressers NIB

(NEW) Wire
10-3 UHF w ground approx 500 ft
10-3 UFB w ground 50 ft
14-2 UF 150 ft
14-3 UF 160 ft
6-3 NM w ground 50 ft
10-3 w ground
12-3 NMB w ground 50 ft
12-3 UFB 250 ft
12-2 UF 60 ft
12-2 NMB 200 ft
Breaker Boxes (NEW)
100A Cutler Hammer 22 circuit box
(2) 200 Amp 32 space
(2) 200 Amp 42 space
(2) 100 amp 30 space
Circuit Breakers Cutler Hammer (NIB)
(50) 15 amp, (40) 20 amp, (2) 100 amp 2 pole, (8) 40 amp 2 pole, (10) 30
amp 2 pole, (10) 20 amp 2 pole, (8) 50 amp 2 pole, (6) 60 amp 2pole,
(6) 15 Arc Fault protectors (1) 20 Arc fault protector, 70 amp main lug BR
load center,7 covers, 20 amp GFI outlets, 45 & 90 degree conduit
Outdoor electrical boxes, lamp junction boxes, plate box switch covers
Outdoor outlet covers, switches, 12 GFI outlets, breakers,
(3) Lakewood 1500 watt electric heaters
100, 150, 200 watt light bulbs
NIB boxes conduit clamps 1 ½- 2 inch,
Assorted PVC and plastic conduit 1” – 6 “
Offset conduit connectors, wire conduit connectors
Outdoor junction & switch boxes
Galvanized electrical boxes
(3) Complete Boiler Systems (New In Box) (1) mdl SH11 & (2) mdl SH18-
220 volt
(1)Hydro Shark Boiler ,
(1) Grundfos UP15-42 Circulating Pump
(1) Watts ET-15 precharged water expansion tank
(1) Invensys circulator relay SR-100
(1) Plumbing kit,
(1) Aube Thermostat TH135-01
(4) rolls 24” X 25 ft Reflective Insulation
Kitec ½ inch infloor piping
(2) 300 ft rolls, (2) 100 ft rolls and misc.
BRASS Fittings (New)
ball valves (7) 1 ½” , (11) 3/8”, (11) ½”, (1) 1”, (6) ¾”
pipe to hose adapters, ¾ NPT to 3/8 hose, ½ pipe to 1” hose
½ complete brass quick couplers male and female
11/2 inch pipe flange, Nelson hose ends, 3 boxes Nelson brass hose end
connectors, Brass hose to pipe adapters, Brass hose fittings and quick
couplers, brass fittings and clamps, Brass water line connectors

Large assortment of boxed Nut and Bolt Inventory
Stainless Steel-
Std Hex Screws – #6-8-10-12-14 in ¾ to 2 inch
Flat washers, hoseclamps1/2 -29/32, button head, hex, acorn nuts,
Flat head , socket head, cap screws #8-10-1/4, ¼-20-15/16-18 hex
nut hex head cap screws ¼, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, ¾ – 1 ½ inch long, round
head screws
Galvanized sheet head screws 10& 12 x 1, Concrete screws and bits
Boxes of grade 5 & 8 bolts, 5 gal pail 6 inch pole barn nails
25# 31/4 x 120 smooth wire coil nails
27 coils 6D plain shank coil nails
Box 4 in PVC T’s
Plastiform permanent magnet roll ½ x 100
Variety of 25# – 50 # boxes of nails
Large assortment of new nut and bolt inventory
Large inventory of new galvanized 1 ¼ pipe fittings, unions, connectors
Pipe nipples, pvc hose to pipe
Pail hangers, gate clamps& hardware,
Numerous organizer bins with nut and bolt and electric fastener inventory
6 ft pipe insulation ½ – 1 in
Overhead door latches, bolt cutter

20+ sheets ¾ inch treated
15+ sheets ½ inch treated
(30) used sheets ¾ inch green treat plywood
10+ 4 x 4 x12 ft treated posts
Assorted 2 x 4, 2 x 6, 2 x 8, 2 x 12 construction lumber
(25) green treat 8ft 4 X 4
Covered pile of laminated 2 x6 X 6 ft lumber stock
New & used construction lumber Pine and green treated
150 pieces6 ft Tounge and groove pine hobby lumber

to be removed by July 10, 2011
(5) 8ft X 32 foot runs with partial flooring
(5) 8 ft x 16 ft runs with partial flooring
All built with Treated ½ inch plywood walls, 4 x 4 poles, dimension base
lumber. All Torx screw construction

4 + yards 2 – 3 ft landscape rock
10+Yards, 2 – 12 inch, clean landscape rock

White 24” – (4) 10 ft, (1) 12ft, (2) 8 ft, 15” – (3) 12 ft, 12 “ (2) 11 ft
New Metal shelving racking

LADDERS & Scaffolding
Werner 18 and 22 ft extension ladders
12, 8 & 4ft fiberglass step ladders,
2 ladder wall protectors, (2) ladder paint steps,
(6) sections of scaffolding
Scaffold risers (2) 4 ft aluminum scaffold stands,
8 ft wood stretch scaffold plank – new
(2) aluminum fold up scaffolding
(2) 6 ft roller scaffolding

Vintage Stockland Road machine Co. pull type iron road grader
Vintage Pepsi 35 cent pop machine
Antique single box wagon, 1 bottom breaking plow, milk can cart wheels
Dump rake teeth, 8 milk cans, (2) 48 in wooden wagon wheels
Waling plow, horse garden cultivator, Copper Rooster weather vane

12 cu ft Kenmore chest freezer
Roper double door refrigerator with icemaker
Magic Chef wash machine, Maytag Fridge
Kenmore 40 inch Double Oven Electric stove
Soda shop 8 place setting all sizes, parfair, stemware, depression, 8 place
settings, holiday glassware, dish sets, glasses, cups mugs, collector,
antique, Kerosene lamps

Holiday Outdoor Movie projector kit
Boxes of strings of over 4,000 Christmas lights
Outdoor Christmas light displays and large plastic light snow balls
Christmas decorations, Artificial trees, timers, Santa Marching Band

Large amount of craft supplies and material and brushes

Large amount of plastic plants and decorator greenery

Boxes of quality books –Classical, children’s, management, holistic,
health, World book Encyclopedia set 1971-2004 year book, Science year &
Child craft set, Cook books

RECORDS over 1,000 LP albums all types, 45’s and more

Large amount of quality cookware pots and pans
Colanders, baking pans, malt mixers
Large amount Cake Making and Decorating supplies
Candy moulds and candy tins, decorator tins
Large amount of Tupperware (Bernelda sold Tupperware for many years)
Large amount of corning ware, casseroles, mixing bowls
Quesadilla maker, dozens of pyrex pie plates, pyrex bake ware
Stainless steel pots, pans, bowls, belgium waffle maker, quality kitchen
utensils, Sanyo Microwave, Osterizer Blender
plastic salad bowls, candy bowls, nut bowls, confectionary displays and
supplies, Canning supplies, boxes of fruit jars, canners, pressure cookers,
yogurt maker, universal meat grinder, electric griddles, Salad master pots
and pans, Air pots, pitchers, etc.

6 piece White wicker set including chairs and coffee table
(6) 28” X 6ft book cases
Hammond Electric (tube) organ
(2) Entertainment Centers
(2) wooden wardrobe cabinets
Square and round pedestal tables
(2) 6ft wooden book cases
Floor and table lamps
End tables , coffee tables
(2) Stereo cabinets with radio and turn tables
Foyer table
Play pens, baby swing, highchair
Curio table, dressers, lawn chairs
6 oak table leaves, folding tables
Card table and chairs
Patio dining table and 6 chair set
(2) office tables, Office chairs and much more

EXERCISE Equipment
Nordic trak Exerciser & ski machine
Parabody Serious Steel 250 weight set (New)
Lifestyle 2000 Exercise bike
Columbia 12 X 14 -3 room tent NIB

Large Amount of HOUSEHOLD

HP Photosmart 1215 printer NIB
Sony multimedia Computer monitor CPD-220VS NIB
Bose cube speakers
Harmon/Kardon AVR Reciever & CD Changer
Bose Acoustimass – 7 Home Theater speaker system NIB
Fox computer tower
Xerox Docuprint P12
Plotter, computer keyboards