Area Teen Achieves Two Career Milestones in One Month

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Posted on: Monday, July 27th, 2009

UPSALA, MN—Isaac Schultz, 18, recently graduated from World Wide College of Auctioneering, no small feat for his age.  But less than a month later, he achieved first runner up status at the International Junior Auctioneer Contest, held this month in Overland Park (Kansas City), KS.

By graduating from auction college, Isaac earns the traditional auctioneer title of “Colonel,” a term of honor harkening back to the Civil War, when Army Colonels were assigned the duty of managing such market transactions.  Schultz’s dad, Mike, president of Schultz Auctioneers, put the achievement in perspective, “Within our profession, Isaac is now an equal to men and women across the world who’ve bettered themselves with this specialized training.”

That training paid off come competition time.  The Upsala High defensive end was an imposing figure at the podium, calling out bids at the fundraising auction, at which his bid calling skills were judged.  In fact, judges commented that he had a strong presence in front of auctioneers who have been bid calling and critiquing bid calling for longer than Isaac has been alive.

“I’ve been tweaking my chant over the past several weeks since graduating from auction college and just gave it my best shot,” said Isaac.  “I get a lot of practicing bid calling at our auctions, and I look forward to the career ahead of me.”

Isaac successfully completed the course of instruction and training covering all phases of auctioneering taught by 20 professional instructors at the college.  Students received instruction in Real Estate, Automobile, Farm, Antique, Charity/Fund Raising, and Specialty Auctions, as well as vocal training and auction law.  Other subjects included business management, technology, marketing, and the development of an auction chant and bid calling.

Isaac Schultz can be reached at 800-457-2967 or at the email address available on  Schultz Auctioneers specialize  in real estate auctions, online auctions, estates, as well as coins and historic collectable auctions.