Collectible Toy Sale Prices Soar in Spite of Economy

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Posted on: Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

UPSALA, MN—Despite $3/gallon gas prices, the winning bidder on a set of Tonka trucks at a recent auction drove 220 miles (and out of state) to purchase their collectible toys. They weren’t alone. 121 bidders from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Florida convened on Little Falls, MN, to bid on a collection of child-size items. They were joined by 40 more bidders from 19 states and Canada via online bidding.

The pinnacle of the bidding frenzy was a late 50’s “Builders Supply Fleet” Tonka toy truck set, which sold for $2,700. While that could currently get you a 1999 Saturn sedan—a real car—on, one onsite bidder said the $2,700 selling price for the metal toys was a great deal, “While it seems like the Tonka Builders Supply Fleet sold for a large amount in our current economy, in a few years it will seem like a great deal.  It’s an excellent investment.”

The toys’ sellers was happy that such a good price was placed on their memories. “The Tonka was a special toy.  My brother was only allowed to play with it in the house.  When he was done playing with it, Mom always made him put it back in the original box. We were very surprised and pleased with the result of the Tonka.”

Mike Schultz, president of Schultz Auctioneers, who conducted this auction, was happily surprised by the results, too. “With the uncertainty in the buying public right now—especially with ‘disposable income’ items—we didn’t know what to expect in the way of sale prices.”

John Schultz, who manages the online marketing of the auction firm’s campaigns, points to online bidding as the source of strong sales. “In the past, this auction’s potential would have been limited to a limited geographic audience,” commented Schultz, “But with simultaneous on site and online bidding competing against each other, we avail the items to more bidders. The more the bidders, the higher the sale prices.”

John, a advisory board member, sees this as more the rule than the exception. “The industry is moving more and more online. We try to stay at the front of that movement; and that strategy is paying off—both on the micro scale, like these toys, and on the macro with the quantity and quality of the items we’re being asked to market.”

Several of the headline items at the toy auction sold for more than anticipated. Sale prices can be found at Mike and John Schultz can be reached at 800-457-2967 or through email addresses available on Schultz Auctioneers conducts auctions of almost every type but specializes in lakefront, residential, and recreational real estate and historic collectibles.


A few of the highlights!

Tonka Toys No 0875-5 Tonka Builders Supply Fleet, Original Box – $2,700

(3) Paper Mache Jack-o-Lanterns – $290

Tonka Toys Truck w No 130 Carry-All Trailer and No 50 Steam Shovel – $230

International Truck by Product Miniature Co – $115

Going to Jerusalem Board Game, Parker Brothers, Copyright 1955 – $45