Firearms, Ammo, Sporting, Antique Firearm, Americana Collectibles, Glassware, Civil War and Military AUCTION: July 24th

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Posted on: Saturday, July 17th, 2010

When: July 24, 2010 @ 9AM
Where: Located 10 and one-half miles west of Baxter, MN on Hwy 210 or one-half mile east of Pillager on Hwy 210. Indoors at 3521 Hwy 210 SW, Pillager, MN
Terms: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, 6.875% Sales Tax, 10% Buyer’s Premium Onsite, 18% Buyer’s Premium Online

Online Bidding
As with most of our specialty auctions, in an effort to accommodate all interested parties, we are offering live online bidding on our key lots. The online bidding is provided by Proxibid. Please visit their site to register and view the catalog. For technical support please contact Proxibid directly at (877) 505.7770.

Absentee Bids/Phone Bidding
While we prefer any absentee bids or phone bids be handled by placing a pre-bid on Proxibid, we understand that this is not always possible. If you would like to place an absentee bid or phone bid on any item, you will need to make arrangements with our office no later than the close of business on July 23rd. We will require a major credit card to handle your bid. The buyer’s premium for an absentee bid or phone bidding is 18%.

Colt Woodsman 3rd Series Match Target 22 Long Rifle cal. automatic pistol with 6 in bbl ( like New)
S. Sturm Ruger Blackhawk Single Action “Flattop” 357 cal magnum 6 shot revolver, 4 5/8 in bbl,with holster
Hi Standard model D-100, double barrel, 22 cal LR or Mag , Derringer with 3 ½ inch bbl,

30-30 cal, model 336 Marlin lever action rifle, SN R35766
Remington Mdl 770, 300 win mag w/scope , bolt action centerfire, 24″ barrel, 3shot mag box, SN 71378798, New
Remington. Mdl 770, 300 win mag w/scope , bolt action centerfire, 24″ barrel, 3shot mag box, SN 71378785, New
Mauser sniper rifle
Winchester Model 67 – 22 bolt
Marlin M49DL .22auto SN 22347903 good cond
45 cal Thompson center black powder rifle
22 Win mag Long Rifle cal., Model 96 Ruger lever action rifle, SN 620-10794
25-35 cal Remington Browning style rifle, SN 16203?
22 SLLR cal Ithaca mdl 49 saddlegun NSN

12 gauge 3″ “Magnum Twelve” Browning A5 Semi Auto Shotgun with 32 in raised rib bbl Japan, SN 11247RN151
20 gauge Browning A5 Shotgun (japan) SN 7X6797
12 gauge model 1400L MKII Winchester semi automatic shot gun, SN N464447L
Remington Mdl 1187 SMAG SCS Grey-Black, 12 ga. Auto loading shotgun 28″ BBL VR (vent rib) RC (Rem Choke) with ivory bead sight SN SM072051, New
Remington Spr 310 Over Under 12/28 gauge Ser.#082714678R new
Remington Spr 310 Over Under 28/26 gauge IC (Improved cylinder) MD VT ASE Nickel SN 082708046R, New
JP Sauer mdl 60 side by side 12 gauge shotgun 27 in bbl, SN 468065
Winchester over /Under Model Select energy trap 12 ga. shotgun w/30″ 94 bbl SN 513037460
Remington 870 12 ga. 3″ shotgun (25″mod)
Brolin Arms 12 ga pump shotgun w/light attached 18 1/2 ” bbl. Ser. 3 9906427
12 gauge 3 in mag, model 1100 Remington semi auto shotgun sn# L443673M extra with 28 inch raised rib bbl
.410 Model 173A Mossberg 3 in
Remington Repeating Shotgun 12 gauge 30″ bbl, bbl ruptured
American Club 12 gauge Damscus Steel double barrel shotgun, ejectors, back safe, SN 2033

450 plus boxes of NEW Ammunition
(33,000 plus rounds) (Some Federal Factory seconds)
10,000 Rnds, Federal Gold Medal Target, 22 Long Rifle, 40 Grain Solid
7,000 Rnds, Federal Gold Medal Match, 22 Long Rifle, 40 Grain Solid, “Factory Seconds”
3,250 Rnds, Federal Civilian Marksmanship Program, 22 Long Rifle, High Velocity, 40 Grain Solid

.223 Rem
60 Rnds, Federal Premium, 223 Rem, 80 Grain, Match, AMU Chambers Only

.260 Rem
160 Rnds, Speer Nitrex, 260 Rem, 140 Grain, Grand Slam
20 Rnds, Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, 260 Rem, 140 Grain, “Factory Seconds, Discontinued Load”

.280 Rem
400 Rnds, Federal Premium Vital Shok, 280 Rem, 150 Grain, Nosler Partition, “Factory Seconds, Shaved Head”
400 Rnds, Federal Premium High Energy Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, 280 Rem, 140 Grain, “Factory Seconds, Discontinued Load”
100 Rnds, Federal Classic, 280 Rem, 150 Grain, Hi-Shok Soft Point, “Factory Seconds, Loader Pick Out, Dents”

.303 British
60 Rnds, Federal Classic, 303 British, 180 Grain, Sierra Pro-Hunter Soft Point
120 Rnds, Federal Classic, 303 British, 180 Grain, Hi-Shok Soft Point

.32 Smith & Wesson
250 Rnds, Winchester Western, SAAMI Refernce Ammunition, 32 Smith & Wesson Long, 98 Grain Lead

.38 Special
2,500 Rnds, Federal Premium 38 Special (+P), 158 Grain, Nyclad SWC-HP, “Factory Seconds, Low Velocity”
2,000 Rnds, Federal Classic, 38 Special, High Velocity (+P), 125 Grain, Hi-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point, “Factory Seconds”

.40 Smith & Wesson
100 Rnds, Federal Premium, 40 Smith & Wesson, 165 Grain, Expanding Full Metal Jacket, “Factory Seconds, Pickouts”
1,000 Rnds, Federal BallistiClean, 40 Smith & Wesson, 135 Grain, Jacketed Soft Point, “Factory Seconds”
750 Rnds, Federal BallistiClean, 40 Smith & Wesson, 135 Grain, Jacketed Stranded Zinc, “Factory Seconds, Rub Mark on Case”
2,000 Rnds, Federal, 40 Smith & Wesson, 155 Grain, Jacketed Hollow Point, “Factory Seconds, Pickouts & Rub Mark on Case”
1,000 Rnds, American Eagle, 40 Smith & Wesson, 180 Grain, Full Metal Jacket, “Factory Seconds”

.44 Smith & Wesson Special
100 Rnds, Winchester Western, 44 Smith & Wesson Special, 246 Grain, Lead
150 Rnds, Remington, 44 Smith & Wesson Special, 246 Grain, Lead
100 Rnds, Federal Classic, 44 Smith & Wesson Special, 200 Grain, Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point

.458 Win Mag
20 Rnds, Speer Nitrex, 458 Win Mag, 500 Grain, Soft Point African Grand Slam

20 Rnds, Federal Gold Medal, 6.5×55, 120 Grain, Sierra MatchKing

7mm Mauser
20 Rnds, Federal Premium, 7mm Mauser, 140 Grain, Nosler Partition
40 Rnds, Federal Classic, 7mm Mauser, 140 Grain, Hi-Shok Soft Point

500 Rnds, Federal Premium High Energy Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, 7mm-08, 140 Grain, “Factory Seconds”

420 Rnds, Metaka, 7.62mm

9mm Luger
500 Rnds, Federal Tactical, 9mm Luger, 124 Grain, Tactical JHP, “Factory Seconds, Low Powder Weight”

12 Gauge
100 Rnds, Federal Premium Magnum Turkey, 12 ga, 3-1/2 inch, 2-1/4 ounce, 4 shot

Collector Ammunition
2 piece Winchester & Peters shell boxes and many others
.38 Long Colt Remington UMC
9mm Winchester Long Shot
Peters .45 colt
.44 Round Ball UMC
Wide variety of collector shot shell boxes all brands
Peters & Winchester Wooden ammo boxes

20 Military Bayonets: German Mauser, British Spike, Czech Mauser, Japanese , US,
Civil War Bayonet & Scabbard
Flags & Banners
Nazi Kriegs Marine Flag
4 X 9 ft Nazi banner
44 X 43 German cross and Swaztika
Japanese signed Rising sun unit flag
WWII US Army & Air Force Uniforms
SS caps, Japanese Naval officer hat, German helmet,

Camp gear, bullet molds, powder flasks, many small accouterments

A large variety of post Civil War era medals, GAR, GAR F.C.L., encampment, medals, ribbons & pins. Some Confederate, Spanish American war medals & pins
WWI and WWII medals and pins and patches, arm bands
US, NAZI – Waffen, SS, Kreigsmarine, Russian etc.


Collector Sporting Knives
Duck & Wildlife Calls
Dennis Poeschel hand made duck, Robert Spicer Tennessee Tulipwood handmade duck, Malta Bend Duck, Bean Lake E Stofer walnut/cedar #31 and walnut maple # 28 duck, Lynch turkey box call
Heddon Pumpkin Seed
South Bend, Shakespeare etc.
Pfluger Phantom Boat Motor
3 Tackle boxes w/wood fishing plugs, 3 bamboo fishing rods w/reels
Fly Fishing Tackle
Johnson 3 h outboard motor – runs, Evinrude Sport Win – runs
3 sets of Wood Ski’s 1-US Military
25 Wood Golf Clubs
Traps, Aqua Vu
Winchester store handsaw & Ax
10 wood duck decoys
10 Federal 12 ga. Duck boxes
Joseph H. Dodson Inc. Bird decoy – Kankakee, Ill
Marble’s Hunting Knife
Wood Spearing decoys

Antique Furniture
Walnut dresser with hand carved pulls and handkerchief boxes
42 in Ash square dining table with center leg
Oak country step back china hutch
Oak Commode
Oak Shaving Mirror
Primitive shelf with mirror
Walnut Commode with Marble top
Sm. Mahogany Stand w/marble top
Round Oak Table
Oak Book Case
Child’s Press Back Rocker
Oak Roll Top S Curved Desk
Bentwood Doll Cradle
Oak Drop Front Desk
Ash 3 drawer dresser w/mirror
wood office chair
Tube floor radio
6 Amish hand carved ladder back chairs
Childs wooden chair
6 Wooden T Back Chairs
Sntique Metal Crib with Mattress
60″ round Wooden Table with 3 leaves

(5) Bronze Remington Western Statues: Cavalry Soldier, Mountain Man, Wooly Chaps, Indian Signal, “Rattler”

5 gal Redwing Beehive
20 gal Birch leaf Redwing Crock w/cover
3 gal Redwing crock w/cover
3 gal Redwing Crock
1 gal Redwing Crock
1 gal storage jar
3 gal redwing Salt Glaze Crock
2 gal Redwing Salt Glaze Crock -bottom signed
Redwing Sponge Beater Bowl – Adv. Edgar Fair Store Edgar Wis
Redwing Sponge Panel Bowl – Adv. Miller’s
Grocery Elkhorn Wis
Redwing Refrigerator Jar
Sponge Band (Grey line) Casserole – Adv. Adams Bros. Roscoe, So. Dak.
Redwing Panel Bowls – No. 5,6,7,8 & 10
Rosemead Dalmatian Salt Shaker

Pre electric Blue Ribbon Pinball machine
Pachinko Pinball game
Vintage Coca Cola Pop bottle machine
1885 Brass national Cash register sn#47521
Finland Counter Cream Separator in Original Box
Richheimer Coffee Barrel
American Lady Shoe Wood Box
Flexible Flyer Sled
Fireworks wood box
Ginger Bread Clock
Rosemaled pedestal Clock
A.H. Miller wooden wall clock
Antique Metal file cabinet
Oak Wall Crank Telephone
Gone with the Wind Lamp
Lincoln Drape, Amber, and Aladdin Lamps
Aladdin Lamp Aladdin Lamp
Amber and Pink Depression Glass
Ruby Cut to Clear, Lead Crystal, and Cut Glass
Several jars of marbles
Dove Tailed Flat Top Trunk
Camel back trunk
Flat top trunk
Coca Cola Cooler
Old Pictures
1950’s Emerson TV
Oriental figurines
1930’s/1940’s Ladies Hats
2221 Feather light Singer Sewing machine
Royal Cast Iron Salesman Sample Stove
Daisy Salesman Sample Coffee Grinder
Marx talking parrot
1920’s – 28 in. Twentieth Century Limited Train
International Time Recording Co. Clock – New York
Child Mannequin
Milinary hat stands
Ladies hats & fur collar
Marbles & buttons
Vintage heirloom and costume jewelry
Old puppet set
3 Ice Tongs
Marx Toy Cash Register
Horse collar and hames
paper roll holder
Wooden Washer
Wooden barrel Butter churn
DEAN small Parlor Stove
Minnesota Model A Sewing Machine Treadle
Victorian Wooden and Metal Curtain Holders
Northland Toboggan
Sheet music
Kerosene lamp
Vintage linens
Souvienier Watt ware
Hand painted Bavarian dishes
Collectable tins
Cupid pictures
Paddle butter churns
Porcelain knick knacks
Girl Confectionary servers
Northern Pacific Railroad Hat
Oil on Canvas – Painting of Lion
5 wood planes
Stanley 45 Wood Plane
Stanley Level
Large Chippewa Birch Bark Floral Basket
2 pair Native American Snowshoes
Native American Pipe Tomahawk
US Calvary Belt Buckle
US Calvary Saddle Bags
Branding Iron
1800’s Cowboy Spurs
52 in. Chris Craft Folk Art Boat
38 in. Folk Art Sailboat
Redlin & Kouba Prints

Vintage Barbies
1961 Blonde bubble cut Barbie
Original Ken 1961
Original 1963 brunette skipper doll
Original 1963 Blonde skipper mint in box with stand & accessories
1959 brunette Barbie bubblecut in the box with accessories
NIB Barbies dog “Beauty” unopened with accessories
Barbie patterns,large amount of Barbie accessories and clothing
Baarbie & Ken booklets (3) 1961, (2) 1962, also Barbie, Ken , Midge, Alan & Skipper booklets
Original 1960 Barbie game in box very good condition
Breyer Horses
Old Dollls

1852 Gold 1 dollar
1890 Carson City Silver dollar
1890, 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
2- 1921, 1923 Peace Silver Dollars
6 rolls 1959 un-circulated pennies
14 kt. Cluster Ring – 23 diamonds – size 7
2- Gold Waltham Pocket Watches